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  1. FYI GSX integration: All FS2Crew's for MSFS have been updated to include fully integration with GSX (Voice and Button Control). The "Preflight events" routine now makes full automatic use of GSX ground services. You can even control GSX via voice'
  2. Does anyone use the Pro version? Is there Much difference between pro and the free version? (Apart from updated maps)
  3. For anyone that's interested, limited stock left 😍 miniCOCKPIT
  4. I use SLC and GSX - Both work well together - It will be even better in few weeks when SLC has integration with GSX so everything will in sync e.g boarding passengers, baggage loading etc.
  5. Also recommend this - use it all the time - its just nice feature that everything syncs with GSX 😍
  6. Has anyone tested out the latest driver - 537.13 - Any known issues before I update? thanks 😁
  7. Too much during a flight? What do you mean? Its exactly same as before with few added features - Turn everything to automated if you don't want to do it yourself and go through the menu and turn off the things you don't want - not that hard to tweak it your preference.
  8. What airline are you after? I get the audio from youtube from mine and create my own - but mainly only for safety demo and welcome PA
  9. Never mind, I had to change a setting in the xbox app for me to find it. πŸ˜„
  10. Hi guys, Im trying to install Reshade, but I cant find the gamelaunchhelper.exe in the folder - Any suggestions?
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