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  1. Thanks for the response. At the time, I had uninstalled v4. And later on I reinstalled v4, then pointed the installer to v5, and it worked just fine. Again thanks for the response. Keep 'em flying. Rod
  2. Dave...when I run the installer, all Flight Simulator options are not allowing me to check them. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Hello, I'm not sure if this will help your situation or not. Everytime I install updates, I have to shut down my antivirus program first. Rod
  4. Mike, Try this website: http://www.simforums.com/forums/f1-gtn-gns-series-support-forum_forum54&SID=31495-525797z727ae1fa457a15453009259.html I was there today and I think I saw a few posts/threads talking about integration with the C340. Not for sure though. Also, you may have to log in in order to see all threads. Rod
  5. Marina, Recommend you open a ticket at http://support.hifitechinc.com and include all logs which are located at c:\users\username\appdata\roaming\hifi\AS_P3Dv4\AS _P3Dv4_Log_xxxxx.txt.
  6. Depending on your antivirus software you may have to exclude the flight sim .exe file within your antivirus software. I recommend trying this first and see if that allows you to connect to the remote server. Or, actually shut down your antivirus software for the amount of time it takes to activate the aircraft. Just a guess, and hope it helps. Rod
  7. Hello Ray, You can install the Orbx Libraries anytime. What I've always done, was after the first Orbx package (which has been FTX Global for me), I would then install the libraries. Safe Flyin' Rod
  8. I've had FSGlobal Next Gen installed for awhile now, and have not seen any problems in the FTX Regional airports, nor the North America/FTX Global airports that I purchased. Could you tell me which airports are messing up, and I'll check them on my system? I may not have the airports you're referring to though. Rod
  9. On my account page, I downloaded the new version, and used the new serial number shown to the right of that. Did you do the same? Rod
  10. GSalden, Do you have it working in P3Dv4? Soeren, I installed it, but I can't get it work. I don't think P3Dv4 is reading the .dll file that IS uses. Just my guess. So, I uninstalled it, and am using it in FSX, which my FSX .bgl files work just fine in P3Dv4, just as long as I have the same library files installed in P3Dv4 as GSalden stated. SAFE Flyin' Rod
  11. Paul, A recommendation. Reinstall FTX Central. I was having problem the other day so, I went to the FTX website, downloaded a new FTX Central, reinstalled, and now everything works fine. Rod
  12. I have P3Dv3.4 and P3Dv4 installed. I downloaded the 747 again, through my account, uninstalled my earlier version (it wouldn't install otherwise), installed the newer version into P3D4, and it seems to work just fine. I also have the FSUIPC v5 installed, and have no problems there.
  13. I have only FTX Global, FTX Vector, and the latest Orbx Libs installed. With KSEA disabled in the Vector Configuration Tool, I have no elevation issues, and the altitude is 433'. Did you go over to the Orbx forum and ask for any assistance, or, look through their forum threads as someone may have addressed this issue before? Hope you find the solution(s). Rod
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