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  1. I sure do wish I could afford to download and store over a petabyte of data so that I am not dependent on a connection to MS's servers... ...jim
  2. Just turning it off will not make any difference. One then has to complete the installation or update to effect the changes. Since you have uninstalled GSX, you may want to try installing it again, with this option turned off. ...jim
  3. Might want to have a read through the injector options section of the user guide: https://www.fslivetrafficliveries.com/user-guide/ Then have a peek at the Overview: Injector basics section in the support FAQ: https://www.fslivetrafficliveries.com/support-faq/ Keep in mind that FSLTL is using live data from FlightRadar24. If there is little traffic at the time (real) that you are flying, then you will not see much in-sim. Changing the sim time will have no effect. ...jim
  4. Did you unbind the old quickview mappings? Try using the "Search by input" to see exactly what each hat switch is bound to. Unbind what is not required. ...jim
  5. Yes. In the EFB, Presets. https://docs.flybywiresim.com/fbw-a32nx/feature-guides/flypados3/presets/ ...jim
  6. Today's smartphones have a flashlight capability. Would be good enough to get the batteries on and a dome light on. ...jim
  7. This is an old announcement that was just recently added to their RexAxis web page. It originally appeared on their Discord back in November: PRODUCT INFORMATION: REX Real Global Airport Textures - Technical Update 5.0 - Released DATE ISSUED: Tuesday, November 15, 2022 PRODUCT: REX Real Global Airport Textures BUILD: 6.0.2022.1114 BUILD STATUS: Released WARNING: This is a full version of REX Real Global Airport Textures. Therefore, uninstall all previous versions of REX Real Global Airport Textures before installing the latest update. FIX LIST: - FIXED - Microsoft Flight Simulator v. - Sim update 11 - core library compatibility INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: 1.) Uninstall all previous versions of the product. 2.) Remove all left over install folders. 3.) Create a “TEMP” folder on your desktop. 4.) Click the download link below and download the file into the “TEMP” folder you created on your desktop. 5.) Use WinZip or 7Zip (Do not use Windows UnZip) to unzip the installer files. 6.) Right click on the rexinstaller.exe and select “Run As Administrator” to start the installation process. DOWNLOAD FILE: https://rexaxis.com/
  8. First rule of troubleshooting: Reboot! ...jim
  9. There are ways around that. And one of them is officially provided by MS. https://www.tomshardware.com/how-to/install-windows-11-without-microsoft-account ...jim
  10. Might want to check your controller sensitivities and ensure that your stick neutral coincides with your axis neutral. ...jim
  11. Glad you got it sorted. I think the instructions assume that you know how the Community folder actually works. 😉 ...jim
  12. Oh man, I really hope what you are working on is the severe stutter I encounter from time to time. (We discussed it on Discord a month or two ago). If you need someone else to help test, feel free to ask. Thanks, ...jim
  13. The V3 version contains separate folders for various regions. You need to move the region folders you wish to use into your Community folder. In addition, the folder "gaist-ultra-v3" must also be moved into your Community folder. Moving the folder "GAIST ULTRA VERSION 3" to your Community folder will NOT work. You need to move the folders within that folder, as described above. ...jim
  14. Does the folder that you placed in your community folder contain "manifest.json" and "layout.json" files? If not, then you did not install the addon correctly. ...jim
  15. Within the Steam client settings, there is a setting to enable or disable Steam Cloud synchronization for applications which support it. MSFS supports it. Disable Steam Cloud sync, and if your computer crashes and burns, you will have to set up all your controllers and other cloud saved settings on your new computer. It should be noted that graphics settings (UserCfg.opt) is NOT saved to the cloud. ...jim
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