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  1. Hi, how did you do please to delete specific aircrafts ? and livery ? Thank you
  2. I would like to see them included into FSLTL to avoid multiple starts of softwares... anyways looks great !
  3. False ! it was stated in SU10 release note (2nd point) : "Please note that our new memory allocator for DX12 on PC will only be activated for Nvidia graphic card users once the next driver is available (will improve performance). Other graphic cards already benefit from the new allocator." thus i am waiting for the fix, hope it will come soon...
  4. Guys, SU10 beta works well with current drivers !
  5. ... I am waiting for FSTL. In dev. for months now and no news about release despite it is almost ready. reminder : https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/announcement-fslivetraffic-liveries-fsltl/297900
  6. PRO ATC not yet available, but will come soon ! so i checked this one.
  7. great news ! Pro ATC was the best on P3D
  8. Thank you very much for the great work and dedicated time, Henrik and your team ! Looking forward to further effects implementation.
  9. That's what i've done : I found MSFS default Flight Plan folder thanks to Multiexport window, then copy/paste its path into LNM FP load screen. However it's not very usefull as i have to copy past eachtime Customflight.pln path : would it be possible to add an option to load FP directly from default MSFS (or other sim/software) flight plan folder ? I mean like the Multiexport section, we would have a MultiImport section... 😉 Eric
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