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  1. Yes, it comes to something, when you are working hard all day and try to fly around for half an hour before going to work, just to relax, and you have to realize, that today you will not be able to do that. But thank you anyway for this comment.
  2. Same problem here with the key, I installed Environment Force only one time. I did send an email to reset my key. Here is the response ... This email is to inform you that your REX customer support ticket has been generated per your request. One of our specialists will be contacting you via email within 24 hours. Sincerely, REX Quality Assurance Team Hours of Operations: Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM MST (-7 GMT) My country is +1 GMT ... really great!
  3. I also would like to agree with Stu. A good example is the approach to LIRN via Ischia - Oleva - RWY06. The ILS-Beam is not alligned with the runway because of obstacles. It is not possible to follow the glideslope, but you will be warned "Glide" and "Loc". Kurt
  4. Avira should be the main cause of all this problems. It is not possible to simply remove Avira, because it will protect itself from beeing removed (which is fine to prevent bad guys from deactivating it by some virusses or trojans). I had this problem a few years ago. I uninstalled it and it was still active in some strange kind. I guess you have seen on their website, that you have to download and use a custom tool to remove the AV software? And even than you will find traces of Avira in your registry. Kurt
  5. You are not alone. When I decided to buy the new NGXu I had exactly the same. I kept fighting for more than 2 hours and gave up. There are many other users with similar problems. For me that's it with PMDG.
  6. I have it too, like it very much and it does exactly, what I want. I am not interested in being monitored regarding lights and whatsoever, this does FS2Crew for me. There are human beings behind the cockpit and they act as individuals. I made several flights (using a second computer and WideFS - which works perfect) and ... Steve ... had on my last flight a cabin crew with a "drunk" percentage of 16%, 19% and 23%. All passengers were very happy during this flight. Kurt
  7. Hi, I also use Simstarter NG. I activated all scenery before UGCX' first start, let it build a scenery data base and now I answer "No" to the question to rebuild on startup of P3D. It works without any problem. An option to let UGCX skip this question and start a rebuild of the scenery DB by user (after installing a new airport or so) would be very fine. Regards, Kurt
  8. Hello Gerard, Wow, nice shots. I tested also FSGRW, but returned back to ActiveSky because of the abrupt injections. I'm through so many combinations, but FSGRW plus ASCA is absolutely new to me. Looks really great. By the way: I use your all month presets with PTA - simply the best 🙂 Kurt
  9. Please read my entire comment. I argued with EF to explain, why I went back to ASCA. EF, well have a look at the rex forum (3D-clouds, water, square overcast etc). But EF will for shure be the best environmental tool when most problems are fixed and still I am a fan of it. I said also, that SkyForce has much much better textures than ASCA and I use it in combination with ActiveSky and PTA. Kurt
  10. Hi, the answers are no and yes. I went back to ASCA last week because Rex EF is so weak. After a few flights I reinstalled Rex SF, because it simply has the best cloud textures and structures. So the best combination is AS + SF. Second one would be AS + ASCA + EnvTex + EnvShade. Or PTA/TomatoShade instead of EnvShade. Just my 2 cents. Kurt
  11. Hi Dave, it is an endless discussion. There was a long thread about this problem a few weeks ago. I also had your problem with local time and UTC. My solution: Time Zone Fixer and FS Real Time. I start with a default flight in my local time zone. Then I select an airport with a different local time (result: wrong local there). I then start FS Real Time - click on "start autoupdate" and voilà - I get the exact local time of the airport, where my aircraft is waiting. I never found an other way in P3D V4.4 to manage this. Maybe it will help you also. Kurt
  12. Paul is right. You need TimeZoneFixer for the correct zones. Then start your flight anywhere in the world, start fsrealtime and hit "Start autoupdate" - that's it. Kurt
  13. I've been from MS FS4 (Bruce Artwick) through FS5 (still DOS), FS98 (Windows), FS2002 (I loved it and the famous 767), FS2004 CoF. With FS2004 I stayed a lot of years very happy, until FSX Steam Edition came out. I was also happy with this, but the OOM's! I bought P3D V4 one day after it's release and I still love it. I'm not hunting FPS, I never use any tweek , no. I want all that bells and whistles like cars on the road, ships moving over the sea, AI Traffic moving around, all that Orbx stuff and ActiveSky. And just like MDFlier wrote: I fly and fly and fly without any issues, sometimes with horrible FPS at very large airports at sunset, but flying through clouds in a golden light is worth it. Sorry for this corus of praise, grab your credit card and go for it! Kurt
  14. Pete, we are serious pilots aren't we? So, if the weather is wrong, we don't fly. When I beef about bad weather, icing and winter in P3D V4, my wife keeps asking me all the time "Why don't you switch to spring or summer and fairy weather?" And I can't explain since years, why not! :) All the best, Kurt
  15. Hi Gary, you are not alone. Last sunday near EDDS the sky was clear and sunny with very calm wind, but when I startet a flight from EDDS to LIRN, ActiveSky gave me a really bad weather with Overcast and strange wind gusts, totally different to the real weather. I don't know why? I stopped that flight. Kurt
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