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  1. Rock, Paper, Shotgun brought me here, after a long long time Excellent news - reinstalling as we speak. Since Flight 'happened' I've been navigating around in old mil jets and WW I lawnmowers but it'll be great to come back fresh to 'the one that started it all'
  2. The Steam figures do tell us enough that the supposed objective of Flight to get lots of new players in has failed rather dramatically. Steam is the largest platform in pc gaming and a huge percentage of users is online when playing games, so the statistics there are a pretty accurate representation of active users amongst the targeted crowd. We also know that the MS Live numbers were horrible, with online user counts lower than low budget indie games on the xbox. And Flight lacks the features to put a serious dent in the existing sim crowd which is also confirmed by reports we all read. If anything, existing sim platforms benefited from Flight, esp. as it is now discontinued.
  3. Yeah but with that camera it looks and sounds like you're flying with all the doors and windows open. Rain coming in, sunflare and also the wind noises, plus it looks pretty horrible imo
  4. World of Tanks has 1000s of paying customers online at any given time and an active community. That cashflow easily funds a cheap game like that through high volumes of microtransactions. People are worryingly happy to pay to progress and win in those online games. And ** will be integrated in there. In contrast, atm there are 4-500 players online in Flight on steam (that on average probably spent less than what hawaii cost in the sales). And even though the ** planes have a cockpit and working guns does not mean the game and planes are of better quality at all tbh. I've seen wot and it's very basic arcade stuff and I expect ** to be like that. Also I'd be very surprised if the premium models outsold the basic planes in Flight. So consider the market versus the costs of modeling the premium planes rather than looking at the cost of licensing these 60yr old designs. As said previously, it's licensing the current planes by private company where I can see it getting expensive, esp. for ms. edit: since when is w o p a dirty word? ** means world of warplanes to be clear
  5. I find best power is at edit: 80% prop RPM. It certainly accounts for some mph. How much I don't know because I haven't gotten the fat bird exactly trimmed out and once it has caught some speed it does not lose it immediately. I can't determine the exact number from my rotary knob though. I mostly do this by sound, and just as with the Maule and RV6 the engine must sound like it's happily chugging along. It does not sound like a revving lawnmower anymore but does not sound like it's having trouble staying awake either. Well, that was helpful! :rolleyes:
  6. Let me guess, it's 12 knots / 14 mph as indicated by the plaque in the cockpit? :P Because that's the worst that could happen!
  7. Ooh nice :) I have to fly more at Hawaii, so much to see there still
  8. Argh, I can't believe I'm actually buying this. I have way too many MS points left not to, and watched way too many Ice Pilots episodes to not completely love that thing. Without any gauges or dials it's just like a digital RC plane though. So I hope it turns out looking and sounding good, as that's basically all you get. This thing would have been absolutely perfect for Flight with decently modeled systems and flight characteristics :vava: Anyways, I don't know how the fuel system works in the real plane. But does the left engine stop if the left main wing tank runs empty? Probably won't be modeled anyway though...
  9. Real aviators that wish to shoot at something must fly riseofflight.com for some truly wonderful vintage taildraggers and amazing graphics :)
  10. Any time spent tweaking, installing, researching, button pressing, knob turning or switch flicking is time not spent flying. When flying = fun, you'll be giving up having a fun time -_- And, let's be honest. There's no way we'll give this up: (pics just don't do it justice, but clicking it goes a long way)
  11. Realistic and detailed WW1 flight sim from a likeable indie developer and well worth the €7.99 at -80% in the Gamersgate Summersale deal - You download the free game directly at Rise of Flight and register your serial in the game to unlock the extra planes and content. don't know how long it will last and it's probably available for the same amount in USD and GBP in the respective region sites. Gamersgate is a legit and very nice site (coming from a customer, no affiliation of course). (reflink)
  12. I think you are right and I wouldn't trust the man too much on this subject. Also I think it's rather unprofessional to be throwing mud like this, he is confirming a lot of the bad image MS has gotten but it's not necessarily the truth - Aerosoft is a publisher for FSX devs. What would have happened with them if MS succeeded in winning over developers to make all kinds of nice stuff for Flight...
  13. Still proves that a lot of people choose fun factor over the cockpit!
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