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  1. Ok thanks 🙂 Where do you turn to actually? I tried to get a refund for the Mooney but never figured out where t
  2. word not allowed. Looks so good. Scratching my head trying to replicate their method to have glass looking so good. No luck so far 🙂
  3. Where do you turn to actually? I tried to get a refund for the Mooney but never figured out where to ask
  4. Surely they'll come in time. But they released 3 of them in a row, so i guess they also want to cater for the vintage guys 🙂 i think its a pretty smart move actually.
  5. https://m.facebook.com/Carenado/posts/3538239806252808 Modeling and texturing looks AMAZING
  6. Very kind thank you but lets not get ahead of ourselves here 🙂
  7. This will most likely be a floats only version (potentially an amphib one). The others versions will come later
  8. Race is on to have the first freeware aircraft that isnt some kind of port over of a existing freeware already on legacy sim. Also, now we have amazing tools that permits freeware aircrafts to be visually on par with payware stuff (some of them anyways).
  9. NEGATIVE, i've got a plan, but the plan revolves around this getting out as a FREEWARE. If this isnt freeware, then there's no plan. And like i said, i have a plan 😄
  10. I'll tell you my background. NONE lol. Started 3D modeling on the first lockdown, wich in France was in March. Then totaly stopped from June to November. And now we are on lockdown again so started again.
  11. Oh i dont know, explore the entire planet maybe?
  12. Well, look at what those that have decades of experience are doing for msfs right now 😄 Thank you:)
  13. These are friction controls for the above levers 🙂 Thanks! Gotta say Substance is pretty magical for texturing 🙂
  14. Yes, and even taclking planes that are on the Milviz catalog 🙂 To be honest, a bit of PR disaster this stream, they went on pretty weird rants (and fake facts) that were pretty strange
  15. Thats the one. Pam from the OZteam ported the flight dynamics and OzWookie took care of the visuals.
  16. To me also, and i dont know why but there was a kinda of strange vibe when they talked about the msfs public, like, not full on disrespectful, but kinda borderline. Maybe thats just me.
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