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  1. ltu6800

    Sim Elite Time Zone fixer not working?

    Hi Dave, it is an endless discussion. There was a long thread about this problem a few weeks ago. I also had your problem with local time and UTC. My solution: Time Zone Fixer and FS Real Time. I start with a default flight in my local time zone. Then I select an airport with a different local time (result: wrong local there). I then start FS Real Time - click on "start autoupdate" and voilà - I get the exact local time of the airport, where my aircraft is waiting. I never found an other way in P3D V4.4 to manage this. Maybe it will help you also. Kurt
  2. ltu6800

    Want exact current time and season +

    Paul is right. You need TimeZoneFixer for the correct zones. Then start your flight anywhere in the world, start fsrealtime and hit "Start autoupdate" - that's it. Kurt
  3. ltu6800

    Long time FSX- upgrade to Prepar3d

    I've been from MS FS4 (Bruce Artwick) through FS5 (still DOS), FS98 (Windows), FS2002 (I loved it and the famous 767), FS2004 CoF. With FS2004 I stayed a lot of years very happy, until FSX Steam Edition came out. I was also happy with this, but the OOM's! I bought P3D V4 one day after it's release and I still love it. I'm not hunting FPS, I never use any tweek , no. I want all that bells and whistles like cars on the road, ships moving over the sea, AI Traffic moving around, all that Orbx stuff and ActiveSky. And just like MDFlier wrote: I fly and fly and fly without any issues, sometimes with horrible FPS at very large airports at sunset, but flying through clouds in a golden light is worth it. Sorry for this corus of praise, grab your credit card and go for it! Kurt
  4. ltu6800

    Active Sky for P3Dv4 not changing the weather

    Pete, we are serious pilots aren't we? So, if the weather is wrong, we don't fly. When I beef about bad weather, icing and winter in P3D V4, my wife keeps asking me all the time "Why don't you switch to spring or summer and fairy weather?" And I can't explain since years, why not! :) All the best, Kurt
  5. ltu6800

    Active Sky for P3Dv4 not changing the weather

    Hi Gary, you are not alone. Last sunday near EDDS the sky was clear and sunny with very calm wind, but when I startet a flight from EDDS to LIRN, ActiveSky gave me a really bad weather with Overcast and strange wind gusts, totally different to the real weather. I don't know why? I stopped that flight. Kurt
  6. ltu6800

    FSRealTime and P3D v4

    So we have to set local time individually, it' s a real pity. Anyway, thank you for our discussion about this problem. Kurt
  7. ltu6800

    FSRealTime and P3D v4

    Hi, netshadoe, I would like to return to our discussion, which I really appreciate, because we both are enthusiasts in flight simming. In this moment the time at EDDS is 11:31 (UTC+1). The local time in Athens is 12:31. When I start a flight from EDDS, it will start at 11:31, using system time, which is correct. Now I want to start from LGAV, the local time there is 12:31. I switch to that Airport (and see the correct value of UTX + 2), but the flight there starts also at 11:31, which is 1 hour behind the actual local time, if I use system time. The only way to avoid this seems to use FS Real Time. Or did I miss something? Looking forward to hear from you. Kurt
  8. ltu6800

    FSRealTime and P3D v4

    My "Homebase" is EDDS, which is UTC + 1. Let's say, I start a flight at LGAV with "Use system time". The flight will start with UTC + 1, but it should be UTC + 2. With both tools and only with both P3d will start with the correct time and I don't have to worry about anything regarding local time.
  9. ltu6800

    FSRealTime and P3D v4

    Sorry, but this is absolutely wrong. TimeZoneFixer defines the zones and is updatet nearly every week. FsRealTime uses the information of TimeZoneFixer and sets your P3d V4 to the correct local time, if you start a flight somewhere in the world. You need both!
  10. I have both and removed UTL, because the time span between updates is too long. TG has much better looking aircraft and you can adjust traffic density with FSUIPC. In Europe you will find pretty much traffic (I don't know, how dense it will be in Asia). There are still bugs (missing textures - sometimes at one side of an airplane = Germania) and some airports with no traffic at all (LGAV), but I am very happy with TG and will not return to UTL. Kurt
  11. ltu6800

    Error message while installing

    You have to Download the latest Version of 747-400 from Yesterday. Your Installer from last week is outdated. Yours, Kurt
  12. ltu6800

    Using ProATC/X problems

    Jeroen is right: just forget about checklists. Create a flight in ProAtc, use"Fly now", switch to "Follow Flight" (in German "Flug verfolgen" - not shure, how it is called in English). Switch to ground frequency. Hit 1 to get clearance (now your Fpl will be moved to your Addon and P3D, add Sid, Star and Approach to your Fpl, set Transponder, hit 1 to start engines, 1 to get taxi clearance - on your way to the assigned runway wait for tower frequency. At your holding point near the runway hit 1 - you will get "Line up and wait", after a few seconds "Wind ... Cleared for takeoff". And here we go!
  13. ltu6800

    Using ProATC/X problems

    Hi Gary, ProAtc ist really great. To answer to your question: You must request clearance for your flight. After "fly now" you have to use shortcut "1" to get clearance. This is the moment, where ProAtc will transmit the flightplan to your simulator, not ealier. All the best, Kurt
  14. Hi Rob, I have the exact same problem. But there is a solution in this forum (search for GNS530 and Duke). Bert Pieke has explained, how you have to modify the xml-files and then it should work. Best, Kurt
  15. Hi Chris, so I will hurry once again "straightaway" to your shop. 😉