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  1. Find some charts for the ILS approach and look at the course and freq there. Charts has always right(my experience). It should show up in the panel, beside the speed if its correctly inserted.
  2. Aaah so you have to get ground lightning aswell?
  3. Will look it up! :) Thanks!
  4. Love p3dv4, but one thing thats annoying is the big stars. When I look up, it looks so unrealistic. Is there any good texture replacements that you know of, to make them smaller and much denser? I looked at this one: Chris Bell Creative Design Studios - Stargazer Project. Anyone with experience with this product?
  5. Merry Christmas! Hope to see the Max not only as calenders, but in my Sim next year ;)
  6. The USB Hub I bought is not connected to power. It´s USB plugged 1 USB to 4 USB. I saw there is a power connector on the yoke, mabye I will try to buy a cable and power it up. The problem is that it is light on the throttle and nothing on the Yoke. And if I go to devices on windows, there is nothing displayed as it was nothing plugged in.
  7. I have a lot of USB connected. I can try to unplug all usb devices and plug only the Yoke.
  8. 1+ for you! That make sense. I will try to buy a USB hub later today, and see. Thank you for answering and for your empathy hehe! The strange thing is that it worked fine before I reinstalled windows.
  9. Hi! I just did a clean install of Windows, and when I plugged Pro Rudder pedals it worked and installed the software, but when I try the same for my Pro Flight Yoke, I get no power on the joystick, but the throttle quadrant is giving a light who is connected via the Yoke. It's not detected in Device manager, not as Unkonown device or Saitek device. I dont know whats wrong?
  10. Yeah mabye it´s my calibration. Nice to know how the difference is :D But the 737 in XP11 accelerate so quickly when ex taxiing, when you compare it to PMDG737 on P3D. But that´s the programming behind the default XP11 aircraft and PMDG.
  11. In XP11, the airplanes feels so much more lighter. Is XP11 more realistic or P3D when it comes to the weight balance versus the real life?
  12. Okay I understand. Thanks! What about stars. I dont think REX is covering that?
  13. Hi! Just recently bought PTA. Is there a way to tweak, the runway lights to appear not so big in distance and same about the stars. It´s like big suns all over the nightsky?
  14. I have precipitfx and 737Immersion. I get a little hit, but if you have stable 25+ fps, there is nothing to worry about.
  15. The same happend to me. I was showing a friend my Setup and fired up XP11, and flied over his hometown. Said it was so realistic and it was gorgeous at night. Then I said to him that I dont play the game so much because I played another simulator. Then I fired up P3Dv4, and he didn't get why I was playing that instead of XP11. I told him that I about the addons I have for the sim and all the money I spent on it, and so on. XP11 is clearly the best looking sim, and I hope for a switch one day. But there is simply not enough addons yet and I have a "relationship" with FSX and P3D. If PMDG make 737NG for XP11, I will switch. Then I am sold. :D
  16. Good day folks! :) I just moved to P3DV4.1, from FSX. I installed P3DV4 on my D drive(Not C: drive where my FSX is), and later I moved it to my own map D:/P3DV4 inside the D drive. But I get some problems with ORBX who is downloading content to my D:/ not D:/P3DV4. So the big question; is there a way to uninstall P3DV4 so I can change path, and not loose my addons? I have not the greatest donwload speed, so it would appreciate if there is a method, without having to download everything again. Takes 1 full day haha.
  17. [Also posted on ORBX Forum] Hi! I just moved to P3DV4.1, from FSX. I installed P3DV4 on my D drive(Not C: drive where my FSX is), and later I moved it to my own map D:/P3DV4 inside the D drive. But now if I download ORBX products I have to manually drag the from D: to D:/P3DV4 folder. When I run Vector Configurator, it can't find any airports in cfg, so when I start a flight I have ex. both ENGM payware scenery and FTX Norway scenery showing. The only thing I can do to fix it, is go to scenery library and move Aerosoft Oslo over FTX Norway(And that's so unnecessary, every time). Because every time I start P3DV4, FTX Norway, Vector and Global goes on top, over all my installed airports. What to do? My ORBX products: Global Vector FTX Norway Trees I have a lot of addon scenery, for example; Airports of Norway, but Vector configurator can't detect any of the airports. As attached, this is my D drive. Here I tried to manually disable one of the airports in Norway, but this is what happened. The files went to D:/ drive, not D:/ P3DV4. Is there something with the directory where P3D is? So FTX Central thinks its on D:/ But its actually in D:/P3DV4 folder?? Screenshot who shows what I mean: https://imgur.com/a/menYY (could not post it here for some reason) Also, in the VECTOR Configurator, when I ex search for ENGM(Oslo), it's not showing up, but its not disabled by the Configurator. Hope you guys can help me!
  18. So I re-installed again, but now in programfiles(x86) and it worked. Seems like it wount like to be downloaded on another drive
  19. Wow fast reply :) It dosent say anything about it? Just sending the report to you.
  20. Hi! I just moved to P3DV4 from FSX and tried to reinstall Chaseplane and the VFXCentral. Moved it to the same drive as P3D, but I still get the error when starting up. What to do?
  21. Hi! I recently took my VRInsight Compo MCP, back from the shelf, after not using it for a year. And when I plug in power and usb, it wont start. Seems like there is a electrical problem, or idk. Has any of you guys experienced simmilar?
  22. Hi! After using chaseplane, I can look around with space + mouse, but it will go back to default saved position. Is it possible to make so you can stay at your viewed position like before?
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