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  1. You can also move MSFS with the Xbox app. (Store version only I think)
  2. Nice screenshots, the adjusted brightness looks fine. I never got around to using the customization tools. In recent weeks I flew over the African deserts and there I stopped using Google because the tiles lacked a lot of detail due to the excessive brightness that (even if I used the adfustment tools) could not be brought back by making them darker. I made this post a while ago and the author of GME is aware of this but unable to correct it. The Google maps have burned in bright areas where their photogrammetry exists. Maybe it is that what you are seeing?
  3. I hate to say it, but that seems to answer the anomalies you are experiencing. The standard sat tiles are color and, more importantly, brightness adjusted to match the lighting in the MSFS world. I've been using GME myself for a long time until recently, finding that while the colors are better in places, with GME everything is usually too bright and looks washed out. If the city update uses new tiles in MSFS I can see why this doesn't fit to the GME ones. Best to try it with default sat imagery, see if it still happens.
  4. You can also type EDDK in the search bar and it will show all the available (installed/not installed) Köln airports.
  5. Yes slow, I am trying for a few days now to get the update but cancel it because I get 1.5 to 2.5 mbits/sec. Seems MS servers are on vacation.
  6. I think this happens while being on the map planning or loading a flightplan and the weather for some reason hasn't loaded from the server yet. I can see it when I load a Simbrief plan (which has the correct RW for the current winds) and MSFS changes the runways. I have not tested yet to wait a little and then load the plan again to see if the runways stay unchanged.
  7. Imho, first of all you need a hmd with at least 7K screens to profit from such render scales. Not arguïng that higher resolutions won't help but mine is at 90% RR and I can see the waves on the ocean perfectly from Fl250. The thing is, you're looking at a texture representation of a life size world on 2160x2160 screens (the sweet spot is only a small section of those screens). The same thing happens with big screen tv's, from a distance they look crisp, from the couch (like 2m away) not so 🙂 Lowering RR will certainly help with banding and stuttering. Edit: Or were you looking for world scale in OXRT, it's on another tab, I think.
  8. I think Simbrief also takes the winds into consideration. I have done a lot of flights lately in the ATR between EGPH and EGPB. Sometimes I get Fl 240 and a few days later I get Fl 200 for the same route. Edit: Weights were the same in these flights.
  9. Wow, both in July, from 2 inspiring developers, a Comanche piston and a Piper turboprop. Can't wait.
  10. Seems like you're almost there. My WMR procedure: 1- Start MSFS (choose a flight or just in the menu) 2- Mount my G2 (WMR starts to the portal) 3- Hit Ctrl-Tab (I use a button on my yoke) But what do you mean with "but never ends"? You have you controllers connected and killed all the diamonds on the plateaus, then you should be good to go.
  11. To add another one to the good suggestions here you could also move the LocalState and LocalCache folders to another place and see if that makes a difference. MSFS will build these new, it's like a fresh install. You might have to point the Install Manager to your custom MSFS install path if you done that. For the Market place version these folders are found here: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\
  12. Isn't 3500x3417 overkill on the G2? Just asking, because the native (hardware) render resolution is just over 3000 px at 100%. (2960x2960 real pix p. eye). Oops, I was little over enthousiastic here, it's only 2160x2160. Edit 2: I also notice that you limit the clarity you might get from the higher resolution by setting texture resolution to high and not ultra. Try it, it will improve clarity in the VC and on the digital screens. While pancake simmers complained about the small altitude digits on the ATR pfd, I can perfectly read it from pilots position 🙂
  13. Not the same, but in the past I also had an issue in some menu where it said Volocopter. I uninstalled that plane and never had the issue again. Hope this helps.
  14. Hmm, jfwiw, I never use the keypad. I use Ctrl+Alt+Top row number to set a custom camera and Alt+Top row number to select a custom camera.
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