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  1. Hi there, I disabled all motion effects for every view in the 747-8 however it seems that I still get texture flickering in the background in far off terminals etc. Not sure why I get this but I run a 4k monitor with 4XSSAA and cant seem to figure out why.
  2. Anybody else get degraded Anti Aliasing in the sim from the camera shaking etc? Any idea on how to combat this?
  3. akabam

    Immersion Problem

    Is there no support at all for any old prop products? Tried via email and the forums and its been over 2 days...
  4. Hi there, I am using the immersion for the 747/777/737 and only get this problem in the 747 and not as bad in the 777. NGX is fine. https://imgur.com/jZhouHT https://imgur.com/UbtiOV0 https://imgur.com/5zafs93 It looks like ripples almost. I can get it to go away by dimming the landing lights but whats the point then. If anybody has any ideas I would love to know. I know its immersion since I reinstalled P3D etc and its still there only with immersion.
  5. akabam

    Landing Lights Look Weird

    Sounds good. Thanks
  6. akabam

    Landing Lights Look Weird

    Yes and set to highest quality. When I lower the brightness it gets better
  7. akabam

    Landing Lights Look Weird

    Yes and set to highest quality. When I lower the brightness it gets better. Somebody also said it was Z-Fighting with textures. When I uninstall Immersion it goes away. Is this just a limitation of immersion itself?
  8. Is this normal in fog for the lights to look as such? It seems like low quality and not sure if immersion, clouds or what. https://imgur.com/jZhouHT https://imgur.com/UbtiOV0
  9. I can login and download the 747-400/8 just fine. Must be something with your connection. Did you try it again?
  10. Sent a message with log on google doc. Thanks
  11. I have the same issue and 1.0.20 does not fix the issue. Cannot use external views. Internal work just fine.
  12. akabam

    747-8/F Rain Maker

    I think the rain effects were added onto via tomatoshade and was wondering was it possible to do this without tomatoshade itself.
  13. akabam

    747-8/F Rain Maker

    Its not an issue. Its cool and the rain looks more realistic etc. Was wondering if thats something that PMDG could addon to
  14. akabam

    747-8/F Rain Maker

    There must be more coming from tomatoshade since people are posting pictures of the 747-8 with advanced rain features. It just came out so not a lot of people know about it.
  15. Ive seen it done on the fslabs and now with the 747-8/F via tomatoshade to have a lot better rain effects. Any chance this will come to the 747-8/F as tomatoshade does not like my super computer for some reason. Thanks