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  1. It's not unstable as long as you are within CG and weight limits. It's just a little `trim happy`. What you DON'T do is chase power settings. Not ever. Every power setting change triggers pitch change and also yaw/roll coupling. 5,000 shp a side will ruin your entire day if you let it get ahead of you. Set power, then adjust trim to suit, then fly the profile dictated by the settings. Mode settings can be your friend, reducing Np after takeoff likewise. If you minimise hand flying, allow the electrickery and the me-can-icals to do their thing, this is a high performance turboprop without equal. The real thing is renowned as being a handful, especially in the aproach phase, and you don't use full flap unless you have to - we really need more idea on what you are doing to tell you what you should, or oughtn't be doing. Hand flying a stabilised approach is actually quite easy. But only IF you have the settings right. Spool times for those turboprops is slow at low power settings, but the flaps and gear provide plenty of drag to enable a stabilised approach without ANY setting adjustment until touchdown. If you are making constant changes to the power levers then you are doing something wrong, and predicating those trim changes and instability.
  2. I really need the Irish set to complete things - but then we will be waiting on updated airports. It never truly ends, the waiting... :Whistle:
  3. Mallcott

    No trees

    What install technique did you use? After installing, you run the FTX Central v2 and choose Global and Apply. Then install FTX libraries, run Central v2 again and reselect the Global and Apply buttons, verifying the HD Trees option is checked in the menu options. If you missed ANY of these steps you need to revisit your installation and do it properly. Also, we cannot help without full system details. Add those and any other addons installed in the sim. Also might be useful to tell us if you have any strange tweaks or mods to your Prepar3d .cfg.
  4. Mallcott

    Turbulance experience

    Can you show the METAR ? It is entirely possible that the effect was not exaggerated..! A serious weather front arrived last night across the North West. Gusting 40+mph at ground level.
  5. Mallcott

    V3 Developer updated software thread

    The patch is a new installer, available from the vendor Log in to your account to redownload the installer
  6. Mallcott

    Any Tools to Move P3D Installation to New Drive?

    Some addons will work with symbolic links. Others won't.
  7. Mallcott

    full screen

    Alt+ Enter or menu - views - full screen There is no true full screen in the simulator. It's a pseudo-full screen.
  8. Mallcott

    Any Tools to Move P3D Installation to New Drive?

    1: Cannot be done. The license will fail. 2: That's the way to do it. While it might be nice to be able to say that addons will port, the fact is that some will, some won't. Others will, but with issues. Better, by far. to just start from scratch.
  9. Mallcott

    V3 Developer updated software thread

    That's correct Mike. Two purchases, one for each sim. No discounts, no appreciable differences or advances for the P3D version that I can see. I keep FSX installed with a few aircraft like this for just that reason. Interestingly, I haven't opened that sim since P3D V3 came out. Guess I'm not missing them as much as I thought... :wink:
  10. Mallcott

    LUA dynamic friction mod 737NGX

    I'd be only half joking if I said that you can't really call yourself simmer if you aren't using a registered copy... Pete Dowson has done more for this community down through the years with this seemingly infinitely adaptable tool than just about any other aftermarket developer. And it's continued development and adaptation to new uses means it's the `go-to` interactivity tool for all MS and ESP-based sims. And increasingly as a standalone tool in its own right. Never found a better calibration tool, and the LUA scripts are a must have for many of the complex sim products- although I must admit I thought the rolling friction in the sim had been addressed by L-M! We really don't praise him often enough - especially with his knack of choosing vacation times when updates are coming out. You can set your watch by FSUIPC. You can probably set your watch WITH FSUIPC!
  11. Mallcott

    Saved screenshots

    Just search for .bmp files on your computer. Latest will probably be where your screenshots are being saved.
  12. Mallcott

    Lights problem

    Can't be done I'm afraid. FTX Global lights are autogen objects (including the Vector street lights). Visible distance for autogen objects are controlled internally, within P3D itself. AFAIK, there is nothing much we can do about it. I also wish we could increase the visibility distance!
  13. Mallcott

    New Fsuipc

    Should be on every simmers bookmarks for two good reasons: 1: The FSUIPC module will often have unpublicised updates and they nearly always relate to the P3D use. 2: Pete takes frequent holidays and the sim community has noted time and time again how updates from Lockheed-Martin seem to coincide... 'tis a conspiracy i tell ya.. :Nail Biting:
  14. Mallcott

    P3D V3 Estonia Migration Tool Works

    As it should be Ed. As it should be.
  15. I had FTX Global and Vector installed under 2.5, and I didn't notice this conspicuous change then - but I had added England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland a long time back, so maybe I just missed it. Or maybe it's a function of UTX Europe, which I only installed in FSX. Either way, it's interesting as it must mean the called textures themselves are being replaced as there's no way FTX installers can affect UTX landclass.