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  1. In order to place an "activation freeze" on your account and "run out of license slots" requiring intervention from support you have to re-install your OS or purchase three entirely new machines in the space of six months. Please explain how this is unfair and how you've somehow exceeded it and I will adjust my care factor accordingly. This is exacerbated by the fact that you claim that you are "coming back" to XP... this strikes me as very odd because if, as you say, you're coming back after some time, one would assume that any machines that you may have activated "in the past" would have already automatically expired leaving you with no intervention required. You bought a License to Use the software. MOST companies grant a single concurrent use license. We grant a three machine license by default. Additionally, we are working so you can de-activate your old machines at will without interaction from our support people but this, like all things, takes time and money. Thank you for your understanding, I look forward to your detailed reply.
  2. I purchased a new dedicated Windows machine yesterday so I can investigate all bugs more effectively. I've been running X-Plane inside VMWare which is limiting at best. Previously I could tell Gizmo loaded on Windows but that was about it. Now I have a serious gaming rig for Windows/Linux dev. It's still going to take some time but we're committed to resolving this.
  3. You'll need the exact error details for anyone to post any meaningful advice. It was probably an FMC bug with Gizmo and you're blaming FWL.
  4. Confirm that the ground physics model is customised.
  5. The IXEG team have implemented custom ground dynamics, not sure on specifics but it's definitely not X-P default.
  6. IXEG systems are built on top of Gizmo64.plugin which in turn uses Lua as a scripting language. LuaJIT is enabled to make the scripts run faster. In short, yes it's required.
  7. All these "defender" clashes are probably caused by anti-malware aggressively scanning all the LuaJIT activity going on inside the X-Plane RAM space.. LuaJIT cause a large volume of CPU instructions to be generated "on the fly" "Just In Time" for use in systems code.. anti-malware scanners are probably concerned that this might mutate into something aggressive. It won't, but it's good to know they're doing their job properly. We'll do an code optimisation pass at some point that should hopefully reduce this even further and possibly reduce the need to disable "defender" products. Thanks for your support everyone!
  8. We've all been at this for at least six years now. Most of us quite a lot longer than that. No ones going anywhere. You've all given us more reason than ever to be here. Thanks for everyones support.
  9. Thanks for confirming you found a solution. Curious for more details if you'd like to share in PM.
  10. More interested in wasting as little time here as possible. We both know any real answers lie elsewhere.
  11. Because no content is ever injected over http without user permission, right? https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2014/11/verizon-x-uidh
  12. The actual attitude is; "Linux is a drain on my resources that I cannot afford. I am not a charity. I am not a multi million dollar company. I owe you nothing. Check your entitlement."
  13. Please refrain from spreading false information. Adding scroll wheel support for the cockpit requires OBJ8 and texturing modifications. The Gizmo functionality required to tie-in to the scroll wheel has been available for many many years. Probably before IXEG even started their project. Thanks.
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