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  1. akabam

    747-8/F Rain Maker

    I think the rain effects were added onto via tomatoshade and was wondering was it possible to do this without tomatoshade itself.
  2. akabam

    747-8/F Rain Maker

    Its not an issue. Its cool and the rain looks more realistic etc. Was wondering if thats something that PMDG could addon to
  3. akabam

    747-8/F Rain Maker

    There must be more coming from tomatoshade since people are posting pictures of the 747-8 with advanced rain features. It just came out so not a lot of people know about it.
  4. Ive seen it done on the fslabs and now with the 747-8/F via tomatoshade to have a lot better rain effects. Any chance this will come to the 747-8/F as tomatoshade does not like my super computer for some reason. Thanks
  5. Is there any news on this update still happening this weekend?
  6. Cause I think like they said that doesnt take into account, runway length, obstacles etc. If they did then there would be no need for a EFB whatsoever.
  7. I think although the numbers and parameters are in the FMC by some sort of input the FMC isn't designed to do that sort of calculation hence airlines using EFB etc to get that information calculated.
  8. Do you have a tomato shade or anything like that installed? I know that can cause issues and cause the lights to only turn on once it gets dark enough.
  9. Hey I’m not at home but would the tables allow you to do a manual calculation of the assumed temperature or do we as customers not have access to those data tables?
  10. I have the same issue. So now we don't know if the CG is correct. If I am thinking this correctly.
  11. akabam

    PMDG Rainmaker

    They are hoping Nov 1st for the 747-400 and they arent sure after that.
  12. Maybe a PMDG member can help here. I linked up acars etc and did my preflight in the acars. However Im cruising now and realized that the times just have **** over them. Is it because I didnt use pushback. I literally started the APU. Started engines then removed wheel chocks and went. Not sure If I missed something or not.
  13. Welp time to move on with my day and fly something else.
  14. He was chatting in chewwys stream asking where he got it from. Im sure its still coming. They are probably working overtime to get it all setup
  15. It is currently 4:32PM GMT. So We still have a couple of hours. Could have hit a release snag as well. We just have to wait for a status update.