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  1. These synchronous turning windmills in the video look awful.
  2. Boeing demanding more license fees, maybe?
  3. I already did so. Trained with a friend using P3DV4 PMDG 737-800. At Lufthansa Training Center in a Level D Simulator we where able to do a start up from Cold&Dark, Preflight, EDDM to EDDF and back and set it to Cold&Dark again. Absolutely no problem. Doing this in real life with presure of unpredictable instructions of ATC and so on, it is another challange
  4. I was hoping for this, too. Of course SOME add-ons will always be needed (Expert aircraft i.e.), but my understanding was that MSFS will implement most of them. Now we have the same situation as for decades 🤬. Peter
  5. 10 per aircraft? If not, 10 is not much, I need 8 for the 737 alone (Captain / Captain-Overhead / Captain-TQ / Captain Pedestal / FO / FO-Overhead / FO-TQ / FO-Pedestal). The FO views are relevant for my training.
  6. Ah ok. Is my understanding correct, that I can save a couple of views in the cockpit (position, angle, zoom etc) and call them by pressen a key? 😮 If that's the case the only advantage of CP for my needs is that I can control how fast the camera is moving to each preset.
  7. ChasePlane is a must for MSFS 2020. I use it for my PMDG-737 in P3D. I set different panel-views to my 10 button mouse. It would be nearly impossible to fly the PMDG without these presets (using Heat-Switch is a no-go at Takeoff or Landing procedures). I'll maybe try MSFS 2020 until CasePlane is working.
  8. That all indicates that MSFS is a TERRAIN-Simulator and not an FLIGHT-Simulator 🙃
  9. It would be very nice. Think about flying a Piper in the Rockies with a 2 mile long cargo train coming round the corner. But there are some other things to be done first.
  10. I did an 3 hours flight in an 737-800 Level D simulator of Lufthansa last year. The graphic quality was like standard FS 2004. My instructor told me that the new A350 simulators are much better, but I can not tell how they look.
  11. It will be there for sure with the same questions mankind faced in the past: Intel or AMD, NVidia or AMD, P3D or XP.....
  12. The direction of the shadows (plane and rock) are different. The shadow of the rock is not in line with the sun. But I think this is hard to correct.
  13. Love this one because I live in Bavaria. I remember when you had to pay 30,- DM for a couple of POI like this in southern Germany (FS 2000). Now they are standard.
  14. But the Apron surface in not correct. It must be concrete, not gras 🤔
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