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  1. You cannot go wrong with views of the Constellation.
  2. A mighty fine pair of images of a great plane.
  3. Another great flight with the usual entertianing commentry. France looks really well done but so far I have only meandered around the VFR Nord-Ouest scenery area.
  4. Nothing beats a Mirage for doing a bit of low and slow. Beautiful scenery show here and I am at a loss to think why after all these years I have never taken a close look at Dubrovnik town.
  5. A wonderful series of images Darryl.
  6. A big difference in the weather arriving back in England. I like the spray in the last two images, so much realism these days.
  7. Beautiful scenery in these images Will.
  8. Wonderful images and a great plane.
  9. Great to see you back again Noel. It is always a worry when someone goes missing! I liked your story as well.
  10. Excellent quality for FS9. I have always liked the Frontier jets with the wildlife on the tail. One of the things I liked most about FS9 was the ease of doing repaints. I think I spent more time doing fictional repaints than actually flying but that came to an end with FSX!
  11. Excellent images and it looks great in those SQ colours.
  12. Some beautiful views of Paris, great set.
  13. Things go well with Pepsi! A top class dynamic series if views and I can feel the ground shaking from those Olympus engines.
  14. Excellent image with some dodgey weather heading your way. I like the colour scheme too.
  15. I like these peaceful strips no matter where they are. So much detail you have shown here and they even have geese in this scenery. I was thinking the man had miswotsited one of the goats, using the wrong pro thingo but there would have been maybe 5 police cars had he done that with a load of plod tooled up!
  16. Nice image Darren. I have a lot of old planes I miss flying from my FSX and P3D days.
  17. Unlike some of my landings, they kept it on the runway and the tail pointing towards the sky.
  18. A beautiful set Andy. Not only the train included but the inside of the train too! What will they come up with next?
  19. A first class set Will with some mean looking weather..
  20. Beautiful looking scenery and the ideal plane to explore it with.
  21. Excellent views of this amazing plane.
  22. Another gem you have found here for us Andy. The bonus of Clacton town and pier too. I have never been to this part of England so I think I will have to do some exploring . Please keep them coming!
  23. What a beautiful strip you have shown us here Andy with these excelent images. Just my type of location.
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