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  1. Have the same problem. Just wanted to start the download and then this error
  2. i tried that with Hotkeys in the StreamDeck to send key commands. In AAO i defined that key command to execute a script. That wasnt working for me. Can you show me some screenshots of the StreamDeck and AAO Side? Thank you very much 🙂
  3. Yesterday I asked if i have to buy a subscription to navigraph or NavDataPro from Aerosoft to have updated AIRAC Data in about half a year or so. The answer of Mathijs Kok was: "In half a year we most certainly hope to be able to use the MSFS nav database, so that most likely will not be an issues" Actually is seems they can not access the nav data of the sim through their C++ Code. The CRJ is shipped with actual AIRAC Data from Lufhansa. When they can implement the access to the nav data of msfs in half a year then the actual AIRAC data should be good till then.
  4. after 3rd restart of the game, the installation manager appears with a 1.4 GB update
  5. after 10 mins of waiting. the game is loading. but no update from the installlation manager.... steam had an update of 244 MB. Next start the same issue. in the main menu but no update.... what a s.... never had any problem... when im in the main menu -> Status is online but no server available
  6. have the same issue. Mount fuji picture at start. i have never had an issue with an update before. (steam version)
  7. That's the same in my expirience (standard A320). The approach is in the MCDU but in the NAV-Log it is missing. In NAV-Log is no waypoint of the approach. It looks like the plane follows the NAV-Log and not the MCDU.
  8. Flight from Las Vegas to Los Angeles: Flight planed in worldmap of the sim. The ILS frequency is loaded in the MCDU. The approach is correct in the MCDU. In the NAV-LOG the approach is missing. It looks like the AP follows the NAV-LOG and knows nothing about the planned approach
  9. Here is my open Task: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/flighplan-problem-when-loading-a-saved-flight/173081 I have made a ticket
  10. When i load a flight there is no flightplan loaded anymore (in Garmin). There are other problems when loading a flight. There are some tickets in zendesk for this. I hope that they solve these problems soon
  11. I found this: https://www.reddit.com/r/flightsim/comments/fvikf3/configuring_the_logitech_g13_as_a_game_controller/ But I haven't tried. Hope this helps
  12. the logout/login tipp from the game is not loading the missing content from the premium version, in my case 😞
  13. i have the same problem. also steam installation. only the standard edition is installed. have restarted the sim and the computer. nothing happend. still no premium deluxe in steam there is a post that they are working on this problem
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