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  1. banned at orbx, endless posts at this forum, temporarily banned at avsim, move to aerosoft and kostas blog where next? what if we dont want your kind words of caution? what if we want uninterrupted threads about Orbx/P3D/whatever-Alain-doesn't-like. when is enough enough? or are we all still in the dark and need to be enlightened
  2. Good news, Alain has found a way to rain on the parade already
  3. Looks about where a PAPI or VASI would be. Corrupted effects?
  4. http://forum.avsim.net/topic/419016-issue-after-installing-11-patch/ ?
  5. I thought you'd already purchased FTX Global and the patch deleted it like it does with pirated copies, then you rebooted and Global was back? :huh: Most confusing indeed...
  6. If only Ballmer had let FLIGHT keep talking to third party developers, developers, developers!
  7. Some nice Russian airports in the past few years, nice attention to a somewhat new area in FS
  8. so it deletes pirated versions of Global... captain420?
  9. The first UK product was released in November 2012, has 3 years passed already?? Southern Alaska was released in March, was that 3 years ago??? I'm losing track of time!
  10. should be fine, they both live in their own separate folders. You can't run both at the same time though. It gives you the same popup as if you ran FSX twice
  11. Argh more EULA debates, all it does it creates artificial roadblocks for us all Guys like Steve are only helping us!
  12. surprised to see alain back in this forum posting stuff like this after the last thread where he got temp banned called him out for stirring the anti-Orbx pot so much :blink: :wacko:
  13. Just like DX10 saves on memory usage in FSX, couldn't moving to DX11 in P3D 2.0 cut memory usage in a similar manner? I wouldn't anticipate enormous gains but DX10 saves a few 100 megabytes, hopefully Lockheed has optimized further beyond that.
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