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  1. khwsommer

    Just Flight PA-28R Turbo Arrow (IV)

    Hi Ryan, Do you think that Bert could be interested? It's a wonderful airplane and the RXP GTN 750 fits very well into the space, but if the buttons don't work, one always has to use the 2D-popup which kills the immersion and would otherwise not be necessery. Thanks Klaus
  2. Hi, I couldn't resist and bought the Just Flight PA-28R Turbo Arrow, mainly using the "IV". As per Bill's tutorial I used the F1 GTN integration and then the RXP GTN 750 tool to replace it with the RXP version. When I do that I have two bezels. When I use the NO_BEZEL in the panel.cfg, I only have the bezel from Just Flight, but the buttons don't work (Home, Direct-To, ...). Does anyone have an idea how to fix that, i.e. how to connect the Just Flight bezel buttons to the RXP GTN 750? Thank you in advance. Klaus
  3. Hi Bill, Thank you for the insight. That sounds like it is not feasible. Then I just leave it the way it is. Thanks again for all your help. Klaus
  4. Hi Bill, One other question: Do I need a RealityXP.GTN.ini edit, which creates a NO_BEZEL section? Also, in my installation I have two "Direct-To" buttons on the right side of the bezel, one where it is supposed to be and one instead of the Home button... Thank you. Klaus
  5. Hi Bill, It worked! Thank you very much. The tutorial is perfect. Just as a matter of interest: If I wanted to move the original ADF down to where the original transponder unit is, get rid of the transponder unit and increase the size of the GTN750 a bit by moving the bottom left corner somewhat to the left and down... ... and potentially place another GTN750 unit (for the radios 2 and traffic) to the right of the first one and getting rid of the original radio 2 and Avidyne unit. Would that be possible? Klaus
  6. Hi Bill, That is super helpful. Great. I am sure this will work. I will try it out first thing tomorrow. Thank you very much. Klaus
  7. Hi, I am using the Alabeo C404 Titan a lot and I was wondering whether someone could do the RXP GTN 750 integration. My attempts failed so far. For me, I could loose all the instruments under the engine instruments and then there would be plenty of space for even two GTN 750 side by side. Thank you for your consideration. Klaus
  8. khwsommer

    Prepar3d Version 3

    Hi, The following worked for me: Start the installer Enter e-mail and key Do not pick the installed sim but hit "Browse". Browse to "C:\" The installer will then install into the folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\Alabeo installer" Then just copy everything from that folder into your Prepar3D v3 root directory. I hope this helps. I have installed 3 Carenado/Alabeo planes this way. Klaus
  9. khwsommer

    Suggestion for FSMaNiA

    Thanks Gregg, On the water I cannot say much. It's O.K. for me. OOMs are no issue for me since I started using Traffic Optimizer; helps quite a bit... Yeah, the Mustang is great and I was missing it a lot in P3D, but the B200 is a good replacement G1000 airplane for the time being. Also, I would not be surprised if F1 reintroduced the Mustang for P3D now that the B200 is out for P3D. Klaus
  10. khwsommer

    Suggestion for FSMaNiA

    Gregg, I only bought the plane when it came out for P3D recently. P3D is working absolutely great, also with the B200. I can only encourage you... Klaus
  11. khwsommer

    Static cameras

    Have fun ... :-)
  12. khwsommer

    Static cameras

    Cool. I knew it. Any ETA? Sorry for asking :-)
  13. Hello Tim, you make great youtube videos (FSMaNiA), competent and a lot of good (fun) facts, and the ones on the Carenado Hawker are very, very helpful. Great job. I was wondering whether you could include the awesome Flight1 Super King Air B200 in your sequence of videos. It is a powerful and detailed plane with a high fun factor. Thank you Klaus
  14. khwsommer

    Static cameras

    Hi Stephen, I was wondering whether you are planning to include the option to define multiple external static cameras. It would be really nice for plane spotting or fly-bys. Thanks. Klaus ✈
  15. Hi, This problem was solved in version 4.50.4. Thank you very much. Klaus