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  1. Armando83

    Ultimate Traffic II Stopped working

    Hi OldFlyboy did you resolve this issue?
  2. Great guide, thank you! It finally made my migration to P3D.
  3. Hello. How does this preset work with AS2016/ASCA combination in dynamic textures changing mode? Thank you.
  4. L1011. What about CS777? I'm not interested in failure simulation, so don't conside other available product. Is CS777 good for standard procedures flying?
  5. It's strange but I began to have low FPS 17-19 in Flytampa LOWW - this is when look is directed to airport. When I change look direction FPS returns to solid 25-30. I have no such issue with more detailed and busy likes as KDEN or KIAH. What could be wrong with Flytama?
  6. Are we going to have Captain Sim sale this year?
  7. Armando83

    ORBX sale and compatibility

    Yes, couple days before I've purchased other product there and got key/link immediately. This time something gone wrong, but I have transaction confirmation from FlightSim Store
  8. Armando83

    ORBX sale and compatibility

    I have checked that - there is no my latest order there...
  9. Armando83

    ORBX sale and compatibility

    I've made a purchase at FlightSim Store but didn't receive key and download link. I sent two request to their support but didn't receive any feedback. How long do they usually resolve issues?
  10. Hm, my SE has created only FSX folder in Roaming... Check Flight1, there is a free program there that defines FSX path. It helped me to install ORBX products to SE.
  11. I used HowTo manual by Adam Banks. Is it good for setting DX10?
  12. Armando83

    50% framerate DROP with DX10?

    Ive just migrated and will try
  13. I've installed FSX SE and after some adjustments in Inspector default Cessna looks quite AAed. In my previous DVD installation AA didn't work in free flight screen with DX10. How it is possible? I will check with other planes when install them.
  14. Armando83

    'Home' Page Tweak / Tip on Starting FSX:SE

    Because I have 3 script error massages before home page loads.
  15. Armando83

    'Home' Page Tweak / Tip on Starting FSX:SE

    OK. Found separate SDK installer on DVD.