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  1. Is this still a problem to anyone? I just installed the x-enviro and now my GTN750's won't start :( tried with different planes and still no results. Edit. removed x-enviro and it still won't start. Edit. v2. reinstalled the GTN and it works again with the x-enviro:))))
  2. There is a hidden button just below the GTN750 that you need to press to fix it :)
  3. Found the solution from the documents off the plane. :)
  4. Hey, just bought the GTN750 today and trying to get it working on the Jetstream 32, but when I select the GPS mode by clicking the CDI button this flickering starts and I cannot activate the NAV on autopilot, tried various settings on the settings menu but didn't get it working. So if any1 knows how to get it working without flickering please let me know :) VLOC mode works without problems.
  5. Any AMD user seeing like +10 fps to 10.42? Or is it only me I had some FPS issues with 10.42 but they seem to be gone now with 10.45b1 edit: x-plane 10.42: x-plane 10.45b1: same settings and 10.45b1 with +10 fps!!
  6. How does this plane simply not have TCAS... this might just be the deal breaker for me to skip this :/
  8. Joonas

    Denmark Pro

    Took a flight from EKCH with the Denmark Pro +Orth4xp's photoreal in to Stockholm Arlanda (essa) and oh boy did the scenery in Copenhagen look amazing. Decided to film the landing to Stockholm since the scenery was superb there too with W2Xplane+ the photoreal made with Oscar's Ortho4xp. Here's the video if anyone is interested:
  9. I think your name tells it all.
  10. Joonas

    Serious FPS trouble

    Not running any photoscenery :/+I'm at airport that is not close any city on the test just forests here but the problem is that the fps just wont go high with any settings it seems..
  11. Hello, so I upgraded my pc some time ago and since the performance in X-plane has just gone down... I used to have and old gtx 660 and a worse processor and 8gb ram and got more fps than with this setup, but the weird thing is what ever settings I use i just can't get good fps... and my CPU usage is being very low. Specs: Intel core i5 3570k @4.4ghz, radeon r9 290x 4GB, 16gb ram So heres the screenshots with very low end settings: x-plane settings: FPS with these settings: CPU usage: Then with higher settings... : FPS pretty much the same... : and CPU usage.. : Surely something is wrong here.. if any one knows how I can fix my performance it would be great... surely with those low settings I should be getting easily like 40fps...
  12. Joonas

    Purchasing question

    If you buy X-Plane 10 from steam you can get fully refunded if you have under 2 hours played in 2 weeks of purchase
  13. Joonas

    Pros & Cons of X Plane

    And there's 2 different seasonal textures available for download for free... :smile:
  14. You're my new god! Thank you so much... after many install tries finally got it installed after deleting it!!!
  15. Lol this video made me not to buy this plane