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  1. It's a bug. No workaround. Well, one workaround, manually keep track on a piece of paper. <grin> ...jim
  2. I have. Recently. It just up and died. Completely. PC could not see it at all (tried on two different PC's). Always have a backup. ...jim
  3. Dunno about anyone else, but I'm up to over 600 hours in the FBW A320. Mainly doing 150 to 300 nm hops going around the world. The hops are long enough to get up to a good cruise altitude, but not so long that things get boring. I've only crashed once (the airplane, not the sim), and that was on the approach to PARO. Got it the second time. 😉 Doing short hops like that has allowed me to see many smaller airports (minimum runway length 5,000 ft) (some better than others) and smaller cities. Of course, I also fly into the major cities along the way. Just my way of having fun with what we've been given. I'm a bit lucky in that I'm a retired IT guy and know my way around PC's. I can count on one hand the number of CTD's I have had, and they have all been because of misbehaving addons. When Windows 11 is officially released, I'll be doing my second "nuke and pave" installation since purchasing MSFS 2020, just because I can. (The first one was after doing a major hardware upgrade). Am I having fun? You betcha! Do I see room for improvement? Yup, but I don't fret about any of the small shortcomings. I'm in it for the fun. Oh, and the TCA Airbus Captains edition (side stick and throttle quadrant) was the best thing I spent money on (other than the PC upgrades). Onwards and upwards! ...jim
  4. Yeah, that's been there from the beginning. I don't mind it, as I might have nodded off while waiting for the main screen. Wakes me up and lets me know that things are (slowly) progressing towards being able to actually do something. 😉 ...jim
  5. Same here. It's a known issue with the CDN. One of the updated files failed to upload to the CDN, but the installer is getting the old file which fails the CRC check. Eventually, after several tries, the installer reverts everything back to where it was. At this point you can continue to use the mod until the issue is resolved at which point you will be able to update again using the installer. Alternatively, there are links on their discord to manually install the latest version. Note, this only affects the DEV version. Stable and Experimental are ok. Discord thread about the issue: https://discord.com/channels/738864299392630914/890520890087981067 ...jim
  6. I find having a nap during the "sleepy" part of the flight works for me. ATC wakes me up when it's time to descend. 😉 ...jim
  7. MS/Asobo have acknowledged the issue and have said it will be fixed in the hotfix due to be released next week. From the latest development update: Some users are receiving the Safe Mode pop up when launching the sim despite not having a crash. This will be resolved in the upcoming hotfix. ...jim
  8. From what I have read in the several threads about the new Safe Mode, for some users it appears every time they start MSFS. For others it does not. I am one of those where it does not appear. However, on a hunch, and a couple of hints from those posting, it appears that those having the issue were using a desktop (or start menu) short cut to start MSFS. Whereas I was using the Steam client (system tray icon) to start MSFS. So, I found the flightsimulator.exe file and created a shortcut for it on my desktop. Sure enough, any time I started MSFS with the shortcut, I got the Safe Mode prompt. And any time I started MSFS using the client, I did not get the Safe Mode prompt. So, my recommendation for now, until MS/Asobo fixes this issue, is to always start MSFS with the Steam Client or the MSStore (or XBox app) client. Do NOT use a desktop (or start menu) shortcut. Also, how MSFS is shut down does not appear to make any difference. Using "Quit to Deskop", ALT-F4, or the red X, makes no difference. ...jim PS. If someone could verify my findings with the MSStore (or XBox) client, I'd appreciate it. I only have the Steam version. PPS. Using the Dev mode instructions also made no difference for me. Same behaviour.
  9. The above is NOT working for me when starting using a shortcut. If I start using the Steam client, I do NOT get the Safe Mode prompt. If I start using a shortcut, I DO get the Safe Mode prompt. Doing the above dev mode stuff does NOT change this behaviour. My recommendation is to start using the Steam client or the MSStore (or XBox App) client. ...jim
  10. That works too, as those are the default Drone roll bindings. But you may have to go back and forth a bit. Spacebar will instantly put you back to level, horizontally. ...jim
  11. For those having the issue where Safe Mode shows up every time you start MSFS, are you starting it from a desktop (or start menu) shortcut? ...jim
  12. Just to add, plugging in a controller has been popping up that dialogue long before SU5. At least it has for me when I forget to plug in my controllers before starting MSFS. Note: for reasons I have yet to figure out, I have to unplug my controllers when not using MSFS or my screen will not go to sleep. I leave my PC on 24/7 (with an automatic reboot at 1:00 am) for... reasons. ...jim
  13. ALT-Enter will switch between windowed and full screen window mode. Windowed mode will show the "X". Full screen window will not. ...jim
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