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  1. The patch is a new installer, available from the vendor http://www.flightsimstore.com/product_info.php?products_id=1314 Log in to your account to redownload the installer
  2. That's correct Mike. Two purchases, one for each sim. No discounts, no appreciable differences or advances for the P3D version that I can see. I keep FSX installed with a few aircraft like this for just that reason. Interestingly, I haven't opened that sim since P3D V3 came out. Guess I'm not missing them as much as I thought... :wink:
  3. I'd be only half joking if I said that you can't really call yourself simmer if you aren't using a registered copy... Pete Dowson has done more for this community down through the years with this seemingly infinitely adaptable tool than just about any other aftermarket developer. And it's continued development and adaptation to new uses means it's the `go-to` interactivity tool for all MS and ESP-based sims. And increasingly as a standalone tool in its own right. Never found a better calibration tool, and the LUA scripts are a must have for many of the complex sim products- although I must admit I thought the rolling friction in the sim had been addressed by L-M! We really don't praise him often enough - especially with his knack of choosing vacation times when updates are coming out. You can set your watch by FSUIPC. You can probably set your watch WITH FSUIPC!
  4. FTX Wales and FTX Scotland now updated for V3 http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/105483-wales-scotland-new-installers-p3dv3/
  5. +1 Too many people think this hobby is about friendship. Its a commercial relationship. I don't, wont pretend to be a someones friend as accuracy trumps avuncularity every time, at least in my relationships with my service and product providers. What I do take exception to is the inverse relationship - it is OK for Venema and his team to be tactless and direct, but go the other way and watch how quickly they get uppity... but I see nothing in what they are doing that shows their customers anything other than absolute delivery on what they promise.
  6. I see the dilemma - because Lockheed Martin can't be arsed to provide an `offsite` scenery store, leaving it to the vagaries of the aftermarket and their personal peccadillos, we have to turn most all scenery addons into a manual install, or live with the accommodation within the core file structure that L-M does define. Potential for confusion, so its' hardly surprising if developers go for the old route. That being said, pointing it to the sim root is not the same as installing there. You could check to see where they've found a home via the scenery menu and relocate them if needed. I predict that v3 simmers will be manifest experts in symbolic links inside 12 months !
  7. If using P3D v3 it is no longer necessary to step in and out of windowed mode to change DSR settings. Just ensure that you have set up a DSR setting in NVIDIA Control Panel - Manage 3d Settings - Global settings tab - DSR (check boxes for the DSR options you want), Apply and then quit out of NVCP. Start sim and select the required resolution directly - the DSR options will appear in the GUI below the native resolution. Select the one you want. Should be it.
  8. If that happens, reload the aircraft and wait - it seems like the systems take an age to load under v3. This means I can only start a flight on the ground. Possibly a Simconnect issue?
  9. There won't be one until L-M fix the issues with v3. It's clearly stated on the Majestic forum http://majesticsoftware.com/mjc8q400/support.html
  10. Although I have downloaded 1.30 as I had it for FSX, I dont think I will replace my current FTX Global/UTX Europe/America install as it's not just about the fps, it's also about the options and increased variation in UTX - in particular the night lighting. I'm warming to the ground spots ! But if I fly outside the Europe area covered by UTX, what always attracted me to Vector is its global reach. If only I could find a simple way to turn off the electricity pylons in UTX - it's a single click in Vector. The flickering drives me nuts.
  11. Sounds like you didn't install the texture libraries. England is a standalone product and does not require Global or Vector. If you re-run FTX Central you should get a prompt for the latest files. Dont forget to re-apply the `Europe` area afterwards!
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