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  1. Sorry, didn't realise it was the same one referred to by SunDevil. Thanks for posting the link. Will give it a try.
  2. @eslader What carrier add-on did you get? I'm wondering which commercial package people would recommend? Thanks in advance.
  3. Directing the Mentor cfg to the default fx_navgre fixed the landing light problem and returned the starboard light, but how could I resist the challenge? The Mentor fx_navgre file is simpler than the default and only contains four ParticleAttributes. I modified the ParticleAttributes.2 entry to reflect your alternative texture and it worked! Landing lights no longer disappear at 1000ft agl and the aircraft has starboard nav visible form the vc. So now I have two fixes. Finding the source of the original problem was only possible because the exclusion function on the fixer was such a useful diagnostic tool. The fixer software is an impressive application. Many, many thanks.
  4. Hi Steve A third re-install of the aircraft stopped the Mentor's lights from disappearing. So presumably the problem relates to modification of a Carenado fx file by the fixer. The Mentor cfg file references the landing lights to fx_strobecarenmen. I added this to the exclusion list, but the lights still disappeared. So working backwards, I added all the lights to the exclusion list and started subtracting one at a time to determine which one was causing the problem. To my surprise, excluding only fx_navgrecarenmen from conversion stopped the landing lights from disappearing. Of course now the aircraft has no starboard nav light, which is more distracting from the vc. So the compromise is to lose the landing lights and keep the nav light visible from the cockpit. I'm not asking you to fix this, but just reporting back because you were kind enough to point me in the right direction. Perhaps I could substitute a different navgre file reference in the cfg to solve the problem. Will have a go (or maybe I should leave it alone!).. Thanks again for your patience and help, it is really appreciated. Best wishes.
  5. Please accept my apologies Steve, I was referring to the Carenado Mentor which has landing lights in the wings. You are of course right that the lights on the Baron retract with the undercarriage (deeply embarrassing that I hadn't noticed before!!). Now I know what emoticons are for :blush:. So default lights are ok, it's presumably just the Carenado fx files. I did try a re-install of the Mentor but that didn't solve it. Will try re-installing again. Probably best to leave it here before I make any more mistakes. Thanks for your time. On a final note - thank you again for publishing your software and making FSX so enjoyable. Best wishes.
  6. Correct. From front spot view the landing lights are on until approx. 1000ft then just disappear. Undercarriage extended or retracted.
  7. Forgot to indicate I'm using v2.4 of the Fixer. Garry. Dear Steve Thanks for such a rapid response! I'm referring to the light seen from spot view in front of the aircraft. Best wishes. Garry.
  8. Dear all This is my first post on Avsim after years of lurking, so I'd like to start by offering my sincere thanks to SteveFx for bringing FSX back to life (at least for me). The reason I've emerged from anonymity is because I've encountered a problem for which I can't find a solution. With the fixer libraries installed, some of my aircraft (stock, e.g., Beechcraft Baron and add-on, e.g., Carenado Mentor) exhibit disappearing landing lights approximately 1000 ft after take-off. The landing lights are present before take-off (I'm referring to the effect on the aircraft not illumination of the ground), disappear during flight and re-appear when approaching the ground. Uninstalling the fixer libraries removes the issue (but of course introduces all the old problems). I've tried installing with and without the DX10 light package and DX10 compatible effects, but with no success. Having V2 lighting rules on or off has no effect (but I believe this only affects scenery). Does anyone have a possible solution or suggestions? Thanks in advance. Best wishes. Garry.