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  1. Thanks! I only use AES at Dubai, but it'll be easy enough to reconfigure that file. Will give it a go in the morning.
  2. By no means was I complaining to them. Simply asking if anyone else has had this issue. Its a minor problem, but something that inhibits the added 'fun' of watching loading animations.
  3. I'm having issues myself with GSX. It seems to not be configured to the 300ER's doors :( Anyone else having such issue?
  4. Oh really? Yes I was using ETOPS rings. That's interesting, I'll have to try that
  5. This is strange. I've been trialing things, and found VAS to not be my culprit. I'm currently 2hrs out from Melbourne with 2.4GB recorded VAS in Process Explorer (after 13hrs of flying from Los Angeles) - and frames jumping between 20-30. Why? Even if I have plenty of memory space left in FSX's operational limits?
  6. Cut my recent livestream into a departure video out of Brisbane for Canberra. Aircraft is the PMDG 737 NGX.
  7. Is that TFDI smartCARS by any chance that allows a shut down and reconnect?
  8. I'll have to give that a go. I've now migrated to DX10, so hopefully that will help with VAS. Just two queries (double checks really) though: your PIREP in ACARS won't be affected? And saving the flight in the default FSX save flight will also save the PMDG panel state? Much appreciated
  9. Cool I'm still running in DX9, but having heaps of issues in the 777 on arrival (low FPS). I run a 4670k @ 4.2GHz and a GTX760 OC, yet it still can dip into the mid teens after 10+ hours of flying. What sort of specs do you run?
  10. Nice shots! Overall good impression of DX10 after that one? How are the FPS after a long flight like that in comparison to DX9?
  11. I should probably add that I was using the PMDG 777.
  12. Hi, I don't know if this is simply a limitation of FSX itself, or an issue with my system, but I've found that performance greatly suffers nearing the end of a long haul flight. For example, I just flew the LAX-AKL leg. 30fps stable at LAX, but on approach into Auckland my frames were dipping into the mid teens and low 20's. You can see my specs on the right, and I don't run a crap PC. Is there something wrong in my configuration of FSX? Or is this just an issue with the core program? Many thanks in advance
  13. A quick video of the takeoff out of JFK. Modified the time as it was about midnight New York local time (I'm from Sydney). http://youtu.be/iBBC0-3EiXE
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