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  1. snowingairlines

    FSDream team sale

    The site seems to be working now You have to use the correct coupon code to get the discount. For this sale, they are: KCLT64BIT --> If you are buying CLT with something else FSDT64BIT --> If not buying CLT
  2. Little confused where you are getting the 100 dollar number from. It is listed on their website for 39.99, which is an okay price for the plane.
  3. I have been busy over the past few weeks and bought: Flightbeam: KDEN KIAD KPHX FSDreamTeam: KIAH CYVR KLAX PMDG: 737 - 700/600 expansion pack
  4. snowingairlines

    Left gear won't retract after takeoff

    Would you happen to have had a gear failure?
  5. snowingairlines

    Flytampa CYYZ first screen shot posted

    It looks stunning. I hope that it is not too long until release.
  6. How is KORD? I was interested in it, but the screenshots make it look quite aged.
  7. snowingairlines

    Carenado sale but which model?

    I know that it is not on your list, but the C337 has been one of their best releases ever. It has a few bugs, like all Carenado planes, but there is something about the immersion factor with the plane.
  8. Here is my list: Careened C337 - Not sure what it is with this plane, but I really like it PMDG 737 - No explanation needed Majestic Q400 - The new benchmark for immersive commercial airliners AXE - Fun every now and then A2A C172 - Never really enjoyed this plane that much. I am not sure why. Quality Wings ARJ - Fun besides user error with the autopilot
  9. With all of the added discounts that pcaviator is offering, this is very tempting.
  10. snowingairlines

    I need a nice GA aricraft with some good power

    Another good, but less complex option is the Carenado C208. It will get into anywhere and has the power to climb out of anything.
  11. snowingairlines

    Virtual Airline for Newbie?

    If you pass the entrance exam, Flying Tigers Group provides a lot of different airlines throughout the world.
  12. snowingairlines

    PC Aviator AUS G20 summit sale

    Wow, there are a lot of really good deals.
  13. snowingairlines

    cannot install pmdg 737 ngx

    From what I know, then you are looking at a full reinstall of fsx and your addons. This time though when reinstalling make sure to choose the installation location carefully. The problem is that even if you could somehow force the pmdg plane to install, every other plane that you would purchase would have the same problem, thereby necessitating a full reinstall. One last hope other then a full reinstall might be to try some of the other registry repair tools for fsx.
  14. snowingairlines

    cannot install pmdg 737 ngx

    Did you ever move your fsx folder ever? I had a similar problem and the fix that worked for me was to run flight1's registry repair tool. It can be found for free on their website.