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  1. rjfry

    4K & AA Help

    I have a ASUS 28 4K monitor and only use 2xMSAA, I don't use NVI just Nvidia control panel its set UHD 8bit and Nv colour settings.
  2. As you will see in my Screenshots I use Super Traffic Board to check the departure times in the sim, how much traffic movement will depend on the time of day and schedules, bear in mind its still early access and has some issues which Rich is working on, there are two ways to develop a product closed beta NDA or early access but both in the end are trying to get the same outcome, JF early access means they suffer the backlash of users but they also get the product on wider spectrum of PCs and config, How often do you see a product full release after closed beta users find the bugs and a patch is needed, even the flight sims themselves suffer that. I don't use EFB what you see is UK2000 EGLL desktop shot to show STB times.
  3. P3D will not determine the gates that's down to the CAD file and the AI program, and if you when you go in to the sim at the eastern end, terminal 5 is empty then the BA aircraft must be parking at the wrong gate. Unfortunately for some unknow reason I cannot post links on avsim anymore, if you have traffic Global check the support forum I have posted links to screenshot of EGLL full of traffic parked at the correct gates as well as other airports.
  4. I also have FB and FSDT airports in the US and Aerosoft in the EU and all aircraft park in the assigned gates.
  5. Like in said its not UK2000 or Aerosoft gates are missing in that CAD and you do not get that behaver, and I don't think its LM problem.
  6. Well all can say its not happening to me I have been testing JF TG AI and created some of my own flight plans and when go into EGLL I use the default king in P3Dv4.3, and the aircraft are parked in the same gates depending if time of day and terminal 5 is loaded with BA, and go into the airport by the heli pad then slew to check the AI, UK2000 EGLL also EGKK EGBB EGCC EGNX EGGW EGSS EGPH EGPF, and have not seen gates just loading around my aircraft. Airline specific gates are colour coded BA dark blue UPS pink that's how you tell an AFCAD with airline specific gates the colour, the AFCAD in post the gates look all green the default AFCAD colour not airline specific, also the south cargo 614 to 616 should have a row of gates opposite making 6 Cargo gates if its UK2000 this tells me its not.
  7. Is the AFCAD for the airport got random gate parking. were aircraft will park in any gate of the right size, UK2000 comes with a airline specific gates option this will stop what you are seeing.
  8. rjfry

    No autogen in P3d v4.3

    One of the test I did, I found sitting in UK2000 Heathrow with AI 100% vehicle traffic 40% no FFTF running spot view switching the AI went black no texture for a second, starting FFTF this stopped and my FPS went up 3-4 to mid 20s. This is Traffic Global by the way JF AI program which I'm testing.
  9. rjfry

    No autogen in P3d v4.3

    I have been running 4.3 with FPS locked 29 FFTF installed LOD 8.5 as found it the best settings for my system in test flight EGKK to EGLL in ORBX UK.
  10. rjfry

    FTX Central , will it ever work properly?

    I have not had a problem with FTX Central and now I'm running P3Dv4.3 I have most of ORBX installed, in FSX I new it was pointless to buy more addons as I was having to compromise for VAS in my settings, and I find it odd that FSX users complain when ORBX said that true earth scenery would not be ported to FSX, no matter what sim you run the more you throw at it the more it will affect performance, wait till XP users get 300GB of ORBX ported over.
  11. rjfry

    Accidently deleted Traffic.bgl?

    Did you look in the recycle bin as often you can right click and restore something if you have not emptied the bin.
  12. rjfry

    Newest Nvidia driver 398.82 issues

    Yes and when windows update comes along time to beat them with a stick, flight sim would perfect if Nvidia and Microsoft went away.
  13. rjfry

    PMDG 787

    Rumour has it will go into beta 2025😀.
  14. rjfry

    Newest Nvidia driver 398.82 issues

    Beats me why users complain when window update installs new GPUs now we know why it happens.
  15. Have you guys checked out the latest motherboards coming out all sporting heat pipes for the VRM both Intel and AMD boards, may be testers got the message home to the manufactures last year.