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  1. See article below. Note reference to Lockheed Martin. Maybe in 4.5? https://mashable.com/article/htc-vive-pro-eye-and-cosmos-ces-2019/#NxJ7VDFqN5qN
  2. Well it’s Sunday. Although I kind of doubt it, the prediction from earlier posts say change log will be out today. With tomorrow being Columbus Day, we probably will not see change log until release?
  3. LM has officially announced the reddit event tomorrow and also said new information available before hand? https://www.prepar3d.com/news/2017/09/114513/
  4. I would also like to know the answer to these questions.
  5. Jim thank you for a very complete response. I have just visited the hardware forum and better understand the logic. Terry
  6. I have noticed recently that topics discussing how various hardware may or may not affect P3D are being moved to some hardware forum? I disagree with this. I look in the P3D forum for information on the best hardware/drivers to use with simming and would never see something like that buried in a hardware forum. I understand that there can be close calls but if the thread is discussing impact on P3D it should be left in the P3D forum! Thanks Terry
  7. What I read is 18 actual cores so 36 with hyper threading. Not sure size of market for it but if it gets the job done?
  8. Intel has a utility/driver Intel turbo boost max that directs app to the strongest core which the newer system identify and label in bios. You can also overclock this core more than the the others. I understand the new I9 chips will identify the top two cores.
  9. Intel just announced a new line of CPU with up to 18 cores. I think I read that Rob said version 4 was using all the cores in his CPU. Maybe version 4 really improved the multi thread usage. If so, these new chips will really be good for simmimg.
  10. Great question. I would also like to know the answer.
  11. I had the same issues with a 65" 4K and a ton of goflight. I then went to VR and the 4K and goflight are gathering dust. With VR you can replace $5,000 to $10,000 worth of hardware with $500 hmd.
  12. I have been considering adding a card and going to sli. Does this fix improve the functionality of sli? I had read before that before the problems that sli did not add much and wondering if this fix improved that or just corrected errors caused by previous hot fix and older drivers? Thanks Terry
  13. I forgot to mention there is a Vjoy plugin on the VA site that also works for having VA send virtual button pushes which are defined in Spad.Next as it also sees Vjoy sticks. Terry
  14. Yes you can do this with Spad.Next which has a plugin for Voice Attack that works. I have used it and confirms that it works. In addition you can send a command from VA to Spad.Next which has logic and direct access to standard events and variables as well as Lvars and self created local variables.You can get it here https://www.fsgs.com/pages/landing-page/. Terry
  15. I have both and have used both with Flyinside. I recommend the Rift as better for sim with P3D. IMHO the screen is a good bit better as I can read all the dials and frequencies without leaning in. Since you are not moving around most of the pluses for the Vive go away. Terry
  16. I have both VR Vive and Oculus and a 4K curved screen 65" tv. My primary goal is to be as realistic as possible for training and learning. I can directly compare VR to a large monitor for this purpose. I have the screen set at approximately panel distance from my eyes (around 36 to 39") which does not cause any eye strain. 4K Screen 1. You can size the aircraft to be real life size. If I measure the size of say a 172 panel on the screen it is the same as the size of the panel in the real aircraft. 2. At 4K the image is sharp and nice to look at. 3. Trackir gives a reasonable but not great representation of looking around. 4. Even with a lot of hardware panels, switches etc. you still know you are sitting in your sim cockpit and to be realistic the hardware has to change and move for each different aircraft. VR HMD and Flyinside 1. The absolute 100% best immersion factor. You are IN the aircraft! You can't be told about it or view it on video, you have to try it to truly understand this statement. 2. Resolution no where near as good as 4K screen. With the CV1 and Vive it is much much better than the DK2 but still a long way from the sharpness of 4K. You can now read all the dials and radio freq even if you have to lean over which you can. I believe resolution will improve over the next year or two as hardware and software adapt to VR. 3. Control input. This may be the hardest nut to crack for simming as our control needs are a lot more complicated than other games and stuff. However there are thing that work now such as the Leap implementation in Flyinside and I have found the speech recognition software like VoiceAttack can be a very powerful tool for simulation. On balance the controls can be successfully dealt with in VR today. 4. Costs for similar display setup. With VR what you basically have is a 360 deg spherical display. I don't know what it would cost to create such a display with projectors or monitors but it is well into 6 figures if not 7. With VR you get it for $500 to $700. So which is better? I still have and enjoy both but I am using VR more and more just because of the wow level immersion factor. Terry
  17. The VR improvement is huge if it can be implemented by LM. I have a Vive now and still waiting on the CV1 and the improvement from the DK2 is pretty dramatic. If these cards can help with the fram rate issues caused by the double rendering, it will be a big step forward. Terry
  18. Every time you run there central program you have to tell it which sim you are using. It then checks with the mothership for updates. It is very easy for them to know what their installed base is using. Plus the downloads for the new installers which are only really need for p3d. I think he said their customers were switching to p3d at the rate of 5% a month. It makes sense to me as I can't figure out for the life of me why anyone would still be on FSX with the quality p3d now offers. Terry
  19. The context is in the original post. It is projected "based on current growth rate" to be 85% of Orbx customers "by year end" which I think would include most serious simers. Those are the ones the developers pay attention to. I would love to know these numbers for say A2A or PMDG. Terry
  20. The guys at Orbx are projecting at the current growth rate that over 85% of their customers will be on P3D V3 by year end. I knew it was growing but not that fast. I think that is great as its showing forward movement. Terry
  21. A question for Rob Steve and the other CPU experts Intel's next line of extreme cpu will be topped by the 6950x which will be a ten core processor. I want to build the best machine possible so I have assumed I would use the 6950. However after reading many posts re HT, cores and masks, I am now not sure. If I have read the threads correctly, as of now it is better to have a higher clock speed than more cores? However I am also assuming that continued iprovement with P3D will result in better utilization of more cores? Focusing on the latter assumption, is that doable or have LM already done all they can as to core utilization? Cost is really not an issue, I just want to know the best cpu to get considering the near term future as the Gurus see it. Thank you for any guidance. Terry
  22. Will it work with the P3d v3 regular version?
  23. Go to http://www.pollypotsoftware.org.uk/ where I think you can find in the forums the 2.252 drivers which were the last fully working version. The 2.26 ones are having problems on some systems. Terry
  24. LM has said they have identified a bug that is causing this.
  25. Just got home. Thank you very much. I keep forgetting to search for fsx rather than prepar3d. I have downloaded the PDF. Happy New Year Terry
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