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  1. Sorry but i have a 4k monitor, 2x GTX 980 in SLI, an old 3770K OC to only 4.2, total clean P3D.cfg, no Nvidia Inspector and I have never blurries. I have in P3D vsync on, triple buffering on, frames limited to 30.
  2. I have this https://www.nec-display-solutions.com/p/it/it/products/details/technicaldata/rp/EA244UHD.xhtml
  3. Milky Way??? I always thought it was a flaw in my monitor, damn.
  4. I have a NEC 4K monitor (EA244UHD) and 4x SGSS it's useless, only MSAA 8x in P3D.
  5. I have this, amazing with displayport at 30hz. http://www.necdisplay.com/p/desktop-monitors/ea244uhd-bk
  6. ASN B6004 works perfectly with all options set to default.
  7. I have two 980 and I turned off SLI in Nvidia control panel because it is of little value and with the fps locked creates stutters.
  8. Shimmering was present in 3.2 and is still present in 3.3 without 4x SGSS.
  9. Of course, but almost all have the soft clouds and they have forgotten how are the default shadows.
  10. Is very easy: delete soft clouds and use normal clouds (REX, default or others, your choice).
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