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    Aviation enthusiast and (hopefully) a future airline pilot. That's the dream anyway.
  1. PhilthyFrank

    Future of The Fleet

    That fifth shot is breathtaking
  2. Hopefully they will fix the dreaded windows 8 joystick disconnect issue.
  3. 737-700/800/900 757-200 767-300 777-200 A319 A320 A321 MD-83 ERJ-135/145 E-190 CRJ-200 CRJ-700 BN-2 Islander Dash 8 Q300 C172
  4. PhilthyFrank

    YVR Spotting Photos

    Great shots! I love the last one with the BA 747
  5. PhilthyFrank

    blurrie textures in v2.4

    I have an fx-8350, so I'd be interested to know if you find any good settings.
  6. I have 8gb of ram and a Sapphire 7870. I get the performance I do in P3D because my settings are pretty high, with heavy autogen and cloud shadows. So I think if you upgraded your pc, you'd be pretty happy with Prepar3d.
  7. I have an FX-8350 at 4.5ghz and use P3D v2 with addons like the Airbus X Extended, ASN, and detailed payware airports (KDEN, KIAH, KJFK). Performance for me is pretty good. Some people might cringe when I say I get about 20fps, but for me, it's just fine. Prepar3d runs very smoothly, so lower frames aren't as big of a deal. I've never owned an Intel processor though, so I can't speak on the relative performance.
  8. Don't forget about FSDT's KIAH. They did a fantastic job with it.
  9. Chicago O'Hare has quite a few missing runways now.
  10. Make sure you use the altitude select knob on the autopilot panel. I usually just turn it up to my cruise altitude, hit vnav, and let the autopilot do the rest.
  11. PhilthyFrank

    I'm Disappointed

    On the topic of SLI, does anyone know if there will be Crossfire support as well? Is there a significant difference between the two?
  12. PhilthyFrank

    P3DV2.2 Beta 2 info/video

    Those cloud shadows are spectacular