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  1. I get the same thing - wasn't sure if it's by design or not or even "ticket worthy" so I've just been putting up with it the few times I go into OC... anybody else got a comment? Lance Smith
  2. I dropped you a PM - please reply and I'll see what the issue is and get you hooked up.
  3. At FedExVAC we recognize that people have all types of payware aircraft they want to fly so we let people fly what they want to. About our only restriction on that is fly a prop on a prop route and a jet on a jet route. We're also a fairly large VA with hundreds of active pilots from all over the world which makes for some fun and lively conversations on our forums and teamspeak server. FedExVAC is also a part of the VAFS community of VA's that use that ACARS system where we're currently ranked the number 1 VA out of several hundred there which some of us find especially cool )
  4. Well, that's convenient.. might have to have me one
  5. 23:30 - 01:30 Topeka KTOP - Denver KDEN KTOP LNK GRI HSI.KOHOE1 KDEN 01:30 - 03:00 Denver KDEN - Salt Lake City KSLC KDEN ROCKI8.EKR J199 HELPR.LEEHY3 KSLC Best wishes !
  6. Can't wait but in the meantime, Merry Christmas to you all.
  7. well, only thing I can do about this.. jump in my NGX and go fly somewhere
  8. I have it and for I think it's great. I have UT2 as well and it presents no issues on my system.
  9. Yup, that's clear to me and frankly that's their right to persue a business model that caters to commercial and military training purposes. As others have also commented the agreement with MS prohibits licensing for the entertainment community. Whatever the case, how LM chooses to market their product is up to them within the constraints that have been set and perhaps the market they are aiming at is exactly what they want to do anyway. We can whine and cry all we want (and perhaps that's an argument not to go after the hobbyist/entertainment user) but well, that's about all we can do about it or just move on and enjoy what we have.
  10. what? no no no.. nothing like that and no negative waves.. geez, ok moving on
  11. I've been using FSBUILD2 and hadn't heard of this one so I downloaded today with the 30 day trial.. wow, that's some pretty good stuff there.. a bit of a chore to setup if you're like me and don't enjoy reading manuals Might have to bite the bullet and get a second monitor just to keep things like that in eyesight
  12. Can't believe there arn't more sushi lovers
  13. I do and I see RNAV 35 with WENIB, KINGZ, FIDUP trans.. is that what you were looking for?
  14. RelativeWork

    Are we in BETA?

    no it's quite obvious, by reading the message backwards and using the first 6 prime numbers to select the words (devs love prime numbers) the message clearly states "airplane our certainly is 777 flying." No disection necessary, we are obviiously in late stage beta and launch is imminent. :rolleyes:
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