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  1. Perhaps it's in the pronunciation? I once heard (not sure if it's true) that Chinese use 555 instead of lol, because 5 is pronounced 'ha.' It could also be something like the number '13' in the West.
  2. On the other hand, the Gulfstream 250 is now called the Gulfstream 280 because Marketing found that would work better in Asia.
  3. If what you mainly want is a random payload and flight suggestions, have you looked at maybe joining a VA? My VA will randomly generate a payload for each flight and there's an option to suggest random itineraries from your current location. It also calculates your revenue and profit after each flight. You can use all the load managers and payware a/c you want. The plane does have to match the schedule, but we have a very large selection of schedules (over 700 real world airlines modelled) so you can always find flights for your favourite aircraft. At my VA you do have to reach a certain number of hours before you can fly certain classes of aircraft (for the VA, obviously you can do whatever you like 'off the clock' so to speak), but AFAIK there are other VAs out there that don't have that restriction.
  4. Wow that is seriously not cool. I hope that you told this individual that if it bothers him so much he is free to teach himself photoshop and make his own repaint. Thank you for all the cool repaints you do and please don't let the occasional idiot like this bring you down!
  5. Home: The Netherlands Europe: UK (typing this in London in fact), Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland (just a small corner en-route to:) Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Portugal, Spain (just Majorca and Menorca, never the mainland), Italy, Vatican City, Malta, Greece. Africa: South Africa, Zimbabwe Oceania: Australia America: USA, Canada Asia: Taiwan. If we count 2 hours on the ground while they clean the plane, also Thailand and Singapore Israel will be added to the list this summer
  6. Yes polished metal is more maintenance intensive, but you save fuel due to the lower weight. The two effects are more or less in balance (i.e. what you save in fuel you pay in extra maintenance). However if the price of fuel goes up (as it likely will even more in future) and the cost of maintenance man-hours go down (due to using chapter 11 to break up the contracts) the balance will start tipping towards polished metal. Airbus uses aluminium of the same colour as Boeing by the way, the greenish-brownish stuff is primer, not the metal itself. Most Boeing planes also are covered in primer. Just look up some pictures of the Boeing assembly line and you will see the fuselages have a blueish-green colour. Your points about the disappearance of the bare metal option are well made.
  7. You'd think in a time of increasing fuel cost and being in a position to renegotiate labour agreements to bring down the cost of maintenance, that polished metal would become more attractive, not less. I'm sure the guys in charge will have their reasons though.
  8. I say please release it. Sure the stripes don't match up completely, but if you hadn't posted that picture 99,9% of us would never have known. I'm probably going to be passing through China in FS in a couple of months and it would be great to have a Shenzen livery available, even if it doesn't live up to the highest rivet counting standards.
  9. AFAIK I know it's Boeing procedure (so applicable to all airlines) to have the centre pumps off for take-off with less than 5000 lbs in the tanks. It could be that that only applies to certain serial numbers though. I'm sure someone will be along with more information shortly :).
  10. Google some images of the A380-900 and A380-1000, though it's only just been confirmed the concepts have been floating around for a while. Personally I do think the stretched versions look better, though the A380 certainly is not all that beautiful.
  11. Lots of aircraft parts are not built by the 'big manufacturers' (i.e. Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier), but by other companies. This goes for a large part of the avionics, but even for stuff like parts of the fuselage or wings.
  12. Well if you're looking for inspiration Kulula do have a bunch of other great liveries, e.g. this one: http://www.airlinereporter.com/2010/08/airline-livery-of-the-week-kulula-airlines-this-way-is-up/ but they have more.
  13. I don't know if there's a list of changes a such. You can go through the list of options in the configuration menu on the CDU to see what has been set. Most would be visible in the VC if you know what to look for (e.g. MCP type, presence of HUD) and the others won't effect your flight much (e.g. dual bottle cargo fire supression).
  14. Nothing special I would assume, they probably thought it was a perfectly logical name for an airline that would fly tourists to the island of Phuket, Thailand :(
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