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  1. Apparently Nvidia are offering to take back suppliers overstocked GPUs due to (mining) drop out, that's good of them one supplier reportedly returned 300,000 cards or are they worried that they may dump them on the market at cut price when the new GPUs are released, and the price of the new GPUs is still speculation one of the latest $729 for the 1180.
  2. rjfry

    Fix corrupted scenery.cfg file

    You need to go into ORBX FTX Central and in settings and configure the ORBX scenery to insertion point below your addons, this can be done in the box in settings then save.
  3. All PCI slot are 16/8 lanes when one slot is used it runs at 16 when the motherboard detects two 2 GPUs each PCI auto switches to 8 giving a total 2x8=16, and their are some that run 4x4=16 using four slots on some older boards.
  4. The motherboard has two PCI slots each one capable of 16x or 8x lanes, one GPU installed will run on 16 lanes passthrough two GPUs installed each GPU will now only run on 8 lanes each + 2 16 lanes the same as one. This is why Nvidia don't see the point of SLI now with the power that the latest single GPU has.
  5. It is still early access at the moment and more is added with each update, UPS FedEx Cargo Lux are in the aircraft folder I have been creating flight plans for them in My AI Flights Database, you can wait till the finished product comes out when ??.
  6. rjfry

    Where Simmers hail from

    You must be next door then I went to Manchester airport yesterday a 20min journey took 1hr 15min to pick up my daughter coming back from Skiathos. 😀
  7. One of the Bug fix in 398.11 was the issue with the PC connected through display port 1.2, and another fixed the issue that prevented the user from selecting a bitrate 50Mbps for 4K resolution. PS I did not get this in windows update I use Geforce Experiece but do a custom install as you then only install the drivers if you want.
  8. I would check if their is something running in task manager that may be causing the problem, I had a problem after shutting down P3Dv4 I found couatl was still running and I could only shut it down with task manager, removed couatl and download new and I rectified the problem.
  9. Also they may well be optimized for the latest big games but what will they do for the performance in flight sim, it may be a high price for little gain we will have to wait and see.
  10. I think we have not seen the best yet for V4 most are old scenery's patched, until they make full use of the V4 SDK then we will see something that will set them apart.
  11. rjfry

    Installation process P3Dv4.1 to P3Dv4.3?

    I believe Rob also recommends to backup the Config and delete the old one and delete the contents of the shadier folder, before you install the new Client and let it rebuild the config and shadier folder.
  12. rjfry

    Hey PMDG. Here's an idea

    They could do that terms and conditions minimum rental 24 months $10 a month.😁
  13. Ha I was not far off a product to support there products.
  14. Well we will soon know nearly there watching the live stream from FSExpo.