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  1. I tried the demo in P3D v2.5 and v3.3 but in both it didn't work - i tested v1.00 demo with and without v1.02 demopatch. Installation went through and i could choose the airplane (no preview picture of the plane), but after starting the flight, there was no plane visual at all and some "ghostcamera" started moving.... Edit: lol .. sorted it out... there is a vehicle called "Winjeel smoke grenade" installed, which i choosed.... don't know what it is, but it did funny things... found the "CAC25..." and it seems to be a great piece of work!!
  2. tiberiusrr

    Autogen Tree Shadows - Strange rendering behavior.

    Hi, just to confirm - i see exactly the same effect. Situation tested: Bonanza-300ft-170kts-straight and level-sun from the left side- 30fps locked-stable-v=0.2% GTX970-368.69-4*SGSSAA-4*MSAA(p3d)-1920*1080 P3D v3.3.5-actual - no tweaks/mods - no texture adons Ticking off the "receive shadows" for vegetation eliminates this effect - of course - but doing this, the vegetation doesn't receive shadows from the clouds too.... and those cloud shadows on the ground are an effect i dont want to miss any more. Would be a really nice gift to see a solution for "receive shadows" enabled for vegetation.... Cheers
  3. tiberiusrr

    Why LM still recommends Windows 7 for P3D V3?

    a dead display aint no issue for a blind man...
  4. tiberiusrr

    Shadows flickering - P3D V3

    W7-64, last driver. No flickering of tree- or building shadows on ultra-setting! I'm allways using 4*SGSSAA, maybe that helps. (still wondering how somebody can live without it... and yes, very smooth...)
  5. tiberiusrr

    Shadows flickering - P3D V3

    I have to set shadow quality to ultra to get rid of it.
  6. tiberiusrr

    Awful AA in P3D v3

    due to the answers i guess there is no more problem.....
  7. tiberiusrr

    Awful AA in P3D v3

    - did you click "apply changes" ? :smile: - try choosing the prepar3d profile in NI and add a new programm to it => choosing your correct path to p3d.exe - try changing the settings in NI to just and ONLY 4*SGSSAA - NOTHING else (no override no apply .. nothing ... vanilla)
  8. tiberiusrr

    P3D3 - some basic nVidia advice?

    If you need SGSSAA, unless you have a 4k monitor and high pixeldensity, the use of NI is an absolute must! - still in P3D v3. And no no no no.... it doesn't destroy anything! not in P3D, not in your PC not in your Mon, it doesn't even darken the sun ;-))... nothing... and- you can easily switch it back (but you know that from fsx...). All you need is apply 4*SGSSAA by NI - nothing else needed in NI. In P3D set 4*MSAA to match.
  9. tiberiusrr


    and its the most expensive way to do antialiasing (4K + Sli)...... if you crank it up more, you do not see any aliasing, and thus antialiasing isnt needed anymore - which means every antialiasing is sufficent then...... But .... who pays the bill? :smile: Edit: to topic B R A V O ! yes !
  10. tiberiusrr

    ASN Service Update Open Beta for P3d v3

    @poppet Did you point ASN (in the settings) to your p3d path's ?
  11. tiberiusrr

    AA settings

    Isn't it great we have a / the choice ? :smile: @wizzards: (too ?) much choices in NI - but not for SGSSAA - you need exactly 1 (on the other hand: aren't we simmers fiddlers?..) DSR: it's worth testing since it became very easy to activate (not as easy as SGSSAA with NI !). Interestingly on my 3 rigs it always was more fps-hungry and more forcing stuttering than SGSSAA - if it was set to have nearly the same (it didn't reach the same) quality as SGSSAA. But nice to have and independent from personal likings, on screens with other resolutions and dimensions than mine (27' 1920*1080) it may be a totaly different experience. @Jan: i have all terrain, detail and special effects sliders to the max. water medium. traffic all 10%. shadowquality low and only for the plane and clouds. volumetric fog, detailed clouds and maximum cloud coverage density. 4*MSAA + 4*SGSSAA, 16*Aniso, tesselation on, texture 1024. So the only things i reduced are the shadowquality (because i dont see any benefits from higher quality shadows) and the traffic. In vanilla P3D v3 i see no fps hit anymore in the clouds and have a smooth sim (with 4*SGSSAA! and 4*MSAA locked at 30fps). I will do more testing - of course ) and the dropdown may come with addons, but so far i miss no detail
  12. tiberiusrr

    AA settings

    A "warning" from me ... lol One shouldn't decide too fast whether not using SGSSAA and should decide it by self testing, not by recommendations! It's the balance between having ALLWAYS very shimmering/flickering, especially in the instruments (and if you use the instruments, you know what i mean) or on the other side having a (nearly) crisp visual with (nearly) no shimmering when using 4*SGSSAA (some are good with 2*SGSSAA, but again - YOU decide for youself whats good enough) at the "cost" of some fps-lost in clouds (where you don't see much at all..). As a mark, you definitely can use it with a GTX660 (2 GB), if you balance the other settings in P3D - and if you do it right there is nearly no loss in fidelity. (I tested it now with my new GTX970 in P3D v3 with my prefered settings and didn't see any loss of fps - other than in P3D v2.5 where i saw a major loss of fps too - but this is another theme). So its definitely worth to do some good testing! You don't destroy anything testing it....
  13. tiberiusrr

    No Profile for nvidea inspector

    From my understanding NI is just an editor. The profile should be in the driver. If thats correct, (re-)installing/changing the driver should be the test. Maybe you are using a mobile-gpu and the driver doesn't have a profile for prepar3d (just an idea). But if there is no profile, you can easily create your own one... p.s.: ähm... lol... sorry... you are using a nvidia-gpu and not amd? ;-)
  14. How can i fly the weather situations which can be found using the search-function in activeskynext? I only see a list of results but no way to load one of this weathersituations in p3d. The manual doesnt help here. I only describes how to generate that (in this case) useless list...