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  1. YMML

    B747-8 Beta PIREP

    Outstanding (as expected)
  2. YMML

    Introducing New Lufthansa Cargo Livery

    Nicely executed.. Thumbs up..
  3. Good man.. thanks for the info and update..
  4. YMML

    Qantas New Livery - VHVXM!

    Great work
  5. YMML

    New NVIDIA divers

    Cheers Boomer!... you learn something new everyday!
  6. YMML

    New NVIDIA divers

    Can i ask - how do you test VAS outage/leak ?
  7. AMD tearing graphics , NVIDIA all quality
  8. YMML

    Gate numbers in FMC

    That comes from the Navigraph database if im correct - so its not supplied or coded from their end i think thats how it works..
  9. Thanks Dan, tracked the problem all resolved.. thanks agaian.
  10. After ser up i get the above. All installed fine and did the simconnect etc. Any ideas something amiss.. Thanks also,
  11. Other developers must be so envious of the the products you release.. Looking forward to this one indeed.
  12. JUST MINDBLOWING yet again phenomenal effort by PMDG. Thanks for the tease she'll be well worth the wait.... actually she'd fit rather nicely in a xmas stocking!!