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  1. Can confirm that I have the same problem in the new beta. Hopefully there will be an update for the aircraft soon.
  2. Reverse works for me too, using Honeycomb Bravo throttle quadrant
  3. I was just about to do the same post - all seems good now with the Tecnam Traveller 👍
  4. Regarding yaw control, as in real life the rudder and ailerons are connected in the PC12 so this causes problems when transitioning from ground to air given how MSFS deals with this. IRL pilots rotate and land at about 80 knots and if you do the same you should avoid the problem - faster than that and you get the nasty behaviour. I’ve managed to avoid the problem in my last couple of flights, and it’s good to know that I’ve done it by flying correctly. There’s more about the issue in this thread:
  5. Now been updated, to v1.0.3 - trying a quick flight and all seems ok so far. Here's the change log from FSS's Discord channel: Fixed Comm bus issues to enable FMS keypad to be used Fixed DRM issue causing users not able to start the aircraft Fixed propeller and general sounds issues Fixed Pilot side G1000 keyboard input enabler Fixed altitude reading on Standby Altimeter behavior if the BARO value updated Fixed TKS mode lights not lit up Fixed Checklist description tooltips Update several camera settings Improved Fuel Pumps logic at Auto Improved VR to be able to focus / zoom in Enabled Pilot side PFD to pop up instead of First Officer side Enabled EFB charging when battery ON to prevent EFB battery drained Enabled Emergency Procedures Checklist animation Please note: Because we deleted our own FMS plugin controlling the keypad and instead linked the new default key events from Asobo the keypad lost some of its previous features: There's no FMS mode (key set to inop), only COM, NAV and XPDR. Input will be switched automatically to MFD if MFD is not in map mode. You can't swap frequencies anymore (key set to inop). You can't switch between COM1 and COM2 by pressing COM key while in COM mode You can't switch between NAV1 and NAV2 by pressing NAV key while in NAV mode Also, they say: One thing is left that we were not able to fix within this timeframe: The fuel consumption is still not correct. It is significantly higher than the tables at the moment. Additionally the EECS Pre-Flight-Test is not activating. We plan to fix that early next week
  6. that's great to hear, I hope it all gets sorted for you
  7. Just to add - this discord post was headed 'P2012 grounded for max. 48h' (my underline)
  8. Have you rebooted your pc after installation? I was in the beta and had that after the last beta update, but a reboot sorted it out.
  9. Only the FSS Tecnam P2012 folder here, installed via Contrail
  10. thanks for confirming - let's hope there is a quick fix - I like this plane
  11. Not bellyaching here - was just wanting to ensure that the OP knew that the aircraft was not ready for SU14, although it turned out his issue is different. It's unfortunate though that the incompatibility with SU14 was somewhat buried in the developer's FAQ's, which hasn't helped. I went back to SU13 to check it worked ok and indeed there were no avionics and fuel lever issues.....however, I lost all usb devices and sound soon after start up (not replicated with any other plane). So now waiting for SU14 to be released tomorrow, and hope FSS fix things soon. I like this plane and, hopefully, will be able to use it for pax and cargo jobs in OnAir
  12. This plane worked for me in SU13, although I had to disable the autopilot master bindings on my Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo and only use the VC switch. I then went to SU14 beta and it still worked using the temp fix. I’ve updated to latest Tecnam 2012 version as well of course. However it is now unusable after the last beta update, with or without the temp fix. As with the OP the fuel levers are now unresponsive (fuel pump switches have never worked for me, but were ‘on’) and the avionics are not working. I have reinstalled the product, more than once. I’ve seen at least one other person report the same problem on discord. Given it worked before, and with no other changes on my side, it seems to me that there are issues for the producers to sort out.
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