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  1. Thrustmaster T Flight Hotas X

    Hi Chris, You may need to install fsuipc again after installing the joystick. There's a button with a red led on the joystick side on the base that needs to be switched. I used the default windows joystick calibration to set the buttons. I had it working fine with P3D v2.5, Aerosoft Airbus series. Sorry I can't be of more help I'm at work at the mo.
  2. I've found that rebuilding the cfg file usually sorts out the stutters on my i7 2600k gtx 970 rig. I've found that tweaking the fsx-se cfg file worsens performance as opposed to the fsx cfg file which didn't mind being changed so much. Maybe Dovetail changed how the cfg file works as I don't even see an entry for Highmemfix=1 in there. I'm not using nvidia inspector either and have my frames set to unlimited. Water and shadows usually bring my computer to it's knees so I've turned them off and have a much smoother sim. I'm running with Steve's DX10 fixer too. Aerosoft Airbus, openvfr Europe, HDMesh EU. FSXWX (excellent freeware) for weather injection and REX Soft Clouds. UK2000 Heathrow, Ringway, John Lennon and Glasgow Airport sceneries. Aerosoft Dublin and Schiphol airports. All settings in scenery to max apart from water and ground scenery shadows which are set to off. Best wishes.
  3. News on DTG Simulator is coming soon!

    Great news! 64bit, DirectX11, yay! I think they're launching Flight School first to show off the new sim and to get people on board. The problem will be if existing add-ons aren't compatible with the new sim. I don't even want to add up how much I've spent on FSX over the years! Hope my favourite devs at UK2000 can upgrade their airports to work with the new sim. Having to start afresh with a blank canvas is something I'll live with if the new sim lives up to it's premise. Happy landings peeps.