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  1. biokemisten

    Inaugural Flight

    Tutorial flight was actually a good suggestion. Was thinking of QFA6013 SYD to BNE.
  2. biokemisten

    V1.502 Alpha keyboard Keys broken

    Yep, can vouch for that.
  3. biokemisten

    [Possible bug] Weird camera position.

    Guess im heading to P3D forums again
  4. Hi, since i installed CP, i have some problems with my camera, (all of them). Whenever i disabling HDR, my camera POV starts to zoom in weirdly, no clickable buttons, VC pixelated, here is a video. And yes, iv'e been on P3D forums and spent my time there to search around as well posted a topic without further luck. So maybe this has to do something with CP (Unsure) Things iv'e done so far. Clearing shader cache Deleted camera.cfg Restart P3D (Twice) Restart PC Deleted prepar3d.cfg Thanks in advance.
  5. biokemisten

    [BUG(S)] Arrows and Views.

    Appreciated Keven, helped me alot!
  6. biokemisten

    [BUG(S)] Arrows and Views.

    Found a temporary solution, boot up freepie and trackir and then everything is normal. But will be great to ahve a function to reset the roll/tilt/focal etc to default.
  7. Hi, i currently have issues with my views/presets, once i press Arrow Up my camera moves to the left. Arrow Up - Moves to the Left Arrow Down - Moves to the Right Arrow Right - Moves Up Arrow Left - Moves Down This occured while fixing Trackir. Tried to reinstall it without any success. Also, im getting this view (Pilot in Command) as default when im importing ecs camera files The Roll is at 0 on every preset. Thanks in advance.
  8. No problem, the problem was my FreePIE setup got corrupted so i recieved some errors. Got it working again by reinstalled it.
  9. Still chopping around in the cockpit, followed the step by step carefully, deleted the assigned axes in P3D, checked Head Tracking in ChasePlane. Like it's trying to reset to centerview while moving around. EDIT Got it working, you guys rocks!
  10. biokemisten

    Next Aircraft?

    Second that.
  11. biokemisten

    New REX Feature Feedback

    Exciting! :wink:
  12. biokemisten

    Lufthansa Cargo 777F Complete Fleet Repaint

    Nice work!
  13. biokemisten

    Button Control version

    Thanks for fixing my problem, Byork. I'll do a test spin now. :smile:
  14. biokemisten

    FSX vs P3D serials