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  1. Ok I will stay off the poll threads from now on.
  2. You have not been following the OPs polls on the P3D forum I take it then.
  3. Can we expect another poll in a week or two on what is wrong with P3D.
  4. I like the south pole the best but the north pole is OK, I did my own research and only two forums have a heads up on this poll the OP forgot to include the other simmers.
  5. rjfry

    pci express 4

    PCI 4 is expected to be sometime 2019-2020 as it`s still being tested, and PCI 5 is due to be ratified sometime next year. And DDR5 Memory may make It in Q4 19 who know`s MB manufactures may wait and tie the two together on a new MB.
  6. rjfry

    What's the deal with ORBX vector?

    In the UK I don't need it the same with other regional scenery as it`s the full layers, and it`s just something else to load on startup.
  7. This is also why some scenery developers have stated they will only be working on 64bit scenery, upsetting the FSX users, but in time more will likely follow
  8. By the time P3Dv5 is out Nvidia will be stating big things for new GPUs to come most likely a die shrink which is what they wanted for the 20 series, which will allow them to push the clocks higher, I get the impression that the 20 series is the Bata for the next GPU.
  9. rjfry

    What's the deal with ORBX vector?

    To be honest since doing a full install of P3Dv4.3 I haven't got round to installing vector but installed all of my ORBX all regions except Alaska, and I don't miss Vector.
  10. rjfry

    RTX 2080 ti P3D benchmarks?

    When you installed the new GPU did you delete your shaders and backup and delete the config file and let he sim rebuild, your GPU will be listed in the config file.
  11. In device manager have tried the windows search for better driver example Intel driver Asus host Intel Drivers for each motherboard. PS did you run the ASUS disc that came with the motherboard it should have the drivers on it.
  12. Intel may well have pulled the same stunt, with an NDA on benchmarks till the 13th but they showed a benchmark carried out by a paid tester that the testing community have rubbished, but you can pre-order your new CPU NOW.
  13. Now you know why Nvidia never showed Gaming benches on the show, as the testers suspected this GPU is aimed at future titles and will do very little for older CPU bound Titles.
  14. You don't state which OS you are running have tried running windows update, as it can be like changing your GPU and still running on the old GPU drivers.
  15. The temps show why Nvidia used duel fans one must wonder what a Z390 MB and the soldered i9 CPU and a 2080ti will pull from the PSU and the heat both will run hot.