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  1. That all indicates that MSFS is a TERRAIN-Simulator and not an FLIGHT-Simulator 🙃
  2. It would be very nice. Think about flying a Piper in the Rockies with a 2 mile long cargo train coming round the corner. But there are some other things to be done first.
  3. I did an 3 hours flight in an 737-800 Level D simulator of Lufthansa last year. The graphic quality was like standard FS 2004. My instructor told me that the new A350 simulators are much better, but I can not tell how they look.
  4. It will be there for sure with the same questions mankind faced in the past: Intel or AMD, NVidia or AMD, P3D or XP.....
  5. The direction of the shadows (plane and rock) are different. The shadow of the rock is not in line with the sun. But I think this is hard to correct.
  6. Love this one because I live in Bavaria. I remember when you had to pay 30,- DM for a couple of POI like this in southern Germany (FS 2000). Now they are standard.
  7. But the Apron surface in not correct. It must be concrete, not gras 🤔
  8. oh yeah that would be great. I loved flying the glider in FSX and a hang glider wuold be even more fantastic.
  9. 🤣 Wouldn't it be cool to get an MSFTCBS (Microsoft Flight Train Car Boat Simulator) in one product? 😎
  10. Yes I think so, too. I can imagine that it is hard so set the type of trees automatically. Maybe they have to define areas for the vegetation.
  11. I am not sure if these are conifers, but the type seen in the picture is more correct then palm trees in this are. You will find only a few palm trees but a lot of other broadleaf trees.
  12. Yes, it is Miami RWY 27. And the trees are correct (checked with Google Earth)
  13. Nice pics, but Dubai looks not so good. Shadows where no tall buildings are and still doubled shadows.
  14. I agree. I always use my Tablet and "Virtual CDU" for entering data to the FMC of the PMDG (P3D), that's great.
  15. We will never see any fireballs, explosions, engines falling off and so on. The Aircraft names are copyright and Boeing, Airbus will not allow Asobo to use them if this is simulated. And I remember after 9/11 the damage model was removed from the FS and I think this will stay.
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