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  1. I don't know how much it costs to rent a comanche, but if you sell your starting plane, i forgot to tell you that, i believe you have enough cash to rent it.
  2. He's right. And if you don't have the plane you want in your location you can rent/buy one and bring it to you location, its easy. I always use Neofly, its a good app, free, the addons are not fundamentals but are good additions, and cheep.
  3. The TBM with the improvement mod is great.
  4. https://www.neofly.net/setttings-modes
  5. First are you using Neofly 3? If so there is an option in the menus to add airplanes, theres no need to edit the db. I guess you are not using Neofly 4, thats an early acess version only available to backers, in this case you can request it to be added, there is a form for that, but it only becomes available when they update the planes db.
  6. I've tried lowering the game res and activate NIS (Nvidea image scaling) and maybe something was missing but didn't notice an FPS change, but i find the it looked better.
  7. That flight is going to be reproduced IRL next year.
  8. Iam planing my third around the world trip, this time iam going to reproduce the path made in the first circumnavigation flight in 1924, iam going to use the Cessna 310R, 71 legs, only 11 above 400 nm. https://pioneersofflight.si.edu/content/first-flight-around-world
  9. To fly the Kodiak you need to be certified in single engine turboprops, so you need to do that first. You don't need to raise the money to get the plane, you can rent it. Sell the starting plane, that should give you $125.000.
  10. Iam going to start my 3rd World Tour, this time iam following the route made in the first circumnavigation in 1924, it crosses the atlantic via Faroe and Greenland, the Pacific it goes from Alaska to Russia, most of the legs are around 200/300 nm, with just 2/3 close to 600 nm.
  11. It happens to me too occasionally. Do you have more them one user account on your PC?
  12. It cost around €15 and is independent from the original-
  13. You need to exit the sim for whatever you put or take from the community folder take effect.
  14. They already said that the Float version is a separate version, you dont need the wheeled version, it will cost around €15.
  15. Is the memory you use certified by ASUS for use with that motherboard.
  16. Iam not shure that MSFS as surround sound, i cant find any reference to it anywhere. But i recommend the use of the Dolby Atmos App.
  17. This is one off the TBM modders, mixMugz, is the one i use. He picked the Guifarias Mod and continued to improve it. He is waiting for the next MSFS update to see if theres something else that needs to be changed.
  18. https://github.com/guifarias31/msfs_tbm930_project and https://github.com/Working-Title-MSFS-Mods/fspackages for the Garmin.
  19. So what is the big difference when compared to Neofly, that is free.
  20. It happen when you start at the runway, when you select an airport if you wish a cold & dark start you have to select parking spot
  21. You have 2 issues the number of passengers for the mission, 4, exceeds the planes capacity and the payload is different from the mission total. That said, you need to choose missions that meet your planes capabilities.
  22. I saw one in Hong Kong (VHHH) it was not a player plane, i don´t now if it was just a scenery thing or a plane that is actually used by AI traffic.
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