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  1. danster

    OOM errors and how to avoid them

    Or just look for optimise parts=0 in your p3d cfg and change it to optimise parts=1 much easier.
  2. danster

    REX Soft Clouds

    Really"1080 isn't possible!.You have my sympathy my friend, I've been using higher resolution than that for over a year on both FSX & P3D. 4K IT LOOKS AWSOM.
  3. The images of the outside of thi 787 are amazing but unfortunately I suspect that the interior of the virtual cockpit is absolutely utter crap. This is the 3rd 787 i have seen & they all have cheap & nasty cockpits, I really wish PMDG would just take over and bring their version of it as for me their is no other aircraft that looks as good as a 787.
  4. danster

    REX Soft Clouds

    No Dj I wouldn't insult my flight simm with 512 resolution textures because I run my flight simm on an Asus 4k resolution monitor, I don't even select 1080 resolution clouds so for me 512 resolution is just a backwards step. But like I've said I use Rex direct with all of it's features so if you where to select 1080 for lower clouds and 4960 for upper clouds you get soft lower clouds,and scince Asn & Rex textures can replicate ANY cloud set if you know how to use them both together correctly I see no point to purchasing this. Plus it no doubt will be come an update for Rex direct anyway, they always do.
  5. danster

    REX Soft Clouds

    Then you must be one of those lucky few who doesn't need the cloud fix update to try to fix the spinning & rotation of the clouds in P3d then. No I thought not. But like you say "i don't have a clue". By by now.
  6. danster

    Must See! REX Soft Clouds

    This is a Rex direct texture set, all they have added is the option to Lower the resolution of cloud to 512- to 1080. 512 resolution gives it a softer look over 1080, same applies in Rex direct ie if you set your upper cloud layer to 4096 and set your lower cloud to 1080 it will give the appearance of soft lower clouds. The texture set you have been looking at has been set at 512 resolution. It has mainly been designed for P3d as the clouds in P3d are crappie & full of issues regarding spinning & rotation. Better off with Rex direct with all its features and this resolution setting will no doubt be available as an update for Rex direct anytime soon anyway.
  7. danster

    REX Soft Clouds

    It's just a poor man's Rex direct, it's only a cloud set from Rex direct but with a lower resolution. 512 res upto 1080. It's been mainly created for P3d because p3d's clouds are crap & full of problems.
  8. danster


    With Asn for weather, Steve Dx10 fixer Rex direct and Shade all installed and all running on a new Asus 4k resolution monitor it looks absolutely stunning Rob thanks, and with unlimited frames runs smooth as silk too, Unlike P3d with its cloud issues and terrible frames when all Shadows turned on. Oh well I'm off for a flight in my PMDG 777 how about you!!. Oh well you've always got your Cessna. Cheers Rob.
  9. danster

    Best Shade Preset

    Does anyone know how to get rid of the terrible looking pink affect that happens when using Shade, it looks completely awful & cartoonish, the real world colour doesn't look like pink blomonge.