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  1. Ah thank you for your response. Will reassign them to joystick buttons
  2. Hi guys, Sorry if this has been brought up before, I couldn’t find any posts regarding it, it’s not a major issue but curious if you have the same issue. I use button control and have keys N and M buttons assigned for main and secondary commands. When I’m off screen for e.g browsing the internet or doing work on a word document, every time I use the N and M keys it activates the FS2 crew checklist even though I am not on the MFS window ( if that makes sense). I have tried minimizing FS2 crew and turning n. on / off the pin button but still the same issue. This didn’t happen on the previous version before the download centre, so was wondering if there is a fix or a setting I can change. Only alternative I have is to assign the keys to buttons on the joystick as this won’t trigger the checklist when I’m typing so not the end of the world but I prefer to have keyboard keys as have been using the same keys for years even in P3D 😂
  3. Thank you for a detailed response Thanks for your reply. Glad it was noted. Will use Seq 2+1 for now 😄
  4. Hi guys, Sorry if this has been asked before, not sure if its correct or not or maybe a bug? I only brought the product a few days ago after seeing easyjetsim piliot showcase the product But can i just say what an AMAZING product this is, love the new style and not having to look through manuals, Great work 😄 So in my settings, I have the option ticked for engine Seq 1-2 start up, In voice when I start engine one, the FO Arms the speedbreak and lowers flaps 1+F, Shouldn't this be done after engine 2 has started? Here is a clip of the possible issue? Watch from 33min50sec
  5. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s having these issues I tend to have it happen when I arrive at an airport but if I restart the sim then they appear so far it’s happened at EGNX,EGPH,LEBB...it just doesn’t want to load the buildings so jetways are attached to nothing. I deleted my cache and settings are on high. Has this been noted my MFS team ? I don’t see much comments on this issue so makes me think it’s not been noticed 😕
  6. Don’t think this feature works anyway yet does it ? I
  7. Defo Rex, more accurate then default live weather
  8. I agree bout this. I also want it to be turned off. I don’t know if it’s just me but when at the end of the flight and the log book appears it seems to change the live weather, don’t know if that’s a MFS issue or REX issue. I either have to click on live weather again or stop and start REX to load back in the weather
  9. Lets hope by then, we will have a good AI package to use with Vatsim 😍
  10. What's the solution? I click on the link and all I see is one reply saying great stuff 😅
  11. I miss Chaseplane... I hope they make it compatible - so much easier to use and set up
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