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  1. why should it be more complex than cars using roads network ? personally i don't care if they don't stop at train stations and comply with real traffic time tables... And why not adding boat/vessels traffic too ? as Global AI ship traffic did few years ago ! it also brought a nice peace of life 😉 Would love to see it in partnership series...
  2. I don't think it is so difficult to develop for ASOBO : they already developped road traffic onto streets network from BING images. So why not adding trains on railways ? That's not about train simming, just traffic 😉
  3. Hi, That would be nice to include trains traffic: high speed trains, regional, goods transportation... it would be a nice have to help increase realism ! Eric
  4. Hi, just paste this : 微软模拟飞行2020 there are many others !... Enjoy
  5. Hi Dominique, yep i saw that ! Sure that there are paragliding spots database somewhere, to be use for AI (or simulated) paragliding and bring some life out of cities. BR Eric
  6. Hi, My tribute : I'd like to see few paragliders and gliders along montains' crests ! that would be very nice to locate thermal or wind lifts areas... I'd love to pilot Paragliding in such MSFS20 wonderful world environment ! All the best in this turbulent period, and thank you so much asobo for going beyond all of our dreams ! BR Eric
  7. I also want flight attendant & service management, to make long haul flights less boring...
  8. Don't miss this live demonstration in few minutes:
  9. Hi, are there any audio announcements ? I mean is it really bringing life to flights as FSP did ? TFDI PACX stream only showed menus... that's why i am confusing. Txs
  10. Looks promising indeed, however you need to restart P3D each time you plan a new flight ! I also don't know how it manages AI gates assignments. Moreover I also understood ETA must be within +6h of current UTC (at setting time), then would you still consider long haul flights if there's no AI at arrival (i.e. +8hrs flights for example) ? And finaly, the biggest issue to me is the Monthly license fee business model... Regards
  11. Hi, As far as I know it is not compatible with P3D V4 unfortunately... BR Eric
  12. Hi, having forgotten my password to connect to my account, i've asked for renewal clicking on the link, but i never received email !... Can you help me please ? (tested with IE, Firefox) Eric Order Number # 108C8910-4BB1-11E7-9D38-E3D5420AB8DF
  13. Txs Keven, i reassigned control and it's working now. Eric
  14. Good evening, Impossible to use saitek X52 top hat to move view since last update and pan, etc. application buttons not working. Kind regards Eric
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