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  1. This is a good freeware one for HAAB Addis Ababa
  2. If you're not doing only commercial routes, the QW 757 makes a decent option ... not the 787 of course but at around 4400 miles of range it could open up some options, especially for freight
  3. everyone loves KSFO sooooo much and its completely understandable but I call KMSP a quiet masterpiece ... its caused me to add quite a few destination from there on to my schedule
  4. Aircraft - PMDG 777 - TFDI 717 - QW787 Utilities - RXP GNS - UTLive - Lorby-SI P4AO Airports/Regions sceneries - Flightbeam KIAD - FlyTampa Las Vegas - 29Palms KTNP Textures/Shaders - Orbx everything - Simmerhome lights - Accu-feel
  5. From the email .... Planet Earth Bundle to Continents, Regions, down to individual countries, provinces and states - whatever your specific AOI we can provide it with instant download access, all rendered in exquisite 19m / LOD11 detail, improving the accuracy and fidelity of the ground contours by a factor of 32X over most of the virtual Planet Earth. We bump it up even further with astounding 10m / LOD12 coverage throughout the United States, Mexico, and New Zealand. And up even another notch with vast swaths of Alaska covered in an incredible 5m resolution detail. ....... Buy One Get One FREE! on all Continents, Regions, and new UltraMesh products (w/min $14.95 order)! Simply add any Continent, Region, or UltraMesh product to your cart, View Cart to choose your FREE product, then checkout . . . Be downloading immediately upon successful checkout . . . BONUS: Week-long Sales Blast! Simply enter JETBLAST in the coupon field at checkout for INSTANT 40% discount!! Hurry!! Ends Sunday Midnight EDT http://www.toposim.net/distrib/
  6. believe you are correct the developer was focused on the surrounding area ... i think tropicalsim is working on kabq but don't have a release date
  7. Wouldn't go wrong selecting any of them but the 748 is great since you already have the 4 …. otherwise I really love driving the 777
  8. while it does work … its from 2013 so would like to see it get a refresh with the p3dv4 sdk and pbr
  9. Does anyone know if a developer is doing KDFW? would love to see an update for 2019
  10. https://secure.simmarket.com/specials.php?sgid=209
  11. Custom control over airport movements (gate assignment, ramp, runways) Realistic and interactive atmosphere (i.e. flying can be sped up if entering a jet stream or head winds etc..) Additional cpu core utilization Improved/customizable atc
  12. I love flying into/out KIAD. Both it and KSFO are some of the best and amazing bar none
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