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  1. JamesVic

    12 Dec 2017 Win 10 Update experiences?

    I'm running FSX boxed with 1709 update and all seems well with one exception - feel there/wilco ERJ145. FPS around 5 to 10 while PMDG/A2A planes run no problem 20 plus. I recognize the 145 is old and support is long gone but just thought I'd throw this issue out to masses in case anyone has any thoughts/experience. thanks
  2. I'm digging XP11 also, but the mouse wheel zoom drives my bananas when trying to change freq or gps. Anyone know if mouse zoom can be disabled?
  3. JamesVic

    Favorite Single-engine FSX add-on

    A2A 182, Comanche and Cherokee all great. Hope they do a light twin someday.
  4. I too only fly add-ons (A2A and NGX mostly) with my simple 'plug/play' set up. However I don't use the Saitek modes. Good Luck James
  5. Hi, I don't have the switch panel but run the Saitek yoke, pedals and throttles no problem via the FSX settings. I don't use FSUIPC, SPAD or even the SST software. I'd be unable to fly without the hardware. James
  6. JamesVic

    1014 Update (and replication) question

    Hello, Tried to download v1_014 via fs pilot shop but anti-virus (norton) blocked and deleted it. I'm a bit shy on turning the virus off as I had no issues downloading the original with anti-virus running - any thoughts? Trying to put it on steam (took the '$5.00 why not deal') while leaving original FSX (with Dash 8) on machine. Thanks, James
  7. JamesVic

    Greetings from Tennessee

    Can't speak to using TrackIR but for what its worth - I switched to a single 32inch TV for monitor along the way and love it compared to using the two monitors I had. James
  8. JamesVic

    The Long Road FSX

    Well done! Great idea/story, really enjoyed it. Thanks, James
  9. Oldish post but how goes your around world via 'old school' nav? Neat idea - reason to go in one direction vs the other or flying same routes/area. I started an around north america via whatever nav seemed like a good idea at the time but did not get very far so just wondering if your mission is still in progress or complete? James
  10. JamesVic

    FS 9.95 never looked so good.

    Thanks ematheson - I kinda thought it was more of an expression. Anyway, any consensus or thoughts on best weather engine? Thanks again, Kevin
  11. JamesVic

    FS 9.95 never looked so good.

    Awesome shots gents - I have to ask (searched about but no luck) is fs9.something some complete add on or is it simply each users fs9 with preferred add on weather/airports etc. I assume the latter. I still enjoy original fs9 with PMDG - runs pretty smooth on my machine. Just wonder if I'm missing out on an easy 'upgrade'. Thanks and sorry for the probably dumb question, James
  12. Hello all, I know - crazy old post to reply to but came looking for a solution to this question. I also get bad fuel numbers. For example, progress page showing same fuel at next waypoint and destination. Sometimes progress shows fuel over waypoint more than plane currently has. Thanks, James
  13. JamesVic

    Fly Heading

    Real World - no. Once on assigned heading they won't repeat - unless of course you're not truly on the assigned heading and real world ATC normally 'kind enough' to ask "say heading please". Which is code for you're on the wrong heading. Anyway, with FS9/FSX built in ATC I've not gotten the repeating request you have but I have gotten some heading only to be turned back to original heading once established on the just assigned heading. Then once back on that heading (the original one) ATC tells me to fly the other heading. All this said I don't really use FS ATC - just self vector for approaches. James
  14. FS9 is my go to for PMDG 737 - runs great on my machine
  15. JamesVic

    Coming Home

    Agreed, nice shots. James