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  1. I am currently sitting with the process running in the background 10.4% CPU / 594MB Ram / 10% GPU. It's been running now about 20 minutes, will let you know if it ever completes.
  2. Tried these steps and no joy. The loading screen opens.. it shows the usual progress bar at creating scenery then when the Scenario screen should show it disappears to a background process (no UI) and thats that.. only option is to kill the process.
  3. Sure, I tried this.. no change sadly. Also on this PC I simply use Windows Defender.
  4. Ok just finished the complete re-install. Vanilla P3D 4.5.. all traces of previous installation were removed (except for the windows registry) and same issue. No addon's installed, this is completely vanilla. This is from the newly download setup also.. not the individual installers. So... Is there something in the windows registry that could be the issue?
  5. I have never used any FSLabs product that I am aware of :-/
  6. I use Windows 10 which is showing as up-to-date.
  7. The only other 'maybe' relevant info I can think of. I install P3D to: i:\Prepar3d instead of the default C:\Program Files location. I use a separate SSD drive for P3D.
  8. Thank you Simbol for looking into this. I don't use reshade or any external applications for shaders and so on. I am using Nvidia drivers 419.67 (the latest release (not beta etc)). My current setup is therefore very simplistic really. I only had a few addons installed. But even after removing them the problem was still happening. I am now doing a completely refresh installation. I completely uninstalled P3D. Manually deleting all the lockhead folders in AppData and ProgramData. I downloaded the full installer for P3D 4.5 fresh, and am now in the process of installing again. This will be entirely vanilla.
  9. Sadly no, it doesn't show up on the task bar after the initial loading screen. It runs as a background process in task manager, and therefore there is no UI to switch too.
  10. Im in the same position. Basically am now running with a clean installation of 4.5.. no addons installed what-so-ever, still no Scenario screen, still have to kill of the process using task manager. A complete reinstall has therefore made no difference. Seems something fundamental is wrong. I am going to try and remove 4.5 entirely.. and delete any remnant of it under ProgramData etc. Re-download the full installer and hope for the best.
  11. I do not use tomatoshade, I uninstalled fsuipc. The difference might be, I did a full update of client/content/scenery to 4.5. Removing each using the control panel and running each installer in turn. I may try and do a full clean reinstall of P3D.
  12. So far nothing I have tried brings back the Scenario creation screen. I went as far as completely removing the prepar3d folders from AppData/Local AppData/Roaming and ProgramData into a backup directory. Launching re-creates them, but still no Scenario creation screen. Infuriating! The fact many others are experiencing this also points to a fundamental issue with P3D 4.5.
  13. Same issue with launching. It shows the initial P3D screen and then disappears. It is shown as running in task manager but no main screen. I have tried running as admin, renaming all the add-on.cfg files along with the prepar3d.cfg but no joy. I have also tried renaming the exe.xml and dll.xml files. Running out of ideas..
  14. Hi folks, if you are using Oculus Rift (particularly Home 2.0) then this reddit post is for you: https://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/8uf1sm/oculushomeless_use_dash_without_home_20/ I spend most of my flight time in Rift and frequently use dash to drag in a browser window or navigation tools etc whilst sitting in the cockpit. This functionality is essential to me so I don't have to take off the headset just to look something up on the web whilst flying. The thing I don't need is the (otherwise excellent) home 2.0 chewing up my ram and cpu whilst messing around in dash during flight. Personally this for me has really helped my performance during flights, and hopefully other rift users will notice the same thing.
  15. I am using the Horizon Gen-X VFR photoscenery with ES trees in 4.2 along with UK2000 airports. Whilst the Orbx stuff looks 'prettier' it just doesn't compare to actual photo scenery. I guess if you like doing VFR flying then thats the best there is, if your interest is the big jets then Orbx England/Wales/Scotland will look better and the lack of accuracy won't really concern you.
  16. To answer your question, the solution is very simple. Look in your prepar3d installation directory at the following path: X:\Prepar3d\Scenery\World\scenery and locate the trafficAircraft.bgl file. This is the default AI aircraft. Simply either delete it permanently or rename it to trafficAircraft.bgl.BAK.
  17. Flight1 GTN 750/650 (Complete) has now been updated to P3D 4.2.
  18. Thank you for posting this, co-incidentally I have spent the past two days periodically converting AIA/TFS and other AI models to P3D4.0 in order to correct the scripting content errors so have now gone through and ensured everything had a radio section.
  19. Well if you mean that REX copied the leading product (FEX) which still today has the better quality and variation of cloud/water/sky textures. What REX have been good at is marketing. Don't take my word for it, look at the alpha channels (which is what defines the cloud quality) compared with FEX.
  20. I think Flight Sim's in general could be categorised into many things depending on what the user does with it. Everything from a hobby through to an occasional time waster (video game), to a learning and educational tool. Also whilst things like grass, and sloped runways would be nice, they are by no means a show stopper for a simulator. Besides you have to consider what you are asking.. let me give you a real world example: Many soft field runways in the real world, particularly for farm strips and even some widely known airports (EGHA for example) have variable soft field conditions. Often a prior call to a farm strip or EGHA will result in instructions like "please land to the right side of the runway to avoid the muddy area on the left side". So how do you model in this in the sim? Lets suppose the sim models soft field conditions of long grass/short grass, to be actually realistic it would also need to model whether it is wet or dry and also how boggy (or not) the soil is. Some grass strips are plain unusable after periods of rain to nose pushers. What I am saying is, your asking for a can of worms to be opened. Flightsim's should of course be as accurate as possible.. however when you get to the finer detail then it will likely always fall short.
  21. Excellent, a C150/152 to the same high standard would be great. Other wishes from the Cessna range would be the C180 (whilst not as comfortable as the C182.. it beats a nose pusher for those tricky grass strips, as well as has the smooth continental).
  22. Interested to hear if anyone has managed to get P3D V4 to display any textures in BC7 format? I have converted some aircraft textures to BC7.. they look absolutely perfect in a Direct Draw window, exactly the same as DXT5 (with obviously the higher quality). Use it in P3D and black texture. The same base uncompressed bitmap was used with exactly the same format. Into BC3 (DXT5) it works fine.. BC7 nope. Slightly disappointing because the quality of BC7 is indistinguishable from the base bitmap, DXT5 has all the usual artifacts. If we could use BC7 we would get bitmap quality at DXT5 filesize.
  23. That would be great! Many thanks for looking at it.
  24. The file name to replace is: RASDukeTv2_Sound.gau The panel.cfg shows: gauge21=RASDukeTv2_Sound!Sound, 1,1,2,2,./SimObjects/Airplanes/RealAir Duke Turbine V2/Panel/Sound/RASDukeTv2_Sound.ini Many thanks for this Doug. May I also ask, I and I suspect many others use the now unsupported Baytower Vans RV7 which I believe also includes some of your work: btsENG.dll which according to the details was originally named: dsd_wastegate_control.dll with your name as the signer and author. Do you have any plans to update that dll also to X64 at all? Warm regards
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