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  1. Engineroom the file Kabronicus is showing is zipped, yours is unzipped. Maybe you do have the unblock option on your zipped version.
  2. i just want to point out the correct spelling for your signature would be Tan Son Nhut. With an "a" not an o.
  3. Really weird, they were down for me earlier and I decided to check the marketplace one last time and it was up. I had credit so I got the 46 and I logged into the game and nailed the aerocache .
  4. Do you notice the obvious difference comparing the 2 xplanex screens? I wonder why that happens. Also, I can overlook the time flaws but that dash just gets my fashions senses tingling. ;)
  5. I might add that refurbished is a lot different than used. Refurbished i would buy, I would not buy used electronics. Well, maybe if the used price was 10cents on the dollar :)
  6. This is my opinion only, others may see this differently. If you fly the big stuff between Aerosoft's custom airports and 3rd party add-ons with a higher end rig you'll probably love it. If you want to fly GA with the default scenery you may be disappointed. I see a lot of potential for my type of enjoyment with this product but the effort and research I have to invest to get there is not what I expected and I thought I had read it all. I didn't, if I had I would have waited. I won't say don't get it. My recommendation is to read and find the stuff that is not said or has been glossed over in the reviews and fan sites. Right now Xp10 is in beta and it will be a while for the new aircraft and scenery to reach maturity. I have a list of negatives and frustrations as long as my arm as to why i should wipe this thing from my drive. Yet, after all that I'm installing the latest beta on a nice clean pc as I write this. Edit: Just installed with the latest beta and installed the new default opening sequence, quite an improvement. My list has shortened.
  7. They still look odd to me and I would rather not see them than have to see them placed the way they are now. Following the river out of LOWI would be a 100 times better for me if they were not there, Thanks,Rob
  8. The following post was made July 30th 2011 We have not seen any conversion that looks any good. So while it might be the same raw material it will be pure X-plane 10. And in the end I think we'll come to one single price for a scenery no matter what the platform, just as we now have for FS2004/Fsx On behalf of Aerosoft and with kind regards, Mathijs Kok
  9. I have to agree with HIFlyer, I have the same observations from using Xplane. And as far as smoothness with FSX I have an overclocked i7 920 3.2 paired with a 560 and 6 gig of ram. a couple of tweaks and select add ons for GA and I fly at 25fps but its smooth. So Flight for what it is and FSX for much better variety. Getting ready to build a new i7 but so far If i stray from the Flight+ FSX combo it will be to Prepar3d and not Xplane. FSX is just closer to the whole package at this point and that's what I'm gaining.
  10. The Seneca not fully xplane 10 compatible yet. Or did the patch come out? jcomm, I want one good aircraft too but at this point I feel the release candidate is fairly close and the developers will have the aircraft I really want with full compatability. Meanwhile, the baron in xplane and my Flight and FSX addons will keep my patience in check. This is getting crazy now I'm looking at Prepar3d. The Stones were right. I can't get no....Satisfaction
  11. What i don't understand: this is x-plane ver 10 and after all this time the only way I can find 10.05r Plausible is to imagine Godzilla just came through the area with the Cylons in hot pursuit. There are aspects of x-plane i like a lot and the new beta is much improved but the joy of flying low and slow is just not happening. You have to fly other programs just to enjoy all aspects of the Genre.
  12. Ideal Flight on the front page of AVSIM should peak your interest
  13. Flight's main fault was not keeping that high enthusiasm fueled with the proper content for their core supporters. When they finally realized and started to add content it was too late. Proper communication was also blocked early on because:. They were condemned in the court of public opinion and were given no support from those who suckled from the FSX cow. Flight is a Bull roaming in it's own pasture.
  14. develops a ga twin=sister company and a single = buys a plane
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