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  1. Once this is completed, you should post it on the official forum @Bobsk8 Maybe it will push MS/Asobo a little to make it better. They might still think that most (study) simmers use Vatsim. Also, I bet many of the "Don't use any ATC program" would use the default if it was working well.
  2. So far on the feedbacks, all ATC related items are "Under investigation". And: "Improve AI Traffic at Airports and in the Air" has "Started". I think this sounds hopefull.
  3. I would have answered your post if that was the case. The answer to DAD was just a joke The text you edited out said something about cauch and a little closer to it. I agree, it must be a great simming experience from 91,44 cm 😊 Not a waste of money at all.
  4. Took me a little to do the math, but you only have to sit 91.44 cm's away to have a 77" monitor 🙂
  5. Uninstall MSFS like any app via Apps and Features. Then reïnstall. Disclaimer: Do this only if you know where your Official folders are installed and how to point the install manager there later on. I don't want you to reinstall the whole 123 Gb or something that amount 😳
  6. Months ago I had no menu's at all. I think by deleting the folders with fs-base-ui-.... in the name, resolved it. (The install manager will reïnstall these folders when starting the sim) A reinstall of the core files (1.3 G) might be needed as well, if the above doesn't work.
  7. Nothing can beat the default 😁 This morning at EDDK: "EW284 cleared for TO rwy 32R..." "Caution the Boeing 737 taking off rwy 32L"
  8. Fwiw, it seems a good practice to once in a while udate bios and reïnstall headset drivers (also WMR) I found out the hard and frustrating way, with WMR and G2. I had CTD's for about 3/4 of a year and blamed display drivers, google map tool, all kinds of other add-ons and even logitech stuff, all without succes. After doing the above everything is working well and no more ctd's.
  9. I'll wait for Asobo to enhance/build upon the default ATC. And it is not that bad, I use it all the time. Besides a occasional wrong altitude it follows the Simbrief plan very well. I just ignore the wrong call and soon after they get back to the constraints on my plate.
  10. Here is to show that I have the 'real' exe visible and unencrypted on my E drive. Not a symbolic file in app data. Folder size is 1.18 Gb
  11. Manually. It wouldn't let the Reshade installer do this, it's still protected 🙂
  12. And also what did I do different that I have unencrypted folders and content. Is it because I installed the digital ownership? So I have three FSim related directories, two in the folder 'FlightSim' which I created because the Xbox app asked me to. And the MSFS folder which was there already from my initial install. E:\FlightSim\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Content (with unencrypted Flightsimulator.exe) E:\FlightSim\Microsoft Flight Simulator Digital Ownership\Content (some unencrypted files) E:\MSFS (with official and community folders)
  13. The flights I did so far in beta 10, ATC working well. About 6 flights.
  14. I have the MS Store version of MSFS and I also could drop the files in the Flight Simulator folder 😊 This makes me wonder, am I the only one for whom the Flightsimulator.exe is no longer encrypted? It happened when I reïnstalled the sim, MS Store told me to install via the Xbox app, the Xbox app asked me for a folder to install into, and voila: Everything there, unencrypted.
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