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  1. I am curious, because I am now tweaking my rig to operate with msfs2020 and I used Process Lasso in the past. So far, I’ve had mixed success with it, there is an absolute bottleneck with the CPU and I know Process Lasso is the solution. I just haven’t gotten it to the sweet spot in which it will run on the rig and be stable, especially at landing. If anyone out there has a good solution, I’d love to hear an update on the Process Lasso tweak. My rig: i7-3770k OC to 5.0 GHz (stable OC with water cooling) ASUS Sabretooth Z77 MB, Corsair Vengence 32GB DDR3 1866 RAM. Windows 10 Pro, stripped down (see Chris Tech Talk solution for debloating Win 10). Windows on a Samsung 870EVO SSD. MSFS on separate Samsun 870EVO SSD. 1GHZ internet connection, am running Ethernet to the router. GTX 1060 (not overclocked...not yet). I am open to suggestions...because I don’t want to spend money on this quite yet...not until we see the impact that the pay ware adds (think QW787 being the first) will have on the sim. Right now I’m focused on the A32NX as that is the only commercial airliner in the sim worth flying, The 787XE and Salty 747-8 fixes are still not flyable. Thanks!
  2. I have a similar computer...the principal difference is I have a GTX1060 graphics card. Active Sky and anything other than the sim is running on a networked i7 gaming computer... My problem is that it will run, but not for long. The system simply quits or give me the BSOD. Since I know I have an older system I am not running things at 4096, but I should be able to get all to run with the scenery files slimmed down to just what I need. I dread the thought of having to purchase another CPU/MB, but I'm not certain getting a GTX 1080 or better GPU is going to solve the problem. Any ideas are certainly welcome. Thanks!
  3. Sorry, I have to ask this question... In the USA, per Federal Air Regulations, the standard weights for adults is 190lbs for Apr 1-Oct 31 and 195lbs for Nov 1-Mar 31. Children weights are 85lbs and 87lbs respectively. Can we use these weights as long as we adjust the max payload and divide by 190 (or 195)? ...or is there something here I'm missing? I'm also inclined to agree with this...however, we do need the profiles in TopCat for the variants, so this is great information nonetheless. Many thanks! Dave Lamb FAA Licensed Aircraft Dispatcher
  4. It's a nice to have...I would imagine BA Virtual (for whom I fly in the virtual sky), would probably be ok with us using the 77L/77W (the W they have in their fleet, the L they don't). Since the -200s they have are all, well, -200ERs... If they can do it without having to retool much, then I would say yes. I would not want to defer, say the updated 747v2 for a 772ER. Having an updated 744 is way more important, imo... Dave Lamb BAW034/BA Virtual FAA Licensed Aircraft Dispatcher (Pinnacle Airlines/Delta Connection).
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