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  1. For another $20 as an existing customer I would've expected a working VNAV.
  2. There shouldn't be anything to check or a need to change anything on the legs page at all. The legs page looks fine in your initial post. Have you flown the tutorial flight? The Cathay flights are doing it at 13,800 feet so your 14,000 is fine. You are carrying a ton of extra fuel though for a short flight. SG
  3. Yeah I botched that part. I was thrown off by the high fuel and low cruise. Thanks. SG
  4. Regarding your question though that 215 knots on the climb page on the ground is more of a placeholder than anything especially if all of the performance information hasn't been entered. Run your takeoff numbers, fill in the V-speed information. That 215 will change to V2+15. As soon as you are flying and a clean configuration it will revert to 250 below 10,000 feet and the FMC will meet your altitude restriction. Seth Goodwin
  5. After some more testing, KB4038788 in September caused FS-Lab's Concorde-X to CTD for me. That update also caused more widespread issues for many P3Dv3 users based on the LM fourm. It would appear that Tuesday's update fixed the KB4038788 as Concorde-X is working as well as the PMDG airplanes on my system. Now we just obviously need 1 more update to fix what was broken with the creators update. -Seth Goodwin
  6. I've gotten all 3 of my PMDG planes to load in Steam now (NGX, 777, QOTSII). My problem is doing anything like say I got the urge to pull up the in-sim map, or merely hitting the escape key to pull up the end sim/exit flight menu causes a CTD. That level of instability has me doubtful that I could actually complete an hour or more flight. -Seth Goodwin
  7. I'm still getting CTD's in SE when trying to access windows from within the sim with today's windows 10 update. I've seen the error creating child window too. -Seth Goodwin
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