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  1. 12 Dec 2017 Win 10 Update experiences?

    I'm running FSX boxed with 1709 update and all seems well with one exception - feel there/wilco ERJ145. FPS around 5 to 10 while PMDG/A2A planes run no problem 20 plus. I recognize the 145 is old and support is long gone but just thought I'd throw this issue out to masses in case anyone has any thoughts/experience. thanks
  2. I'm digging XP11 also, but the mouse wheel zoom drives my bananas when trying to change freq or gps. Anyone know if mouse zoom can be disabled?
  3. Favorite Single-engine FSX add-on

    A2A 182, Comanche and Cherokee all great. Hope they do a light twin someday.
  4. I too only fly add-ons (A2A and NGX mostly) with my simple 'plug/play' set up. However I don't use the Saitek modes. Good Luck James
  5. Hi, I don't have the switch panel but run the Saitek yoke, pedals and throttles no problem via the FSX settings. I don't use FSUIPC, SPAD or even the SST software. I'd be unable to fly without the hardware. James
  6. Hello, Tried to download v1_014 via fs pilot shop but anti-virus (norton) blocked and deleted it. I'm a bit shy on turning the virus off as I had no issues downloading the original with anti-virus running - any thoughts? Trying to put it on steam (took the '$5.00 why not deal') while leaving original FSX (with Dash 8) on machine. Thanks, James