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  1. Great scenery! Only negative thing for me: the green lights at night are extremely flickering. Anyone else having this issue?
  2. Thanks for your help! Sorry, two more questions ... regarding the selection of the correct driver: DCH or Standard? Game-Ready or Creator-Ready?
  3. Thanks Bob. I will have to download it, as I'm not running Geforce Experience.
  4. I would be interested, how do you update the driver?! I have not done that for a long time ... is there anything to consider here? Thanks!
  5. Hey SteveW. Thanks for you recommendations. What would you do with an i7-9700K? Leave it as it is without AM?
  6. Sounds very good. Thanks for the information.
  7. Can you tell anything about the Realtime Traffic Program you're testing in Video?!
  8. Well ... found a workaround for me. Downloaded an older version (http://www.virtualavionics.com.br/va/modules/vbdownloadspage/uploads/VAInterface_2.20.3.11642.msi) and this one is working for me.
  9. Don't ask me why but today I updated my VAInterface from 1.5 (working fine) to Version And now I have the same issues you're talking about: Not able to connect to VAInterface.dll. Any solutions?!
  10. What about 3.1 to 3.4? Just the Client? Or better with Content (and Scenery)? Thanks.
  11. Having the same problems with stutters and not using EZDOK. I have the feeling that it is a difference between classical PC Monitors (having that issue) and TVs!? I am using a Dell U3415W. Tayyareci, what are you using?
  12. @Joe I compared your settings with mine (they are very similar) and made some adjustments. But I can't find a solution for my laggy mouse and panning. Maybe a problem of the monitor?!
  13. There is an pack offer for East and West at the developers website.
  14. Looks really great! What are your experiences with FlyTampa Vienna, JustSim Klagenfurt and Linz, Digitaldesign Salzburg and FSDG Graz? Are they compatible with Austrian HD?
  15. Thank you for offering your settings, Joe. I'll take a deeper look at it and compare it with my settings. Interesting as we have a comparable Hardware. 30 Hz is really great and as I can maintain >= 30 fps it's a smooth experience. Except the two issues I have. Laggy mouse and laggy panning. And I have no idea what is causing this. fernandinho
  16. I would like to bring back that topic; not to open a new thread. To all of you having a U3415W ... what are your settings to run smooth. Because I have the same two issues @kristolz reported: Panning in VC and movement of the mouse are very laggy. Thanks for any input.
  17. Thanks for the detailed explanation. I will try the way to update all three components.
  18. Thanks for your advice. Do you mean with "full install" the update of all three components. Or really a complete new installation of 3.4?
  19. Hello ... going from 3.1 to 3.4 would you recommend to give all three components an update!? Or will I be fine just updating the Client!? fernandinho
  20. Thanks a lot and have a nice weekend. Will test it all in the next days.
  21. Thanks for your fast reply. I will give that a try. Do you have any other tweaks in the.cfg? Do you fly with unlimited frames? And, sorry I'm not a big technician, what has do be done to make ASN use the free core? I know, a lot of questions ;-)
  22. Running P3D with an i7 2600K OC @ 4.2 and an GTX 970. What is your recommendation for this system? HT on or off? AM yes or no and if yes what setting? Thanks for your help, fernandinho
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