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  1. Thanks for the response, eslader Does it mean that I have to purchase ActiveSky to be able to see weather updates and SkyForce as well, or it is enough to buy either of these to have the weather experience?
  2. Dear All Having played about 3,000 hours with FSX, I have now reached a point where I need some change in terms of simulators. I would like to convert to P3Dv4. Please let me know what additional SW I need to have the following effects: weather update and real weather link with the sim (nearly) photoreal weather elements, clouds, rain, etc. I was thinking Rex Skyforce Thaks Csaba
  3. I will think about this manual later. BTW, what is the function of the SRL switches on the left console? They have three positions, why?
  4. How about this one? https://www.esscoaircraft.com/p-9101-fairchild-sa227-ac-metro-iii-1989-flight-manual.aspx
  5. Thank you, I have been searching for a proper POH for the Metro. Are the any free dowloadable copies around?
  6. What is your most frequently used cruising altitude for 1.5-2 hour flights?
  7. Do you know whether a GTN650/750 can be coupled with the Metroliners autopilot (instead of the default GPS in the plane)? Cheers Csaba
  8. The trick is to use just the right amount of power and trim setting combo. The trim is important so you can maintain elevator authority during the entire flare, the throttle is needed to arrest the sinki. I also carefully trim the Q400 on the final for this matter, there is nothing worse than ending up close th runway and not having enough elevator authority.
  9. "Majestic hmmm dunno. I hear that it is horrible to control manualy wich is aparently true in real life aswell. " This is exactly what makes this plane so unique. I am quite convinced that with almost all other FSX planes nearly all landings are the same. They are weightless, For one, I have FSL Airbus. I dont know about the real thing, but if you come in low and slow with FSL Airbus, and around 140-150 kts yank back on the yoke and ram the throttle forward, you will end up flying at about 50-60 degree AoA without any stall, similarly to an Extra 300 hanging from its propeller.... There is no "thrill" for me anymore, unless it is Q400, A2A or Razbam Metroliner – after a bit of tweaking, thank Bjoern: ) The ultimate goal for me with this sim is too get some kind of achievement when I hand-fly a route from take-off to landing, except for the e-n-route segment wher I activate the AP.
  10. Dear Bjoern I think the Q400 is far the best choice. I have a couple hundred hours in real planes as pilot and instructor, and of all FSX add-ons, it is the only one where I actually "feel" that it is a simulator, and not a toy. All other add-ons are just toys in comparison with the Dash. I would happily remove all add-ons, and leave only this one on my PC. Razbam Metroliner is also a very good plane, but it uses FSX flight model. Regards Csaba
  11. In addition to the above, I encountered a really annoying bug. The red OIL PRESS LOW indicator turns on, and I cannot find the reason why. It never happened before, and I dont do anything different. For the life of me, I cannot extinguish it, I dont know how it can be fixed or made dissappear. Can you let me know please, thanks.
  12. What bugs me the most is the tendency to "bob" the nose up and down, even at high AoA, just before flare. If you compare the Metro with for instance DHD8, you see that the former one is very much prone to intensive pivotal movements during landing, which is highly unlikely in the real world.
  13. BTW, which of these parameters influence the plane's sink rate when the throttle is off? I mean even if I throttle off, the Metroliner would not want to sink just glide on forever. I wonder whether any of these lines could be used to make the pplane sink in a more pronounced manner. Csaba
  14. Thanks, so I figured. I did a clean install of the plane, and now the autopilot will not hold the selected altitude. the ARM indicator is on on the selector, the pedestal yaw damper switch is on, but this thing will not hold or acquire any altitude. What am I doing wrong, please?
  15. Thanks a million, Bjoern. I will fiddle with these settings. By any chance, do you happen to know how to display a Reality XP 430 in the cockpit? I managed to get a 530 displayed, but it is too big, a 430 would just perfctly be enough. I appreciate your help. Csaba
  16. Hello All I love this plane but the controls feel a bit twitchy. Even with all sensitivity sliders to the left, the elevator is very sensitive, the plane feels absolutely weightless. Do you know a way to dampen control movements to make the plane have some "weight"? Cheers Csaba
  17. Thanks, I have sent a ticket. Tagai Csaba
  18. Hello I have the same problem, i get the Unable to activate, contact tech support message. When I try to create a user for tech support, it returns the message that the email address is already in use despite the fact that I have never created a user for the support forum, only for the regular website to purchase planes. Can any please advise how to proceed? Thanks Csaba
  19. JYW, thanks for the qucik response :) I have been searching to no avail for some text proof whether it is the case..but now you have shown me the light Regards Csaba
  20. Hi Does anyone know if the FSLabs Airbus uses and external flight model similar to the Majestic Q400? Thanks Csaba
  21. Hi Does anyone know if the FSLabs Airbus uses and external flight model similar to the Majestic Q400? Thanks Csaba
  22. Hej Saucey I bought it last week. Let me draw up a list of things that come to my mind: Pro: VC quality is fairly good if you install the improved textures. the plane is fairly complex, you can manage fuel system settings, it has AP and A/T, so it gives you quite many things to do in-flight it is FPS friendly Con: flies on rails some FMC functions are missing, i cannot create user waypoints for instance cockpit lighting is poor. you inly have a master switch which turns on the thunderstorm lights, instrument dials or panels cannot be adjusted/lit separately I hope this helps Csaba
  23. Dear Jim, thanks for the quick response :) I might have been a bit unclear, I meant if it is possible to create custom (i.e. waypoints whch are "not in the database") waypoints and then insert them? Regards Csaba
  24. Hello Can you please let me know if it is possible to enter custom waypoints into Leonardo's MD80 FMC? If so, how do you do it? Thanks Csaba
  25. Hi As a newcomer, I guess I have grounds to make a judgement on this add-on. In general, I like it a lot. External graphics are superb, level of internal details are high. Flight model is good, hand flying is just pure pleasure, but I would not call it a complex aircraft yet. The reason I purchased it is because I have seen the potential in it and in the dev team. For me, FPS is not so good, however, my rig is nearly five years old, so I had to play a little with settings to churn out playable frame rates. The negatives which I have come across so far: No ADF-NDB at all MCDU will display neither times nor distances VOR navigation - at least for me - is non-existent. The frequeny is tuned in NAV/RAD, but the "VOR ARM" menu item is missing, the VOR dial will not appear on the display, therefore it is not possible to track a pre-set radial The night cocpkit is far from perfect, the lit spots are I guess in 16 or 32 colours. Regards Csaba
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