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    Real world air ambulance pilot, CE-500
  1. I might add also that if you miss the 14 day registration cut-off, you have the option of buying an extended warranty within 90 days. This will allow you to trade up:)
  2. Rob, have you noticed any performance degradation when the sim uses more than 3.5gb of VRAM on the 970?
  3. whosyourcaddy

    Brain Burp

    Using trackir doesn't mean you'll be looking out the corner of your eye. The sensitivity is such that small head movements scale to a much larger movement on-screen. It can also be adjusted to your liking. Try it, you'll probably fall in love with it. It would be much easier than mounting a projector on your head:)
  4. Search youtube for "Tek Syndicate sound card." A couple of knowledgeable people go into specifics as to why sound cards aren't relevant anymore.
  5. whosyourcaddy

    GRNPA Arrival into KLAS

    There is a note on the arrival saying "All runways expect RADAR vectors to final approach course." Observation: A lot of simmers seem to believe that the SIDs and STARs are to followed to the letter. While this is certainly true, it is not uncommon for a controller to break you off the SID/STAR with a heading and altitude for traffic spacing etc. Of course, this is a generalization; I don't know what would normally happen on this particular arrival or in airspace other the US/Canada. It is quite common for the controller to clear you direct to a waypoint along your flight planned route shortly after takeoff to increase the airplanes' operating efficiency. Of course, real world ATC is a beautifully choreographed, numbingly complex machine. It would be very tough to recreate this in the sim world, so we're stuck flying published routes into and out of airports when IMC prevails. Tip: Give yourself shortcuts when you're out flying around, especially to cut a few waypoints from a SID. If you're using virtual ATC, don't be afraid to ask for shortcuts. In the case of this arrival, vector yourself for a localizer intercept with your intended runway instead of flying the entire approach (only in VMC of course:)). In the real world, vectors-to-final is used extensively. Happy landings
  6. whosyourcaddy

    POSKY/SSP 777-300ER ILS Issue

    That sounds about right, I'm almost at a loss:) The only other thing that I can think of is a bug that affects my Eaglesoft Beechjet. Using the hat switch to look around the cockpit recenters the forward view so that it looks like I'm suddenly in a 7-8 degree nose down attitude. I have to press Ctrl-Space anytime I use the hat switch to bring the forward view back to normal. Is your deck angle correct or is the airplane nose-down when viewed from outside?
  7. whosyourcaddy

    POSKY/SSP 777-300ER ILS Issue

    Hmm, a nose down attitude like that makes me wonder if you're configured properly and whether you're carrying too much speed. Walk us through the speeds and flaps/gear settings you use on the approach prior to and after glideslope intercept.
  8. Takeoff power should be set before 80 KIAS. What the N1 does after 80 KIAS is a non-issue as long as you don't redline the engines. It will climb slightly as the fan blades' angle of attack decreases as the airplane accelerates. To me, a 1% increase in N1 is acceptable. I would be monitoring all the other systems instead of concentrating on N1.
  9. whosyourcaddy

    REX Download Error

    I had the exact same problem! FSPilotShop happily reset my downloads but for some reason one download counts as 5-8 in the download countdown. I was never able to get it working (corrupt .zip file) but I was able to salvage an old REX download on a previous computer. It was enormously frustrating.
  10. whosyourcaddy

    Bizjets - Learn to Love Them

    RW air ambulance/corporate pilot here, I would drop some coin on highly detailed biz jets. The most promising one in the pipeline right now is the LE Simulations/Eaglesoft Citation 2. Maybe an updated Beechjet from Eaglesoft with a real FMS? How about a decent Lear 60 or Challenger 300? Drool...
  11. whosyourcaddy

    Upgrading RAM (could this help)?

    http://forum.avsim.net/topic/412163-the-impact-of-different-ram-speeds-and-timings-in-fsx/ According to this post, unless you're CPU limited, faster RAM does not increase performance.
  12. whosyourcaddy

    Warp Tunnel effect when flying in bad weather

    That's not a perfect representation but it's close to what it looks like in real life with landing and/or recog lights on. It's especially distracting during approaches in snowy conditions! To increase the realism, the "black hole" could have less well-defined borders and liquid precipitation could be less visible.
  13. whosyourcaddy

    777-200 too low Cruise Speed

    Read up on indicated airspeed and true airspeed. Indicated airspeed will be relatively low at altitude due to the thin air. At 500 KIAS, the 777 would probably fall apart:)
  14. I have the Z97-A board with 4790k and Trident X 2400 mhz ram. The 4790k is currently OC'd to 4.6ghz (on air!) and ram is running at 2400. I highly recommend the Z97-A.
  15. whosyourcaddy

    Wait for Haswell-E

    With that mobo, you'll be using DDR3. The fastest possible RAM with lowest timings is desirable for FSX but I am unsure how much difference it makes in P3D. I use 8gb of Trident X 2400. LM is working directly with Nvidia to come up with a profile for P3D. Being that P3D is a very GPU hungry program, SLI is a must for furthering the sim experience. It will eventually have native support. AMD has not had much interest in supporting P3D. I would wait and see how the 8xx series Nvidia GPU stacks up before buying anything. Rumor has it that the 880 will at least equal the 780 ti with less power drain and a lower price, <$500. Nvidia will probably realease the 8xx next month. Great choice on the CPU btw:) Hope that helps, good luck.