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  1. Wow, I am amazed with the new version! I didn't know they were working on this so for me it is a huge surprise and I love it!. I agree with one previous post about wind direction, it would be nice to have that info. About pricing, I think is a great value, if you pay the whole year is less than 7 Euros a month, but you get a great tool if you fly around the world (I like to go to new places specially since FS2020) and now with VFR info is a really nice upgrade. Looks like is going to be a great week for FS! (Expecting the release of FS40).
  2. 40, first sim was FS95
  3. Gracias David for those kind words, greetings from Ecuador, South America.
  4. Yes there is a problem with those drivers, you have to install 496.76 again and CTDs will disappear
  5. 6. Lets not include the replay option in the sim, after all nobody uses it in other sims.
  6. Hello I am using Volanta, it is easy to use, integrates with Simbrief, allows to import flghts from networks like IVAO / VATSIM and lets you export data if you want. It is a nice free app.
  7. Great News!, some might not like MSFS and it is ok, but I have not seen so much engagement from a developer with the community in this hobby in the past as Asobo/MS are doing. It is true that each update requires an update for the update, but I admire all the hard work and commitment Asobo/MS have shown in the last year despite all problems we have all seen since release.
  8. Hello, there is no way to restore your purchases, I bought Steam version and also bought a carenado airplane… now I use FS2020 Store Version and I am not able to download the airplane. I tried to contact Carenado support but they say that they are not able to help because that a MS issue, then I contacted MS support and confirmed that store versions are not compatible even when you use the same gamertag… This should not work like this, but right now there is nothing we can do
  9. Try turning off AI Traffic (if you have it On), there were some issues with AI traffic and the latest beta build which is the same MS/Asobo released today. Hope it helps. The next few lines are not about your post @Republic3D, just dont want to post another message... There are several known issues/bugs which are backed log, but to me this is the best update we've had so far. This forums tend to be very negative and focus on issues rather than positive things, I am enjoying the increase in performance, I use track IR and hopefully I don't have the popping issue so far.
  10. Orbx Central, I like the discovery option inside the app, you can see scenery you own, scenery with discounts and where they are… its really nice
  11. When you are at an airport with jetways you have to turn on battery and tune ground station to ask for ground services. You hace in the ATC menu several options to request, one of those options is connect a jetway. Regards
  12. I dont know why people in these forums tend to get off topic so easily… The fact is that there is a bug with the product which is nice to know and be aware of so you can decide to: a) use it the way it works for now while it is fixed b) ask for a refund if you feel it is unacceptable c) If you haven't bought it yet, decide to do it or not d) none of them, and do something else and that should be all, but there is no need to fill forum pages with messages to judge if PMDG knows how to develop a program or not, or if the forum policy is legal or not, or if gamers are good or bad or things like that… it is a shame there are bugs, unfortunately bugs are present in almost every program we use in our lives I think we should use this topic to share our experiences with the aircraft, tips, help each other, etc… Regards
  13. Hello, I make FS videos to upload to youtube and I can confirm this is an old issue, I have seen this since my first video around nov2020
  14. Nice for the sim, not so cool in real life 🙂, have been in a couple of missed approaches to RWY36 with all people screaming because of heavy turbulence... the scenery in the sim is great.
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