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  1. This all sounds rather disappointing - I use FSLTL + AIG models, and I'm currently using TJSJ (Puerto Rico) as a base flying a Cape Air liveried Cessna 414 ( as close as I can get to their C402) or Britten Norman Islander. Besides the usual Boeings and Airbuses, I get to see Cessna 402's, Britten Islanders, Cessna 208s, business jets, FedEx freighters etc. So much more variety of aircraft than FS Traffic (currently) offers, and no problem seeing lots of planes as well as arrivals and departures - and not far behind what I see on Flight Radar 24 too.
  2. I had the same with Premium Deluxe - only a small Japan update in Content Manager after 19gb download
  3. Yes I am using the FSLTL injector. Just spent nearly an hour at KSFO (San Francisco) and lots of departures with no spinning aircraft. But, no arrivals at all, so my experience at Dubai was something of a one-off it seems. Don't understand why this should happen. I have tried real time live traffic, but don't like generics and wrong liveries popping up.
  4. Using the latest AIFlow and AIGround mods (i.e., v2.0.3) with SU11 Beta, and now getting arrivals as well as departures. And what's very nice is that arrivals are landing properly with no go arounds/touch and go's (so far anyway). Just been watching traffic at OMSJ - although it took a while for everything to get moving it is much better than it had been.
  5. Yes, that's right. I read a comment on Flightsim.to that the effects/sounds files might cause problems, so just trying the aircraft files at this stage.
  6. At the moment I've copied all of the AIG aircraft since I wasn't sure exactly which models aren't needed. If it continues to work ok I can remove unnecessary ones later.
  7. I'm trying AIFlow + AIGround, with FSLTL, in SU11 Beta, and so far, so good after a couple of hours testing.... Mainly just been spotting at several USA and Canadian airports, only had time to do one take off and a very brief flight. Seeing more departures than arrivals, but ai aircraft behaviour looks a lot better, no spinning and not seen any go arounds. Departing aircraft will hold to allow an arrival - seen this at KSAN for example. I've also put AIG aircraft into the FSLTL base airplane folder and not had a CTD....yet at least. I've only moved the AIGAIM files from the airplane folder, no effects or sounds, to minimise chance of CTDs. As others have seen there can be a delay before any action once the FSLTL injector is started, although at KSAN planes started taxiing almost immediately.
  8. I've been having this problem, using SU11 Beta on Steam btw. It seems mainly to happen when I use real traffic (with FSLTL and AIG models). Hasn't recurred so far since turning off real traffic and using the FSLTL injector.
  9. I'm happy with SU10 - and using DX12 (+TAA) the performance is smooth and clouds look better than ever for me. My i7-7700k and 1080ti graphics card is not the latest hardware but with an ultrawide 34" monitor at 2560x1080 resolution I'm getting 40+ fps. Flying in eastern USA just now with live weather I saw a nice transition from light broken cloud to showery weather with a good depiction imho of varied cloud types:
  10. Apparently v1.3 corrects a problem with ILS approaches that v1.2 had inadvertently caused.
  11. the landing lights do operate fully - retract/on/off - with mouse clicks but the arrows point in one direction only as you say. Only flown it for a little while, but I agree it's very good so far.
  12. Oops, yes of course, got mixed up - the Beech99, which I should have referred to is better than the Bandeirante, but not hugely, and only slightly better than the DC6
  13. I get better FPS in the cockpit of PMDG's DC6 than in the VirtualCol Bandeirante.....
  14. I've seen a couple of posts on the PMDG forum about FPS dropping severely when the auto-mixture is too lean, then going back up when set back to auto-rich for landing. Might be worth checking that forum if you're not already a member.
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