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  1. us_Jorge_1985


    Awesome landscapes and detailed mountains :o
  2. us_Jorge_1985

    Tu-204 beta 3

    I downloaded the plane from a russian forum. Check this link: Sorry for the delay
  3. us_Jorge_1985

    SK1248 Aarhus - Copenhagen

    Great VFR sceneries, better than real ones, detailed and complex as well as the dense clouds along with the B737-600 SAS perfect shots!
  4. Great screens, very detailed airports. I wish I could fly this plane, look amazing, I love tupolevs
  5. Hello friends, I have downloaded Tu-204 beta 3 because I really like this russian bird. I have two questions: 1- The package contains two liveries: Aeroflot and Red Wings. Do you know if there are more liveries available up to day for this model (Tu-204 beta 3)? If the answer is yes, Where I can download them? 2- In my case, it seems that flaps animations does not work properly, I see the wings in the same manner without flaps and with flaps. Thank you in advance.
  6. us_Jorge_1985


    Great shots! The plane is highly detailed and the landscapes look as real as you get.
  7. This is a tribute to HLJames for his interest in fly over Qatar. It´s a flight I made months ago from Doha OTBD old airport (Qatar) to Madrid Barajas in a dusty dawn.
  8. us_Jorge_1985


    Great idea fly with photoscenery over Qatar Sorry to say that military aircraft don´t call me but those shores looks amazing along with the desert mountains. The dark colors of the sea give me the impression of depth, trully amazing. My favourite pic is the sixth but close to 3rd and 7th. Regards.
  9. I really enjoyed your pics. I´ve got the feeling they are special and with lot of creativeness because there are some elements I´ve never seen in other shoots. - The second pic has been taken in a great angle and the ground textures are absolutely amazing. - The fourth picture is very close to the plane and the lights are wonderful. - The ninth picture is one I have never seen. Great airport lightning and great angle. - The last picture is like a footage of a new airport simulated to show in worldwide meetings. Great detailed Mykonos. Great job!
  10. us_Jorge_1985

    Dubai to Salalah, Oman

    James, thanks to fly in this area, it´s not common to see flights to Oman, I really enjoy pics over the arabian desert and you made it real. The mountains in Oman are incredibly realistic as well as Dubai City that is not difficult to find but I suppose Oman sceneries are not common in any sim. The water in Oman has great colors and your wing views look very well. Try to fly to Qatar another day, it´s a great country and you have great addons too.
  11. us_Jorge_1985

    St George, UT to Page, AZ

    I agree with Phantom88, this time the contrast is excellent along with the very accurate and detailed mountains and rocks. Perfect textures and nice angles to take the pics. In addition, I really enjoyed the sky colors but the clouds are still your Achilles tendon
  12. Dude I have had painful queues in USA Phoenix, Atlanta, New York Kennedy with more than 14 planes waiting for take off. I like your pics, your Toronto, being an old addon looks brilliant, I do like those buildings. A pleasure to find someone who still flies fs2004 like me.
  13. us_Jorge_1985

    Flying over Spain (2)

    Well... I am not able to show you pics at the same level as other users but I want to share random pics I have of some flights I made over Spain. Vueling A320 Crossing mountains somewhere in north of Spain en route to Vigo at cruise altitude Air Europa B738W departuring from Tenerife North to Valladolid The same flight, just arrived to Valladolid from Tenerife North Iberia A340-600 "The beast" departuring from Madrid to New York Kennedy Aviaco dc-9 (classic old 90s nowadays defunct airline) departuring from Madrid to Menorca The same flight crossing Mediterranean sea at cruising altitude US Airways B762 pushing back in Madrid to Philadelphia The same flight, departuring from Madrid Barajas to Philadelphia
  14. us_Jorge_1985

    XP10, VFR in the Czech Republic

    Great landscapes, vegetation, landclass and atmosphere. Even the extinguisher of the plane look realistic :rolleyes:
  15. us_Jorge_1985

    Aberdeen to Broadford, Scotland

    You must enjoy your sim and love forever and ever flying without any blurry. Your coast is perfect, your landscapes are better than real ones, the only drawback I find are the clouds. In my sim the clouds look better than ground but in your sim is the opposite and sincerely I prefer to have better ground than heaven so in conclusion, I want to live in your sim.