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  1. Fsx gold. gmax 1.2 I have been trying to attach lights to my animated models in g max. when I open the attach tool and tick "effect" gmax hangs and I have to use task manager to close it down. Funny thing it worked twice - bringing up the directory and asking me to choose effect , so I have attached a light to one animated model. Model convertor X allows static lights( I believe) but not animated. I am stuck at the mo as my static models have lights but unable to do my animated. Have tried repeatedly as I'm willing to restart multiple times in order to attach my lights but no go now. anyone else have this problem or is there a fiddle around?. ps, puzzled by " lights" on attach menu in mod con X , aren't lights effects? cheers, john.
  2. Sorry to be a dimwit-wheres edit button?? BTW - didnt want you to go to any trouble. I can mess about with it. Cheers
  3. Thank you for the advice . I will give it a try. If you could e mail the file to me I would be very grateful as I mess about with lots of bits and pieces but no great depth to any! //mod edit - email address removed// thanks again. john
  4. Hi Sergej, Clarification - The problem with my "looping" problem of VOX at Madeira is to do with the "actual" frequencies in the Madeira sim airport , ground and tower are given the same frequency in the sim. The "looping" arises because VOX tries to "read" the different frequencies and gets "confused". Your AI problem is very different. I think it is common for aircraft to disappear (i think there is also a "timeout" function in FSX.). I tried to fix this for T/O AI at Maedeira but was unsuccessful. Your AI problem could be related to your AI settings or you make sure all other LPMA scenery is deleted(back up first!). Good luck John
  5. In case anyone gets the same or similar problems FSX Trying to fly out of LPMA with VOX there seemed to be a problem - ATC became "stuck" looped and "failed". No FATAL ERROR though but no continuing ATC. Examining the BGL with Airport design editor revealed that "TOWER" and "GROUND" had the same frequency. 118.350. Using ADE I was able to delete the "GROUND" from "LPMA_AFX_OP02.BGL " in FSX\AEROSOFT\MADEIRAXEVOLUTION\SCENERY. All fine now. Oh yes, run scenery indexer again after the change. Anyone want the file if they dont want to mess with ADE just e -mail - //mod edit - email address removed// Cheers John
  6. Well said Victor, despite what seems to be an "imperfect " programme and rare author support it has rebirthed my long flightsim career! I now have a very pretty Irish co pilot (incorrect in the current climate I know), to help me with flying my dash 8, and when she needs a break I take over the comms, perfect.
  7. Hi pegruder, could you elaborate " source output in vox" please. For me lowering engine sounds in fsx helps, but I was stuck that I couldn't seem to reduce majestic dash volumes. As a workaround I used a programme called "audacity" (free). To reduce the prop sounds volume in the planes folder. Can now hear vox much better. We've learned that on certain sound cards there can be abnormalities (too soft or too loud sound). You may however use the mjc84.ini configuration file located in the /ini folder to fine tune the sound system for your particular PC. The [SOUND] section contains the individual volumes and the explanation on how to change them
  8. Thank you all, In a nutshell trial ivona downloads don't work as they are bundled with other stuff. cepstral trial downloads do, but as they took so long to authorise my account I have downloaded from cereproc which work fine. 1 Scottish 1 Irish so far. Ah cosmopolitan. thank you again john
  9. Dont get me wrong, I love Scotland and the accent (when I can understand it), Unfortunately most of my contact with call centers seems to be a dialogue North of Hadrians wall so for a change I rather like Caitlin "to be sure". Nah only joking trial is Duncan "this voice is not licensed" from Cepstral. Have fun Cheers John
  10. Update for others who may have problems adding voices? Uninstalled VOX and Voxpop -reinstalled only VOX and an adon ivona voice. - No Luck , all ok except "Fatal error etc" Came across another trial download -CEPSTRAL, seems fine so far, functions in Vox atc in FSX. (hooray) I think it could be the Ivona voices come with a speech/text pack which is downloaded as well, this is probably why the Cereproc works ok for you guys. I think i can get the moths out of my wallet now John
  11. Thank you Bob, i had considered cereproc but I don't think there are any trial versions? Reluctant to spend 25 pounds plus unless I get some add on voice to work. thanks again. john
  12. As a recent convert to vox atc, I see many people are enjoying - Ivona, cereproc voices. I am unable to run the Ivona voices as I get the "FATAL ERRORetc" and wonder "am i doing anything simply wrong" Advice will be well received, bearing in mind this has used up a lot of my time already and may have to settle for vanilla vox! Specs - - VOX 7.41 (C), (works fine with vox pop voices without Ivona voices) FSX GOLD on ssd (F) 4790K at 4.4 GHZ,(4 cores) 16mb RAM, 960gtx. Downloaded IVONA voice - from harpo site (also tried "NAUNCE" and also downloads from "vision aid international" - (as free trial),All Install fine, speaks in voice config and assigned as controller. The install also adds "speech to go" on my (C) drive. I hear the voice on initialization of vox ,after running through the atis it gives me the "FATAL ERROR etc".Removing the voice reverts vox to working again. LOG- At start of log- Exception while initializing Asti : Could not load file or assembly 'file:///C:\Program Files (x86)\Internal Workings\VoxATC FSX\AstiInt.dll' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified I cannot find this file anywhere. later in log - Exception while initializing iFlyInt : Could not load file or assembly 'file:///C:\Program Files (x86)\Speech2Go Voice Package\x86\iFly.dll' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified Funny one i havent got ifly. Near end of log- Aircraft exception Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at com.intworkings.voxatc.Intention.Extract(String messStr, RadioMessage rm) at com.intworkings.voxatc.RadioMessageImpl.ExtractItems(RadioMessage rmIn) at com.intworkings.voxatc.RadioMessageImpl.AddPacket(RTPacket packet) at com.intworkings.voxatc.CommunicatorBase.AddPacket(RTPacket packet) at com.intworkings.voxatc.Pilot.Run() at com.intworkings.voxatc.AIAircraft.Run() at com.intworkings.voxatc.AircraftWorker.Run() 1769608 Ins Text set : FATAL ERROR! disable VoxATC Funny thing - in previous crashes i came across missing files, - elevationsharp.dll and json which the log flagged. I found those in vox atc folder and copied them to the speech to go file which took care of that particular log file problem? I was hoping that someone might see a solution or have an idea otherwise i will occasionally attempt to delve deeper than my current digital limitations Update log when vox all functioning. - Log part 1 and 2 still occur but dosnt affect programme run. Cheers John
  13. I use FSX GOLD with vox atc and dx10 fixer amongst other addons. It works very well for me except being able to add high quality voices (i cant). Try your own simple flight plan? Cheers John
  14. Thank you guys. Will buy one and see. john
  15. Hello, I have tried 2 new voices on a trial from harpo (can't get trial elsewhere)but they crash vox with a "fatal error" after they run through the initialisation.100% linked to these voices. i run fsx, gtx 9600 and i7 at 4.3ghz and dedicated sound card. any advice or thoughts? I would like to have better voices. Cheers John
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