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  1. On their site its all Taxi2Gate products
  2. madhouse1616

    Best Flight Planner

    +++SimBrief, PFPX are as everyone else has said fantastic tools (plus the others) … might have some exports you're looking for
  3. madhouse1616

    QualityWings 146 Released for V4

    I think many of us are awaiting the 757 as well … they said it would be $14.95 which is fabulous but if you can't wait (they didn't give a timeframe but did say 'soon') its available for $25 usd on their site
  4. madhouse1616

    What's the best business jet for P3D mid 2017?

    yes it is … would love seeing more in that sector
  5. madhouse1616

    RealAir Duke B60 Coming To v4

    Indeed they are … thank you sooo much Sean!!!!
  6. madhouse1616

    MK Studios Cyber Monday on Simmarket

    It's not much but aerosoft has two MK Studio titles on sale 30% off through 9DEC Lisbon P3D v4 and Madeira X Evolution P3D-FSX-FSX.SE
  7. madhouse1616

    Tfdi 717 and 4.4

    try checking event viewer system and application logs too if you haven't done so
  8. madhouse1616

    PMDG Weekend Sale 20%

    Kinda the reason I posted it in the first place … forgot to put aerosoft in the title because it shows in the link but alas
  9. madhouse1616


    Was just updating a list of my callsigns in the airline.cfg and thought "might" be useful for someone else as well (airline/callsign) Air France/AIRFRANS Air Wisconsin/WISCONSIN Airwave/AIRWAVE Alaska Airlines/ALASKA Allegiant Air/ALLEGIANT American Airlines/AMERICAN American Pacific/AMERICAN PACIFIC ANA All Nippon/ALL NIPPON Avianca Brazil/OCEANAIR Blue One (1)/BLUEFIN British Airways Plc/SPEEDBIRD Cape Air/CAIR Cathay Pacific/CATHAY CityJet/CITY IRELAND CommutAir/COMMUTAIR Compass Airlines/COMPASS ROSE Delta Air Lines/DELTA Delta Private Jets/JET CARD Emerald Harbor Air/GEMSTONE Endeavor Air/FLAGSHIP Envoy Air/ENVOY ExpressJet/ACEY FedEx Express/FEDEX Frontier Airlines/FRONTIER FLIGHT Gaia/GAIA Global Freightways/GLOBAL FREIGHTWAYS GoJet Airlines/LINDBERGH Hawaiian Airlines/HAWAIIAN JetBlue Airways/JETBLUE KLM/KLM Landmark/LANDMARK Lockheed Aircraft/LOCKHEED Lockheed/LIGHTING Lufthansa/LUFTHANSA Mesa Airlines/AIRSHUTTLE None Orbit/ORBIT Pacifica/PACIFICA Pan AM/CLIPPER Piedmont Airlines/PIEDMONT PSA Airlines/BLUE STREAK Qantas/QANTAS Republic Airlines/BRICKYARD Shuttle America/MERCURY Silver Airways/SILVER WINGS Singapore/SINGAPORE SkyWest Airlines/SKYWEST Soar/SOAR Southwest Airline/SOUTHWEST Spirit Airlines/SPIRIT WINGS Sun Country Airlines/Sun Country Swiss International/SWISS Thai Airways/THAI TWA/TWA United Airlines/UNITED UPS Airlines/UPS Virgin America/REDWOOD Virgin Atlantic/VIRGIN Virgin Australia/VELOCITY World Travel/WORLD TRAVEL
  10. madhouse1616

    QualityWings 146 Released for V4

    fantastic pictures!! love flying this plane … if anyone is creating their own unpowered (cold-dark) startup plan/checklist … here is a really great PDF … haven't tried it yet myself but it looks pretty spot on
  11. 20% off 777-200 R/L P3Dv4 / 737 NGX for P3Dv4-FSX / PMDG Jetstream FSX
  12. madhouse1616

    MK Studios Cyber Monday on Simmarket

    ahhh gotcha, thanks!
  13. madhouse1616

    MK Studios Cyber Monday on Simmarket

    Am I not seeing the correct page? those are not the sale prices are they?
  14. madhouse1616

    ATIS through Twitter

    Would be nice if this service was started here in the US … I like it a lot … ATIS information through twitte Airservices Australia provides ATIS online for several airports, but only for registered pilots. A Twitter user has created a bot that pulls Airservices data and tweets for the following airports: @YBCSATIS (Cairns) @YBCGATIS (Gold Coast) @YSSYATIS (Sydney) @YPADATIS (Adelaide) @YPPHATIS (Perth) @YMMLATIS (Melbourne) @YBBNATIS (Brisbane) @YMAVATIS (Avalon)
  15. madhouse1616

    QW Jumbolino BAe 146-100/300 Series

    Check this forum out I have the plane and although a few bugs here and there, QW did a splendid job of bringing it to p3dv4!