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  1. welchb21

    Update 2201 will not install/run

    Your Support for your product is amazing, I love this addon it is the best addon as far as ATC goes I have gotten for X plane ever, I look forward to what the future holds for this piece of software. Keep up the amazing work you have no idea how happy this product has made me. Thanks you very much. Brendan
  2. welchb21

    DC-6 and X-plane11

    Everything works great in X plane 11 if you install it using the Installer, the only problem I have is it doesnt pressurise, so as long as you stay below 13000 feet it runs beautifully. regards, Brendan
  3. Yes it does using it right now
  4. welchb21

    10.50b is out!

    I to get this same thing and also notice that folder gone also, sent in a bug report already. Brendan Welch
  5. welchb21

    Dowload Support

    thank you really appreciate the help.
  6. welchb21

    Dowload Support

    I have a question about a purchase I made a while back, I bought the RAAS software when it came out and had a lot of problems getting it to complete a download, it would usually time out and what not, and once I did get it downloaded, I ran it once and it said I had to update from website, so I went back to download the installer again but it says the product had expired? now I can not download it and am wondering if there is anyway to get it, I have my sale information if needed. would really like to be able to use this product again any help with this matter is appreciated. regards
  7. welchb21


    dont be mad yo at least you can purchase it.... :(....upside I can now go to bed, waiting is over oh well. :Sleepy:
  8. welchb21

    question om FS2 for J41

    Yes he does.
  9. welchb21

    FS2CREW for MJC DASH8-Q400

    any chance of maybe seeing a little blooper of it in action just to cool the senses sort of speak, that would be wonderful. ^_^
  10. welchb21

    FS2CREW for MJC DASH8-Q400

    sure am posted in over 10 VA's forums i am a part of, counts should be adding up shortly Cheers.
  11. welchb21

    FS2CREW for MJC DASH8-Q400

    yes it is and i have not been more excited for something in all my life, i just hope luck is on my side for this one, if there is only one thing in the world i ever ask for luck to help me get in my life time it is this addon, please oh please oh please, everynight will be praying every night til release. :Praying: Thanks again for all your hard work to all involved in this project it is greatly greatly appreciated. :im Not Worthy: :Applause: :LMAO:
  12. totally signed up and fingers, toes, eyes crossed I can be lucky enough to get this awesome addon for my all time favorite aircraft. well g2g landing flight number 8 for the day ^_^