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  1. If you don't have a anti-static wristband ground yourself to discharge any static I use the metal radiators in my house, central heating system is grounded, but I do have a wrist strap when I'm building a rig.
  2. It looks like the i9 will have a very short life span in the present format with Intel releasing there road map, 10nm die CPU 2019 the red camp has put the wind up them. Sorry but something went wrong when posting ended up multi post.
  3. That's the problem with flight sim out of date data airports not in the sim. Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International for one.
  4. rjfry

    End of the road...

    I think they are talking in airline service BA are starting to decommission there's, China still use some.
  5. Good news still flying the 747-400 so no problem when it`s ready.
  6. Intel have just put out that the 10nm CPUs will be coming 2019 first for the consumer then data centres later, is this a ploy by Intel "don't jump ship yet and go to the other side" 😑.
  7. rjfry

    Black flickering RTX 2070 in P3D

    Did you delete the config file and tried deleting the shaders and let P3D detect your GPU.
  8. Yes but that's why they are dispersant to get the 10nm die they have done the 14nm as far as they dare and are now resurrecting the 22nm die, and the 10nm may not come till Q4 2019.
  9. rjfry

    PMDG support reset password with no way out

    I have just reset my account password ok but you have to do it asap as it will time out if you don't.
  10. When it is released it will be "THE WORLDS FASTEST GAMING CPU" OOPS!!.
  11. Guru3D have put the spec sheets on the new AMD the 3850 5.1 boost CPU due may $499, Intel may have a problem keeping the market share next year I'm looking to do major rebuild end 19.
  12. AMDs new Ryzen specs flagged up RYZEN 9 3850 4.3Ghz stock 5.1Ghz Turbo boost 16/32 cores 135W $499 MAY 2019.