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  1. It's great that the update gives us dirt strips in Papua New Guinea, but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a payware Jacksons (at least on OrbX, Simmarket or Aerosoft). Does anyone have experience with the AYPY available on Flightsim.to?
  2. With FS Traffic, departing aircraft don't climb above certain altitudes. This is described as a limitation, on P37 of the manual, because the AI traffic only follow the first instruction given by ATC, e.g., flights departing EGPH only reach 2500 AGL. Is this a limitation of the sim and does it also apply to FSLTL and AIG?
  3. @Bert Pieke at the risk of asking a question that's been previously answered elsewhere, is there a reason for choosing a specific cache size, i.e., 8GB? As opposed to 10, 20, 30 or higher.
  4. That sounds more like 'Flight Stimulation' than 'Flight Simulation' 😛
  5. @Farlis Thank you! All I had to do was switch off live weather and delete snow to reveal beautiful coasts and remove my 'visually jarring' scenery. Your time taken to provide a solution and explanation are appreciated.
  6. To illustrate my perceived visual issue with the Valdez region, here is a screenshot of the intersection of sea ice with coastline. This reminds me of the old vector coastlines in FSX. Does anyone else see this?
  7. No. Your comment described the term 'visually jarring' as hyperbole (the comment you deleted). I was wondering how two simple words could be construed as hyperbole. Answering a question with something unrelated is not a descriptive answer. I would also assert that my description of Bobk8's comment was a literal interpretation and therefore devoid of hyperbole. If you don't like the vocabulary someone uses then don't comment. This thread was about the rendition of Valdez and it has been derailed by needless mockery. The use of two words 'visually jarring' has elicited 10 posts without any useful input. It would have at least been useful to comment on the nature of the scenery, even if it was to articulately disagree.
  8. @btacon You didn't answer the question.
  9. Seriously? Can you explain how a simple English term is considered hyperbole?
  10. @Nemo If the incorrect snow coverage is due to Meteoblue, does using a 3rd party weather add-on remove snow from around Valdez? Just wondering if Rex Weather Force would visually improve the area.
  11. Aspiring to induce serious medical conditions is 'humour' - I'll note for further reference. How would you describe the area around Valdez?
  12. @Bobsk8 I usually enjoy your humorous interventions, but I don't see the point you're trying to make. Is it simply mockery for someone using the term 'visually jarring'. I was expressing my reaction to the depiction of sea ice around the Valdez sound. If you disagree then that's fine. What purpose does your mockery serve?
  13. weathercams.faa.gov shows the ground around Valdez as snow-free and no sea ice. There appears to be some scattered snow remaining on the mountain tops. The depiction of sea ice around the area is unrealistic and visually jarring (as is the progression from ground snow to grass/trees). I was hoping for an airport and surroundings that at least resembled the P3D OrbX PAVD, but the MSFS version was disappointing in comparison. Even though it was free upgrade, I don't think I'll be using it much.
  14. LOL - that would be easier!!!
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