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  1. Wondering if the RTX 2080Ti will be an overkill for P3D? I'm currently running two 980Ti's. I know the 1080Ti's may go on sale here in the near future, but I'm wondering if I should just bite the bullet and purchase a 2080Ti in order to prepare for what the future may have in store. I know that P3D V4 definitely won't be able to push the 2080Ti to its max potential, but what about future versions of P3D, like V5? Do you predict that future versions of P3D will have features that will allow the RTX 2080Ti to unleash its full potential? Debating if I should purchase a 1080Ti or RTX 2080Ti. I saw today there was some leaked benchmark data showing that the RTX 2080Ti is 25%-30% more powerful than its predecessor (1080Ti). Wondering if that 25%-30% would apply to P3D. It's always hard to gauge true performance increases because the manufacturers fail to include testing on simulation platforms such as P3D. Any thoughts, comments, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Im looking for someone in the Los Angeles area who can help me with FSUIPC. Ive made multiple attempts to calibrate my setup and get it working properly to no avail. Compensation will be provided. Thanks.
  3. Just heard that GoFlightinc.com is having a 10% off sale on all of their products. Use coupon Code “GFTSOCALVS” at checkout! I have been using GoFlight hardware for my simulation setup for years, and I must say the quality and realism of their products is unmatched. Their customer service and technical support is also unmatched. I had an issue with setting up my throttle quadrant Axis, and called at least 3 times, and each time they were beyond helpful! They rarely offer any discounts or promotions, so definitely worth checking out! I plan on placing an order for a few things today. www.goflightinc.com Coupon Code: “GFTSOCALVS” Happy Flying! -Wilco1996
  4. Boeing all the way! PMDG has made it hard for me to ever consider moving to any other add-on aircraft.
  5. Hand removing is the best. Although it takes longer, it grants me peace of mind!
  6. Haha Dreamflight so true! When buying property around an airport, you should be well informed about the possibility of noise from aircraft. Even with noise abatements, its impossible for you to have silence.
  7. Definitely will look into that. My apologies, I guess I didn't do a sufficient amount of searching.
  8. I would agree guys! Flight simulation has evolved to levels never imagined! As technology continues to progress, I cant wait to see whats in store for the near future!
  9. Aviation travel is the safest method of travel. When examined, the amount of aircraft that depart and land each day, compared to the number of accidents reported is minute.
  10. My experience with P3D has been amazing! FSX-SE has revitalized the FSX name, but still nothing compares to P3D in my opinion. The smoothness and graphic capabilities are amazing! Add-Ons integrate in the software like it was included in the original installation.
  11. Last week I watched a National Geographic documentary on the worlds most challenging approaches. My eyes were glued to the TV for the entire 2 hours. Ill see if I National Geographic has posted it to their website or on YouTube. If i find the link I will share it.
  12. Looks like so much fun! What a way to give back, while still enjoying an amazing day within American history! Way to go!
  13. Although I did not know much about Tom, reading about his legacy allows me to envision the type of individual he was. Thanks Tom for establishing this amazing platform. May you fly high in the sky, watching over us all!
  14. Has anyone had a chance to use the DoveTail Games Flight School? Ive seen and heard mixed reviews about the training aid, and wanted to here some input from you guys. Although it is fairly cheap, (I think its $12.99) just wondering if its worth it?
  15. Yeah, I heard its only for drone pilots! Sucks! Before I went to college, I was very close to enlisting in the Air Force. The aviation knowledge that you get from a military setting still remains unmatched.
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