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  1. In music technology to circumvent the staggeringly slow and latent WDM sound drivers the ASIO system was introduced so that live playing of complex samples was possible. Since the intro of ASIO4All which is free and can handle standard PC sound outputs the decrease in latency must still be significant for Flight Sims...guess Ill have to put this on the LM Forum Why not try? However as long as the old WDM substructure drivers are used it will not be significant until ASIO drivers are used - Creative has its own ASIO driver, which you need to choose as output on any high end music tech, als that option does not appear for flight simmers who are stuck with basic WDM (as far as I know?).
  2. I run p3d 3.4 on a system with multiple sound outputs - Normally onboard Realtek speaker outputs or a LX3000 MS USB headset. Normal usage is all outputs are routed to the USB Headset. If I switch to speakers all sounds emanate apart from the ATC dialogue which stays resolutely on the Headset!? Now there appears to be no way to get this to switch away in the software, is there a configuration file somewhere? Also I notice that on some aircraft incorrect sound setup can cause the dreaded stutters and it begs the question that the whole issue of 'log jams' in the sound chain could be an issue - there seems to be no use of ASIO drivers such as ASIO4All to alleviate any 'slowdowns from the sound sub system - this being particularly important in hi-fidelity multi-sound systems in modern sim software.
  3. Good idea - Windows 10 is weird, it 'feels' unstable at base level. As the upgrades happen it feels a bit like subtle shoring up of a dam about to burst - whilst the operator hopes it will cross the 30% barrier. Alas a lot of the instability results from the 'glitzy' and surprisingly rapid upgrade from Windows 7 (one of my computers suffered that) my other one - a new install feels much more stable. Microsoft have been trying for a long time to appease the 'lowest common denominator user' by burying access to the OS as best they could, and at the same time obsessing about 'security' and Christmas Tree baubles like 'Cortana' which, paradoxically, is one of the biggest security breaches of all. Nobody can help but admire Microsofts past ability to transform MS-DOS into a 'user-friendly' GUI over the years but the 'user' has grown-up, we want our OS to 'operate' and be stable, above all - we are no longer 'amazed' by toy 'bolt-ons'. Our investment in software deserves a rock solid foundation not a bed of tinsel - there is too much at stake - and since you (MS) have locked us in, I think its time to understand prisoners need better care, and can easily revolt.
  4. Tried the latest version of FSUIPC and ended up with memory management BSOD's in Windows 10 back to 458 from 459 and all is stable - I'm leaving it there :smile:
  5. Hi thanks for ideas - it seems that the problem was in the cameras.cfg - Super Traffic board had installed a HotkeySelect value of 1 which conflicted (though there is no indication of that in cameras.cfg) changed it to 5 and solved the problem. Simon Jones of STB helped me out now can use STB in normal (same computer) usage but in nework ......sheeee! - thats another story. Moral of the story watch those HotKeySelects in cameras.cfg. Thanks to all especially Simon of Super Traffic Board. Mod please mark as closed.
  6. Has anyone any ideas why my copy of P3d HF2 opens up in standard Virtual Cockpit view and after about 15 secs jump to an AI aircraft view, disrupting scenery loads?
  7. Any one have any idea why my version of HF2 should start in virtual cockpit view and then after 10secs jump to an AI view?
  8. Envtex is basically a texture replacer like REX Textures so after a backup of originals a new set is installed. PTA changes the HLSL shaders again after a backup of originals (can also be used with Re-Shade GPU rendering) ASCA loads with AS-2016 in my case so normal on startup.
  9. Hi all Putting this one out at the same time as writing to developer. Super Traffic board is a great addon, but since installing it I am having a little frustration with startup. I use SIMStarter NG and when I start a saved scenario (this one a Twin Otter on Stand One at Innsbruck) the Virtual Cockpit loads and the addon scenery for Innsbruck fine - after about 10 secs it jumps to the first AI Aircraft - on switching back to the Twotter the Innsbruck scenery loads very slowly and then in the wrong order so houses float in the air - the jump to the AI seems to disrupt scenery loading - anyone any ideas. Everything all the latest version including P3d 3.4 (latest Hotfix). Skow
  10. Some examples of using PTA with Envtex & ASCA. I have not found any serious FPS decrease in using these plugins and although a lot of tweeking is necessary to get the results you wish I think that Envtex and PTA are a great pair, especially when coupled with ASCA.
  11. I reinstalled GSX (latest version) and still have the latest version of FSUIPC running and all seems fine at the moment as it did before the mysterious collapse on the 25th. I am still cautious as the volatility seems to balance on a knife edge but as of writing FSUIPC ok - GSX ok???? We'll see what happens...
  12. Hi all - the worry with all this is that no logical traceable conclusion is available or conclusive. An open ended system is always likely to be like this with a multiplicity of possibilities, but it is possible if the host application has a robust diagnostic system built in, requiring every addon to monitor itself and to provide diagnostics to the host system which in turn will disable the addon should it threaten the stability of the system. Both Cubase and Photoshop for instance will scan their plugins for problems on startup and recommend they be disabled if there is a protocol issue. On every update of P3d all known (unknowns should be flagged) addons should be checked for compatibility issues and if they are in doubt, they should be disabled pending update or maintenance. People may say this puts too much on the host system and perhaps a load on the makers of addons, but it is a little ironic to me that the very industry this simulator simulates is a model of software integrity and error checking, whilst its facsimile seems not to model that to any great degree at all, and most of us resort to praying to whatever deity we choose to protect us from the next 'crash' rather than building things from the ground up correctly in the first place. Lockheed build an incredible simulator, its just sad to see loyal customers locked in a constant struggle to make it work - try that with the purchaser of an Airbus or Boeing etc. etc. This is the 21st Century and yes we are stuck with the outdated architecture of the 'PC' which should have been superseded long ago, and if Microsoft would stop hanging baubles on the Christmas Tree and get the system right we may have again a better foundation so my criticism is not all laid at Lockheed Martins door, but I would have thought for their own reputation a more robust protection of the core program would be a good idea. However back to the real world my system runs now but occasionally crashes Windows 10 with various errors so FSUIPC may be at fault too - who can tell? Yet again the wonderful world of Sims is turned into a computer error troubleshooting game....ok if you like that sort of thing, or indeed if solutions are ever really possible! It seems there is no way to win the game; just a purgatory of glorious interludes to be taken away at any moment, hours of making sure the track holds up before you ever get to drive the train (er plane - got my sims confused :smile: ) So all the best to all fellows on our road to Calvary, maybe just maybe 2017 will bring the promise....but maybe not. It happened with both a clean cfg and the old one in that order...the clean cfg would only work with FSUIPC being reinstalled again and again, then when GSX was uninstalled all appears to run but as to stability the ball is still balancing on a knife edge :excl: Thanks for the input though :smile:
  13. An update. Stability has returned it seems many have experienced problems with the new version of GSX and the new P3d 3.4; so this seems the root of my problem whether it caused detrimental interaction with FSUIPC I dont know, but I seem to be working ok so far with the new FSPUIC installed & GSX uninstalled.
  14. Hi thanks for reply I seem (????) to have solved it by removing GSX and Coatl - latest version issued in December - what triggered the failure I have no idea. I am still running the latest version of FSUIPC, but I'm still testing - Simstarter NG was a blessing keeping my original configs safe. I will let you know of any further news - more glorious days of testing rather than flying P3D. All the best
  15. On December 24th after completing a vfr flight from Innsbruk to Salzburg I shut down my newly uptated P3d (v3.4.18 19475) complete with updates for AS2016 + ASCA, GSX, FSUIPC, I awoke 24th to find P3d would nor run up, jumping out of startup, remaining in memory but requiring a Task Manager sutdown to exit. Checking Microsoft Log for errors I found two error problems in GSX and FSUIPC not running. I reinstalled FSUIPC first and managed to get P3d running after a Client reinstall and a new P3d. cfg file, it ran once then would not run up again. Just tried to reinstall FSUIPC which installed again with no problem as if the old FSUIPC was still installed (usually FSUIPC objects if installation up to date) P3d ran again then crashed, restart ran up (no crash) shut down would not start. Reinstall FSUIPC P3d ran up worked shut down same result. On the FSX side it disappeared from Addons and I have yet to uninstall it completely since it is with FSUIPC that seems to be the prime source of the problem. How did this all come crashing down so soon without warning and why oh why is P3d nor stable? I guess I'm tired with it - 4 months to setup, got it working perfectly even past the updates, and now to awake one morning and find it trashed with no user input...all I know is that maybe I'm not supposed to continue with this torture....there are limits. P3d is the best Flight Sim around, and thats the trap - I'd love to go to XPlane but the thought of having an accurate flight engine marred by a circular ring of dirty cotton wool over my cockpit does not appeal (even in version 11). So its Lockheed or nothing and I think the powers that be have dictated to me that its nothing.... RIP P3d
  16. From an Aerosoft DH6 - the raindrops show up if you use the cockpit view rather than virtual cockpit, they are pretty realistic too - pity the Twotters VC doesn't show them.
  17. All shots using Envtex presets coupled with ASCA and AS2016, using a PTA tweek downloaded from Envtex with a slight mod to Aircraft lighting to remove a too bright ambient light from the moon in the cockpit and not allowing Envtex to model Cumulus clouds. This is from P3D 3.41 with Orbx scenery. No FPS drop with Envtex (only used normal with 2048 for Airport textures. A short (very short) video here with the same effects over Zel Am See
  18. Sorry what a blunder cant edit so perhaps a moderator can delete it I ll post on P3d.
  19. All shots using Envtex presets coupled with ASCA and AS2016, using a PTA tweek downloaded from Envtex with a slight mod to Aircraft lighting to remove a too bright ambient light from the moon in the cockpit and not allowing Envtex to model Cumulus clouds. This is from P3D 3.41 with Orbx scenery. A short (very short) video here with the same effects over Zel Am See
  20. I have lived with problems since the early days of P3d - version 3 was a start of some kind of light at the end of the tunnel - its not perfect but then nothing is. As to your comment fixed implies that these issues were non functional no matter what corrections were tried before. Now upon update of the client they work as the manuals say they should. The change of state from broken to fixed is precise enough when no other action other than the update occurred. Myself I am likely to believe that the hotfix was the causative agent - of course there is always a miracle I suppose
  21. Fixed a lot on my version of P3d V.3.4:- IStation via Wide FS 7 now works correctly, which should imply FSUIPC ok. Airbus Control problem now cured on my setup. Much more inherent stability in the program. Only casualty so far Active Sky 2016 and FS Passengers - For Active Sky it is an ASConnect Issue. So far for me its positive I wait for an Active Sky update
  22. Hi just a mention I am using Version 375.57 which could be a sweet one for P3d - I got the notification of 375.63 this morning I am resisting :smile: . Perhaps someone who has the technical knowledge could have a look at the specs to see what might be the cause - perhaps Lockheed Martin maybe I'll email them.
  23. I upgraded to P3d 3.4 at the beginning of October and upgraded all the software I had (ASN then was my weather app - since upgraded to AS2016) and was dismayed to find my long standing micro stutter problem still existed and it became unusable at low altitudes- the old P3d story for me....end of all possibility :mad: However on the 20th of October [which I'll now label 'Revelation Day] the gods at NVIDIA realeased a new driver for my Titan Black. P3d was set free - totally smooth performance and in fact I was able to max out all settings and still get staggering performance almost on the ground at Innsbruck (Just Sim version) and even Aerosoft Heathrow with no configuration until I ran out of memory,which is understandable. Orbx textures maxed out across three screens at 2K resolutions. So now I'm happy I've got a P3d installation that I dreamed of - not quite free from problems (Control issues with Aerosoft Airbuses & QW B757) but Ill sort those out.....and I don't care my Aerosoft Twotter revels in swimming in a glorious environment ....paradise :smile:
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